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  1. Anyone try this type?
  2. I was looking on Festool's website at their comparison chart. It shows the brush version has "Turbo Dust Extraction", and the brushless doesn't. Do you notice any dust with your sander?
  3. 111 views and no comments doesn't generate much confidence in Northstate.
  4. If you were going to buy 1 Festool 150 series sander, would you get the 150/3 or the 150/5?
  5. I just got their latest circular that says 11% off everything for the next couple weeks.
  6. Does anyone here have any experience or know anything about with North State machines? I have heard of them for several years, but never paid much attention to it. I am interested in their 16" open end wide belt sander, but after much searching, the only place to buy North state machines of any kind is Leneave Supply in Charlotte, NC. I'm not comfortable buying a machine that only has 1 outlet (700 miles away) in the US. The only other choice in my price range (barely) is the Grizzly G0819 and they have outlets everywhere.
  7. I have about $150 rebate on it's way sometime (6 to 8 weeks).
  8. Thanks for the info. I don't remember where I saw it, but I know someone had a $75 off sale last summer because I was seriously thinking about getting it at that price. I'll keep watching the store ads. maybe they'll do it again.
  9. Does anyone know if Kreg runs a sale every year? I remember the Foreman was $75 off last summer. Just wondering if they do that every year.
  10. I'm not a "weed free" gardener. If my Troybilt Horse doesn't get the weeds I just let them grow and thow a little extra fertilizer on. Sometimes it isn't real pretty, but I always get a good crop. I like growing things, but don't have time to work it up at harvest.
  11. Last year we froze some and gave some away. Probably give a lot away this year. I planted enough sweet corn to make one row about a third of a mile long. I'll give most of that away.
  12. Blackberries. We picked 30 gallons off of the big row last year.. Made 2 more rows with new sprouts from that row.
  13. I won't rule out anything, but I don't know where silicone would be coming from.
  14. I really think it's in the wood, but don't understand why it waits to show up.
  15. I got a pic today. This is a face frame. We went over this with a magnifying glass after the first finish coat. Smooth as glass. Put on the second finish coat and there it is. it's like some hole in the wood decides to open up when we think we're done. Could the final sanding grit have something to do with it? We have been finish sanding to 150 for paint.
  16. I pretty sure we haven't had any spray like that in the shop. I really wish I had taken pics
  17. I think we didn't prepare the wood right, but that's just it, I'm guessing.
  18. I was so busy at the time, I forgot to get one.
  19. This is our first set of cabinets painted white using our MiniMite 5 spraying lacquer. We spray one undercoat/sanding sealer, sand, then two finish coats. On a few of the cabinets, small pinholes in the paint will show up on the last coat when there wasn't any sign of a problem on the first two coats. It isn't bubbles. Anyone know what is causing this? Also, I don't think the gun is atomizing like it should. We have tried different tip sizes, fluid pressure, air volume, thinning ratios, etc. Any suggestions on that?
  20. We use a pressure pot on our spray system. No bubbles in the line yet (after getting the line filled from a new batch).
  21. I think I mis-titled my post. We only use lacquer to paint cabinets. We don't mix colors. We just wanted something to re-suspend the 3/4" of solids/sludge after a can sits for a while. Doing that by hand was a royal pain, not to mention the shop time it was wasting. At $50/hr, that adds up.