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  1. Well, companies immediately think to shift labor to other countries to make the cheapest product available. And Walmart promotes that. Look at Snapper Power Mowers. Walmart told them they would sell Snapper in their stores if they moved their production to China (Thankfully they did not do it). No matter if it will fall apart in a year. Heck, the software company I work for used to have 13,000 employees in the US. Now they have moved a major part of those jobs to China, India, Thailand, Ireland. My wife's niece lives in Chicago and is an industrial designer. She works for a company that
  2. It's elizabethscollections. Not sure why she has so little out there. She usually has many sashes and every color variation of her products. The whole idea of making something and selling it is a lot more complex than it ever seems. You might not have hit a time when fabric monsters were big and demand was up. I have tried several things that always seemed like a no brainer to sell but they just didn't go. So I have some a few things but computer support has been my easiest money maker. Unfortunately, it never comes at the time I want it. I would love to have a product that I could mak
  3. I've told her that some others might like a case like this if she can make it work where it's worthwhile. That means quality, not bad material, nor bad labor. She knows the difference. She was sewing custom wedding dresses in a small wedding dress shop in Texas. We would go down there during the Tyler Rose Festival as her shop would construct the show gowns and the evening gowns for the girls in the festival. It was a lot of fun, small town with a old style parade, and a wonderful barbecue place called Stanleys. Incredible ribs at this place. I'm in Kansas City and I would put their ribs again
  4. I did see a hard case once. Over on Lumberjocks, a guy made a wooden case for his tracks. The way she set the zipper allows me to pull the tracks out of the end of the case. If she sewed a loop on the end of the case, it could hang vertically. I will pass that on. Maybe like a couple of D rings sewn in with 1inch strapping.
  5. Actually, it is padded. There is a separate compartment for each 55" track, a couple track stops, two joiner bars, a pouch for two clamps. The material she used inside the case is foam backed material. Looks like car roof liner with a foam backing. The outside is nylon with 1" strapping for handles. When she talked to me about this, I told her to think about a padded gun case. She looked at some rifle cases at Cabelas. I had sent her a photo of one that was very close to this concept.
  6. Sorry, What's the FOG? And yes, she would do that. She has her degree in Fashion Design and had one some awards for her designs. She currently sells on Etsy. Until she moved to AZ with her husband, she was the assistant to the owner of a custom wedding dress and design shop.
  7. After sweating through the thought of spending all that money to get the TS55 saw and tracks, I treat those tracks with extreme care. They were still living in their original cardboard boxes. Dang, those Festool things are expensive! But those boxes would eventually give out. For Christmas my daughter made me a case for the tracks with their connector bars, stops, and clamps. This is sooooo cool!
  8. Wow this is rough. I was sitting in the emergency room at Shawnee Mission Hospital one night. We were waiting for help but I wasn't bleeding so we knew it was going to be a long night. Eventually, a guy walks up to the counter, all dusty, very 'out of it' with his hand wrapped in almost a two inch think ball of towels, and it had visible blood on it. The nurse asks him what happened and he said "I got it caught in a planer". OMG, I won't forget the look of this guy. I think I was the only person in the room that understood the implication. The nurse started asking him what a planer was and h
  9. My Sawstop ate up a couple years of my woodworking budget. But I wouldn't go without it. While I think I am safe, there's always that chance something will happen. This thread proves it. The Sawstop is the last line of defense behind other safety processes. I reload ammo and use a special tool inserted in my press that indicates if a round is double charged (twice as much powder would blow up the gun and my hand). There's just as much argument for reloaders that you don't need that device when using proper techniques. I wouldn't reload without it just like I wouldn't saw without a Sawstop. I
  10. My wife's mom had her other kids in town so I with my wife got to be with my parents out of town for Christmas. This is the very best gift as our parents won't be around forever. I got a 30 $ Woodcraft card from my son. My daughter MADE me a carry case for my two tracks for my TS55. It is so cool. Pockets for the clamps, stops, and connecting bars. I will put up pics when I get back home. Just so nice. My daughter got her degree in fashion design and can really sew. Visiting my parents, and a thoughtful handmade gift. Wow, the best. Helps you remember it's not about the money.
  11. I bought my table for my Craftsman at Peachtree. It's been great to have a real table on a drill press. I will have to look into that offset handle the guy has in that video. That is really nice.
  12. I forgot about Grizzly. I do remember seeing that in their catalog. They aren't too far south of me. It's a good drive for a day. Went down to get my bandsaw and made a day of it. Will have to check them out again.
  13. I recently picked up the TS55 as I needed it to rip the bench top I am replacing on my new SawStop. I found that the TS55 is just incredible for sheet goods. I can't imagine cutting larger goods on even the SawStop. In hindsight, I started to wonder if the Festool table and the TS55 don't make a combination that can really replace the TS. I was getting too concerned about making cuts on the TS and keeping my fingers. Not that I am careless. I take every precaution but accidents do happen. And I type a lot for a living. If you were in Kansas City I would make you a great deal on a slightly us
  14. Oh yeah. I cut the top about a 1/16th over and then hand jointed it to fit perfectly with my Lee Valley 7 jointer. Wow will planing 1.75thick butcher block maple wear you out! Joint a little, test fit, joint a little, test fit........ But it just fits perfect.