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  1. I'm working on a 24" by 48" shelving unit built with 2x4 (planning to face in cedar) in my makers studio. However looking at it there's a lot of wasted space with this design of the 2x4 and I havent even added the melamine or plywood boards yet. There's not going to be much weight on it but I dont think just plywood alone would be strong enough across the 48" I was thinking what if I did the shelves in a torsion style design so lay the 2x4 the opposite direction so its thinner, tack the melamine to the top and add an additional layer of 1/4" ply or melamine under it so its sandwiched together and strong so it would be: 1/2" (or 1/4"?) mealie top, 2x4 laid thing, 1/4" ply or melamine under I think this would be strong but curious to hear your opinion. The only downside is it would be harder to screw then shelves from the bottom inside which allows me to easily change the height later, I would probably have to screw then torsion style in from the outside where I won't have easy access to those screws later.
  2. yeah good idea, think the top will flex down when prying on the vice with something? havent seen how solid the torsion is sorry I didnt get that question?
  3. I kind of think I should have went with the stacking version. I bought the nesting ones because I figured the ones not in use (for future organizing) would be easier too store since they take up wayyy less space. but I've been stacking them Moore thank I realized
  4. update on these lee valley ones I've been using quality Isi great really heavy duty but I just dont trust the latch system, when you try to ovoerload them it can be hard to latch closed and they want to pop up.. going to move away from these I think and try the worse quality harbor freight ones but what seems like a softer latch I'm also thinking about switching from trays to arko bins with little cup dividers in them. can still pull them out and put on the bench and takes up a narrower foot print. only downfall is you cant put them in a tool bag and take them elsewhere as easy as tackle box style I've got another thread on those bins going:
  5. these are the same as the harbor freight ones except you dont have to wait on very slow harbor freight shipping
  6. trying to keep track of what little bins nest in what mixing and matching different brands
  7. For bin nesting reference purchased a bunch of these 2 3/4 x 12 x 4" outter dimension they sell little dividers in packs of 50 for 18. they also sell plastic bin cups in 2x3x3 and 3x5x3 too in packs of 48 for $26-$40 but I did find that my little divider cups from harbor organizers freight nest in there nicely and they stack 15 bins for 7$ I think these are the same but cant confirm 20 bins for 10$
  8. thinking about building a torsion top workbench (I already have a roubo). do you think its fine to mount a metal vice on the top corner of a torsion top? or would it be better to laminate some 2x4's ?
  9. organizers at harbor freight for 7
  10. anyone have good sources for nice shelf organizing bins I need quite a few around the size of 4x4x12 (but varying by a couple inches from bin to bin) I'd like to find a company that has a number of sizes and will be around for awhile for future expansion of the system, hopefully affordable shipping. looking at uline right now but would love to hear your experience kind of annoying they have 24 minimum
  11. anyone had experience adding locking casters to those metal shop cabinets? I dont have one in front of me but thinking I might need to reinforce the bottom with plywood first in the corners or the whole thing, not sure?
  12. Anyone have any other solutions for sliding door hardware besides this rocker one it looks fine but the track is only 58" long and I need around 80" I'd like to do 3 sliding doors under my workbench too keep the mess behind it hidden hah
  13. good idea or bad idea witht the door shelving? love the idea but wondering if it gets really heavy and makes a lot of noise shutting
  14. didnt think about that but I think it would be like a foot above waist so obviously see it
  15. yeah I feel like the wheels would make it more of a problem rather than just stationary. although its not like its something I'm moving around regularly just if I want to change my shop or move somewhere further down the line. so I guess I could take precaution and just push it from the heavy side but maybe some kind of weights in the back or under would make sense