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  1. treesner

    Locking French cleat

    If you have a shelf mounted on a French cleat you can take one end and lift it up horizontally. this is what's happening when I put weight on the edge of the shelf, it's lifting up the other side. I'm basically trying to lock it so that it can not lift up. perhaps if the shelf was super heavy that would fix it but I don't want to add weight for weights sake especially if I'm shipping. Edit: thinking about it more, the cleat is hidden inside the shelf so its flush and you can't see the cleat on the sides. I make the wall mounting cleat shorter than the shelf mounted cleat so that there is some play moving it side to side if you want to visually adjust the position a little bit. however if I just made the cleat cleats the same exact size so that when you fit it on there was no side to side play I would no longer have the lifting because the edge of the cleat would hit the inside edge of the shelves cleat, acting as a stop. No longer have that left/right adjustment for shelf positioning but that's a fair trade off.
  2. treesner

    Locking French cleat

    I wonder how sturdy this would be. the downside is that I really liked having the French cleat style where customer could screw in wherever the studs were and not have to worry about aligning exactly to studs like this method of two screws + keyhole would be I wonder if I could mount those key holes onto a long piece of plywood, screw the plywood to the wall. then the shelf would have two screws in it
  3. treesner

    Locking French cleat

    good observation, kind of just threw this together. however how I did it is that I screwed the two screws in where I wanted them to be final then I just cut the horizontal slots as a way to move it in from. shouldn't the distance not actually matter, just a matter of clearing out enough material so that theres enough room for it to slide on? I was thinking that maybe the wood flexes a little to much like I would need a metal slot / stop? wonder if I could use those key hole + screw hangers they make except like turn them sideways? plus these have these special screws where its round not threaded on the end that touches the key hole
  4. treesner

    Locking French cleat

    hmm I guess I'm trying to figure out a mounting solution that's easy for customers I ship to, not sure I would want to ship with a bunch of shims. would I need to make a French cleat of aluminum angler iron to stop it from flexing with the non perfect walls?
  5. Hey guys I’ve got a smaller French cleat for a floating shelf that if If I put weight on one side or the other it will rock up and makes it seem not sturdy. This is a prototype that I did where you slide down on the screw then push it over. It fixed a lot of the rock but still a little bit. Any other ideas or how to improve? Ive seen floating shelves where they have a set screw in from the bottom to hold it but because of the design of the shelf I can’t really do that and I’d rather not have any holes
  6. treesner

    Easiest plunge router

    Thank you I see the 1400 all over the place so figure its good. routers are really messy so I imagine the festool dust collection would be worth it. how smooth/easy is the plunge up and plunge down. I wasn't quite sure how the lock works for it if you have to hold a lever down like my Milwaukee, I found one video of someone plunging and it didn't really look that smooth
  7. Hey guys Trying to find the smoothest/easiest plunge router. I’ve got a ton of slots to cut on hdpe plastic whinch involves plunging down, pushing forward and plunging up. Basically it should be cnced but the quotes were super expensive to routing by hand is my solution for the product I’m making/selling. Ive got the large Milwaukee one, the thumb clutch is pretty stiff and the plunge down isn’t that smooth. This triton one looks pretty dialed though, I like that you can just leave the plunge unlocked and go up and down freely or even just turn the side handle wheels. Haven’t tried the restock ones yet but assuming they are dialed?
  8. treesner

    Tool wall for deep bench

    so I tried this one out which also has vertical movement. you can only adjust the tension of the up and down movement non of the other parts you can adjust unfortunately. however it seems to be working pretty good with this experiment board I tacked up real quick. I think I'm going to go wider and taller but I like how it works. the tools jiggle around a little bit when you grab a tool which sort of annoys me. but I've really liked being able to pivot it around from one bench to the other bench
  9. treesner

    narrow shop paper towels

    that seems kind of huge. was looking for the half size that are like 4" wide
  10. treesner

    narrow shop paper towels

    are they thick like the bluenose though?
  11. treesner

    makita cordless jig saw

    This video specifically calls out the marital lxt jigsaw not having a blower (towards the end of the video)
  12. haha is that the new dust collection technology, the sticky tape catches the .001 percent ?
  13. mike walkers shop. I like the green tools
  14. oh yeah restoration guys like to give their tools a fresh paint. always looks real nice you dont like the old shipyard look?
  15. got any photos, of the stripped power tools ONLY!