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  1. Tart Tin Chuck Shield

    Great idea! Thanks as I would like to do some plates and bowls this year.
  2. My Mini Split Install

    I used to work in R&D for two appliance manufacturers. I used a piece of masking tape to wrap around the screw head and the screwdriver. Start the screw and when it is snug, a gentle pull does the trick. Just make sure that you don't put a lot of tape on the screw head- just enough to hold it in place.
  3. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    The one thing that I miss of all the Dremel or equivalent products are the felt wheels that were about the size of a quarter or nickel. Now all they have are the little bitty felt wheels. Anyone know of a source?
  4. My Mini Split Install

    I have seen some screwdrivers that had a spring steel clip that fit over the screw head. Can't remember the brand or where I saw them. Anyone know about them?
  5. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    Get a corded tool. I had a rechargeable Dremel and it had no power. It died and I got the Lowe's brand- General Machinery Company, Model MX372UL. Variable speed and plenty of power! I think it was Lowe's as it was several years ago. I looked and it isn't listed with Lowe's or HF, either.
  6. know this brand slider???

    Nice, if I just had the room............and the money.
  7. Spar Varnish on Port Orford Cedar

    Interesting thread. Brings back memories as POC was the standard in my younger days as the wood for arrows. This was before fiberglass, aluminum. and graphite.
  8. Dewalt thickness planer

    Good way to get rid of leaves without burning them, too.
  9. Hello from Northern Kentucky

    That will make a great shop. I wish I had that much floor space. This is a bit off topic but reminded me of one tragedy during WWII. It seems a bomber was landing at its home base after coming back from a bombing run over Germany. The landing gear wouldn't lower so it was a belly landing. The second part of the story was that the ball turret gunner was stuck. The crew could not get the crew member out. When the plane landed, the crew member was instantly killed. We sometimes forget the sacrifices that were made by many men and women over the years.
  10. Epoxy a wood axe head to wood handle

    Use the wedge. Folks have been doing this for years. Epoxy will break loose when heated to about 180-200 degrees F. Use epoxy to fill in the end if you want.
  11. Harbor Freight Rikonstein DC

  12. A couple small boxes.

    Nice. I like the look of cherry.
  13. How do you budget for tools?

    I do two things- I look at the checking balance and then ask SWMBO. Simple, huh?
  14. LED Shop Light Interference

    That might be the problem. Where was the LED manufactured? If overseas, it might not meet the necessary requirements. I had a clock radio in the shop. Moved it to the bedroom as I wear earplugs when in the shop so I don't hear the radio....period.
  15. Try for lots of information on turning. They have a listing of local clubs which are great for learning the "how-to" of turning. I know of turners who have a collection of chucks so they don't have to change chucks for different operations for turning. BTW, nice bowls. Some of the members of our club belong to at least two other clubs.