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  1. Anyone ever do one of these kits? wonder if it saves much time/money over / good quality what are your thoughts? Can anyone estimate how much permitting (California), slab, electric, insulation, paint would end up with one of these builds?
  2. I like that alternative approach to the problem my only annoyance on that is my bed slides out in two sections so I would have to maybe crawl over the bed to one side to tighten or lift up the cushions to get under. I'll feel it out in the actual van today and see what its like reaching under
  3. confirmed that this ones clip does stick to magnet but the body itself doesnt. it would work. kind of expensive tho compared to just bulk buying sharpies
  4. yeah thats a good idea just epoxy on a strip of metal thats just wire?
  5. anyone know of a regular sharpie that has a metal cap? I want it to stock to my magnetic tool strip like my mechanical pencils do. maybe some other pen cap would fit on a sharpie body.. this is the closets I found
  6. hey guys I build a slide out bed in my van and I dont like how the end legs slide in and out when I'm in the bed. if I add a clamp to locket down it becomes really sturdy. Anyone have any Idas on how add some kind of quick lock that will work at different lengths as sometimes the bed is always lid out sometimes its just half slid out.. my initial idea was to put a series of holes (maybe some kind of metal insert to keep strong) out of the bottom of one of the boards that slides out then in the lower one thats stable and doesnt slide have a pin thats sticking out. so as it slides out you can put it down into the hole. the one that slides out can move up and down while sliding so you could clear the post if you want it to go out further
  7. hey guys I kind of want to make a camp chair with wood legs, do you think I would need to reinforce the pivot point with some kind of metal sleeve that the bolt goes through? also what would a clean bolt to use? I've seen some wood leg camp chairs and they usually use this type of bracket thing
  8. haha just haven't been able to find a place with as cool of land as we have here and other mountain places seem to be covered in snow most of the year or dead as the desert. kind of tough
  9. yeah my friends in Southlake were trying to convince me to live there. we go there to ride dirtbike and its close to tahoe but I dont know if I could deal with not living in the woods. something nice about being surrounded by trees.
  10. found a couple of locking tv stands made for RV's not quite the same type of pivoting but may work. also not sure if you can lock the rotation
  11. any idea the brand or where to look for them online?
  12. anyone know of one of these TV stands that are able to lock? the would be really nice for power carving but the ones I've seen are just under tension no way to like turn a handle to lock in place. I dont need it to be super tight and locked in like normal chisel carving would need but think it'd need more than stock tv stands
  13. Anyone have experience building a shop with living quarters? wondering how much the price difference would be between just a shop and shop with living quarters. Bonus if you built in California and have dealt with the higher cost permits. I'm single and 30, looking at houses in the mountains ~1 hours from tahoe (mostly out of the snow) and as you might have guessed my main priority is the workshop but also having a bit of land for other creative projects like milling up logs and such. I've looked at a couple houses with a separate little living cottages and that really excites me as I would just rent out the 3bed house and live in the little cottage. but many of the places only have a 2 car garages. I'm thinking I would want more space than a 2 car since I've been cramped in a less than 1 car garage shop for to long. I'm trying to figure out what would be best situation: a) buy house (rent it) + cottage (live in it) + 2 car garage, then build a bigger shop later b) buy house (live in 1 room, rent other 2) + 1-2 car garage, then build a big shop with living quarters so I can rent out the whole house later c) buy property, put in septic/well/electrical, build shop + living quarters, then later build a house
  14. Is there a bevel finder that both he bled and the edge are flat for drawing angles on stuff that aren't on the edge of a board? also would be nice if you can flip it over so both sides are flat. I guess what I'm thinking is the bad is thick like the he handle so its touching the ground. and the way you tighten it is on the back so you can flip it