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  1. so every time you open the door you have to put a key in, even on the inside? I was a little concerned about big window on these being security but my contractor said up here most people dont lock things up anyways so wouldn't even bother worrying about that (were out on a couple acres, houses very spread out) however my research does show a lot of people prefer open out in shops for security reasons as you can not kick the door in. just have to upgrade to security hinges
  2. To what? Isnt r13 -r15 standard for 2x4 walls?
  3. How does it work with small pieces? I use my sled all the time for cutting small things down, does the blade come right up to the slide fence, is it awkward to stand in that area for small cuts?
  4. Think I’m going with clopay door, what insulation level should it be if the garage has r-13 in the walls and r-30 on the ceiling? We get a little bit of snow at 2700ft but not a ton. 100* in summer
  5. Think I’m gonna put a double French door in so I have that light in the winter, do you think it would be better to make the doors open out instead of the normal open in? Thinking then it wouldn’t block any work bench corner or bandsaw (long stuff sticking out the door) that I might have there?
  6. No the 1000 did not come with a red board I thought that was the difference between 1000 and 5000? maybe I can buy the board separate
  7. I bought the incra 1000d awhile ago and hate using it compared to my sled. This may be because I have a small dewalt job site saw that doesn’t have a big table? I find with the incra only having one rail and being shorter I can’t cut wide pieces well also it’s so heavy it tips back when you pull it to the rear. Should I have bought an incra 5000? I’ll probably upgrade to a bigger table saw this year with more space but I will say the sled made that little dewalt a very nice setup
  8. Hey guys I got my garage all insulated but need to take care of the garage door now. The door along with the rails need to be replaced so will be getting a new one. Is a pre insulated door better than buying a cheaper non insulated door + the insulation kits? Also any opinion on having the little windows vs no window on that top row of the door? Seems like they always get covered in cobwebs anyways
  9. talking to more concrete people I'm going to go with an acetone dye to get the grey I want
  10. I do a lot of art so always cutting up big sheets in curved patterns ect
  11. yeah thats how I do it now looking for a faster solution as I do it a lot on big sheets of plywood
  12. Also, anyone who has done floors, if you add the non slip agent does that make it hard to clean up spills with paper towels? like the paper towel sticks to the floor and breaks up? trying to figure out if I should add it or not
  13. my head keeps spinning with all the options.. since I'll have motorcycles on half the shop oil and gas might be spilled which led me to this Foundation Armor UTN60 which claims to be resistant of gas/oil and seems to get good reviews. thinking I'll dye the concrete with a grey/dark grey marble look and if stains get down maybe they'll disappear? https://www.homedep
  14. wonder if theres some kind of soft plastic like softer than HDPE to make some ribs out of and just cut through it but doesnt loose its strength as much as a foam would