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  1. Cheeset202

    Another Roubo!!!

    Brendon, it is very nice maple, I got it from Bell Forest products, not much of a selection for hardwood in this part of Idaho. We have one place up in Coeur D Alene but their prices are rediculous, I can get my hardwood delivered to my door about 30% cheaper than driving 45 minutes to pick it up! I have found the guys at Bell to be very good to work with and I usually get the lumber in 8-10 days.
  2. Cheeset202

    Another Roubo!!!

    Got a little work done this weekend, getting warm now so my shop time usually starts to wind down around 1:00 PM. Routed in the mortises on the top for the base, champhered the legs, routed out the deadman slot and did some shaping on chop. Pretty happy with the fit of the base to the top, have one gap about 0.005” where the top rail is slightly below the leg shoulder. Pretty important to get the drawbore hole in the tenon centered exactly to the hole in the legs!
  3. Cheeset202

    Sculptured Chair

    Bmac your method looks pretty solid. I know in the case of the Maloof Rocker all the joinery is done on square stock, then you cut the parts out on the bandsaw or turn on the lath. Not sure this could be done in the case of your front stretcher given the angle of attachment.
  4. Cheeset202

    ADVICE PLEASE - Starting Hand Tool Woodworking

    I couldn’t agree more with Richards advice, hand tool work, especially planing requires a very solid bench. There are lots of plans out there to help you build a good bench without breaking the bank. My first bench was built from construction lumber with doubled up mdf for the top. The rails and legs are held together with allthread running the full length of the rails so they can be tightened to keep the bench solid. I am currently building a Roubo out of hard maple and benchcrafted hardware but you don’t need to start there unless you really want to spoil yourself.
  5. Cheeset202

    Sculptured Chair

    Bmac, they are looking great. I really enjoyed the sculpting part on the Maloof Rocker, the sanding and scraping, not so much. The Maloof joints are a little finicky but it is so satisfying when you get them fitting perfectly.
  6. Cheeset202

    ADVICE PLEASE - Starting Hand Tool Woodworking

    Agree with all the comments on the jack plane. You can’t go wrong with either Veritas or LN. If you are looking at a block plane as well I recommend the LN rabbet block plane. Unfortunately Veritas does not make one. The big difference between the standard block plane and the rabbet block plane is the blade is the full width of the sole and comes in very handy on shoulder work. If funds are tight I would also recommend the Wood River bench planes, once the blade is sharpened they perform very well, they require a little more time to lap the blade but once that is done they work great.
  7. Cheeset202

    Sculptured Chair

    Coming along nicely, I had the same issues with the Maloof joint, just a little tweaking and they eventually fit perfectly. I did most of my sculpting with sculpting wheels and rasps.
  8. Cheeset202

    Another Roubo!!!

    I got the base put together and added the bottom shelf, I am now at the point where I will need an extra pair of hands to move the base and attach the top. I am really hoping I don’t need to do much work to flatten the top.
  9. Cheeset202

    Bed to Match!

    He is fast and good! I have no excuse, I live 4 miles from my work and I’m single and I don’t video my work! I think he has woodworking super power!
  10. Cheeset202

    Morris Chair Pair

    Excellent job Nut, they came out beautiful, I would spend the same thing on the leather, one time cost but you will be able to leave those chairs to your grandchildren! Gotta have kids first though!
  11. Cheeset202

    Bed to Match!

    Kev, another great build, looks great in the room with the rest of the pieces and “the wife’s” quilt. Like the hardware you used much better than the type I used that were mortised into the end grain of the rails, great job.
  12. Cheeset202

    Sculptured Chair

    Very cool build, look forward to following. I built the Maloof Rocker last year and it was a great project to learn new sculpting skills. Like you said there is a lot of waste when you build this style of chair! I want to build some bar stools for my pool room so I look forward to following your build.
  13. Cheeset202

    OTT - Precision Framing Square

    Based on the recent tiff between Trump and Trudeau things might get a lot worse, I know no politics!
  14. Cheeset202

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    I have several of the Veritas planes (low angle and bench) and they are perfect, something went wrong with the one you received.
  15. Cheeset202

    Another Roubo!!!

    Worked on the leg vise this weekend, got it working smoothly and dressing up the chop with some bubinga I had left over from my dining chair build. Next weekend finish up shaping the chop and putting the base together.