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  1. treesner

    makita cordless jig saw

    This video specifically calls out the marital lxt jigsaw not having a blower (towards the end of the video)
  2. haha is that the new dust collection technology, the sticky tape catches the .001 percent ?
  3. mike walkers shop. I like the green tools
  4. oh yeah restoration guys like to give their tools a fresh paint. always looks real nice you dont like the old shipyard look?
  5. got any photos, of the stripped power tools ONLY!
  6. festool guys tend to be pretty into color coding / painting their other pieces of shop to match the festool brand this one looks a bit to much like a surgical room!
  7. Not power tool painted but all the cabinets painted to match really ads a finishing touch to the shop
  8. Curious if anyone has painted all their power tools or or gone out of their way to stick to a color pallet for the shop? If you have any or seen any feel free to share photos Off the top of my head the only one I can think of is Matthias wadel and his handmade powertols
  9. treesner

    narrow shop paper towels

    precisely my problem can you recommend a brand that is on par for thickness and lint free in that narrow width
  10. treesner

    Tool wall for deep bench

    thats a good idea and a nice DIY solution. My only problem is that I feel like It may move to freely like when you pull a toll off or go to put a tool in. the thing I was thinking might be nice about the TV thing is that it's probably pretty stiff and hopefully adjustable with some kind of allen tension at the pivots Also the accordion thing made me think of these tool boxes. although not enough reach for what I'm looking for it would be pretty cool to see a tool wall built like these boxes but mounted on the wall so it came out horizontally instead of vertically, would allow you to still mount stuff on the wall next to it (or stack up wood) and have the tool case come out in front of that stuff when you need something
  11. anyone have a source for the blue shop paper towels but not in the full size, in the narrower half size that other normal paper towels are starting to come in? I havent been able to find any, my current solution is to just cut the roll in half on the bandsaw but I dont like the fuz that comes off on the cut side
  12. treesner

    Tool wall for deep bench

    thanks I guess ive never weighted my tools haha the hammers would be the heft of it
  13. treesner

    Tool wall for deep bench

    this one looks easy to just mount on workbench amazon
  14. treesner

    Magnet tool strip spacers

    Bottom alignment example