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  1. Thanks guys, this information is exactly what I needed. I'll let you know how things go this weekend. Steve
  2. Thanks so much for the information. I have a 1.8 mm needle so I will just have to back off a bit. Can you let the poly sit in your gun between applying coats or do you have to break down and clean? Also, do you just clean with hot water? Thanks for all your help, greatly appreciated! Steve
  3. Bit the bullet and ordered a gallon of General Finishes wb poly. Sprayed a good amount of lacquer in the past, with always good results. Suggestions on how I can keep that streak alive with poly would be greatly appreciated! Steve
  4. That is my plan, to finish it off with a sanding block. Thank you.
  5. I am in the middle of veneering a pair of speaker cabinets that I built. They are 40" tall with rounded sides that meet the square front baffle and rear wall at non 90 degree angles. I am planning on trimming the veneer with a flush cutting high tooth count saw. Question, is there a better method? Thanks! Steve
  6. Ordered one this evening. Thank you for all the great information, much appreciated!
  7. Ended up buying the unit for $650. After thinking about paying tax and shipping it just made sense. The unit turned out to be super clean. Tested it on a test board today and works well and no adjustment is needed, so it seems to be a good deal. Thanks for all the help!
  8. Yes, comes with the stand and casters. I was considering offering $500 and check all that you mentioned. Thank you!
  9. It is a 1.5 hp, with no infeed or outfeed tables or extra abrasives. It does look pretty clean with owners manuals.
  10. A used PERFORMAX 16/32 drum sander appeared locally for sale for $675. Looks to be in good shape. Any thoughts on the unit and price would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Yes, I bought the Makita 2.5 HP big bore. Like it so far, pretty quiet, fast to full pressure. So far so good!
  12. I liked the California AT and Rolair offerings, but for my uses, the Makita met most of my needs. Thanks
  13. Next is the cabinet for my router. Then desk and bedroom furniture. Can't wait!
  14. I like people that are always thinking. See my thread about a new Incra router table, lift and fence!
  15. Finished, wifey happy! Finished, wifey happy!
  16. Went ahead and ordered the 2.5 HP Makita Big Bore compressor. Couldn't find a bad review of the machine, just problems with shipping. Thanks for all the help...
  17. I'm not sure, I have the 1.5 HP with helical head model. I'm not sure about going down to a 1 HP . The 1.5 HP model I have goes through my jointing chores very well. What part of the world do you live?
  18. I second the Oliver. I looked at all the same ones you are and due to limits on power and space I had to go with a 6 inch model. Bought from my dealer who also sells Powermatic and Jet. He highly recommended the Oliver of both. He was right, long bed, helical cutter. It was extremely easy to set up and get dialed in perfectly. Check em out!
  19. Call Cutech, they are selling the old Steel City helical planers. I have one and they will sell the the cutters. Nice guys too!
  20. You know I have looked at them online. While they have decent to good reviews they are also oil less which I think would result in less durability. Do you have any experience with them? Thanks!
  21. Sound advice. Thanks! I am pretty sure this unit fits my needs for size, quality, lower impact on the ear drums, etc.
  22. Sculpted furniture is not really on my radar, but like everything in life, you never know. Something to consider. I think for now I better concentrate on a smaller unit that meets current needs and space constraints. Thanks for the input.