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  1. Bankstick

    Church Alter plans

    wdwerker, sounds like the voice of experience. A deacon said that when people are sleeping, it's time to wake up the preacher.
  2. Bankstick

    Church Alter plans

    I'm confused here. Are you talking about a table that sits on the main floor in front of the pulpit? Or the pulpit itself? BTW, I'm a minister and never liked being confined to one spot.
  3. Bankstick

    Church Alter plans

    Do a search and you will find a whole sackful of altars, from plain to real fancy. I found them to be too confining in one spot.
  4. Bankstick

    Bit and Blade Cleaners

    chashint, no need to apologize for the large print. There are those of us who find it most helpful. Thanks for posting the reply from Forrest.
  5. Bankstick

    Bit and Blade Cleaners

    I was trying to remember the name of the cleaner at $$$ Tree. Thanks, gee-dub.
  6. Bankstick

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    Never had to move anything heavy like that but I'm sure there are those who have and will help you. Cleveland, Ohio is described by the people of Cincinnati as "The Mistake on the Lake." Will you actually be in Cleveland or an outlying area? Good luck with the move. Be prepared for the Canadian cold fronts- wind and snow. My father saw one of the streets along the lakefront covered in two feet of ice. Waves were coming inland that far! FWIW, there is a snow belt from around Mentor to Erie, PA. Saw snow in that "belt" but none west in the city.
  7. Bankstick

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    There is an interesting book and I'll get the title and author from my son. It's about a man who lived in the mountains of east Tennessee. I read it and it is very interesting how they lived. My wife and I got a membership to the great Smoky Mountains Association. They have a publication that covers all aspects of the park, its history, the people and their way of life. BTW, the park is, if I recall correctly, is the most visited national park in the US. It is within a day's drive of about 2/3 of the population. Another book I found at a used book store- The Yankee Pioneers, A Saga of Courage by Samuel B. Pettengill. The book is divided into section about life in the early colonial days. The book is also autographed by the author. Danged if I would get rid of an autographed book! "it wasn't difficult to find folks still living without electricity or indoor plumbing." I was pastor of a church in central Kentucky from 1977 to 1982; there were members that never had indoor plumbing. They had electricity, though.
  8. Bankstick

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Depends on where you are in this country. In Ohio, it was pop. Some college guys in TN called a 7-up or sprite- dope. One asked a student from up north if he wanted a dope. "No, man, I'm not into that stuff!" In the northeast, it is a soda. Many people think a soda is just that- club soda.
  9. $350? You should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. Bankstick

    What species?

    FWIW, we were in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this summer. Amish craftsmen have changed from wood lawn furniture to synthetic materials that last forever. Saw several stores and gift shops that had this furniture. Just an observation.
  11. Bankstick

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Made in USA is hard to find these days. This is an interesting thread. My wife and I have spent some time in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are several homesteads in Cades Cove (valley). I sometimes think that those days were much better. You didn't have to worry about things that we deal with today. It was a hard way to live but people seemed to appreciate living more than now. Imagine going to the front door of the cabin and being surrounded by mountains, listen to the birds, watch squirrels chase each other through the tree tops. I think you get the drift of my thinking. If you get into the back country, you will find the remains of old logging camps. My son and I got off the trail for some privacy and found the body of an old car probably dating back to the early 20th century. The park has hired a historian to create a history of the park, the people, etc. Moving and/or disturbing such things as the car body are against federal law. BTW, the park is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the continental USA. I'll leave now and appreciate all who shared their thoughts and family experiences.
  12. Bankstick

    Shop Fans

    Chestnut, that is good!
  13. Bankstick

    Shop Fans

    When it gets hot, go to a baseball game. There is a fan in every seat.
  14. Bankstick

    Shop Fans

    Plain ol' box fan from Kmart about 40 years ago. I put a furnace filter on it with a bungee cord for a dust collector.
  15. Bankstick

    Sketchup vs. ??

    I started to look at a tutorial on Sketchup and gaveup. I went back to the pencil, pad, and ruler. I'm of the slide rule generation- I still have mine from college. If you don't know what a slide rule is, the search is your homework for this evening.