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  1. Excellent build! Complements on the repeat business. BTW, word of mouth is the best and cheapest advertising. Take photos as you have here and show them to other businesses in town.
  2. Bankstick

    Sheesham table

    This is a new one for me. Does Sheesham wood go into a She Shed?
  3. And an inexperienced operator?
  4. I agree with Chestnut. IMHO, the type of blade and the sharpness (new word?) would be a major factor in cutting anything. I have a Ryobi BT3000 and it cuts fine. Have no idea what HP comes out of the motor.
  5. Thanks. Got tons of wood. Met a lady who turned decorative rings or covers for jars. She used E6000 adhesive which seems to be a silicone.
  6. Why not use the metal ring from a canning Jar? Interesting project. BTW, all M&Ms are made here in Cleveland, Tennessee!
  7. I used to visit an old factory in Cleveland, OH. The floor of the oldest part was 6x6 pieces set on end. From all the years, it looked like it had soaked up a lot of oil and dirt. Don't think it was creosoted, may have been but I really didn't get into that. FWIW, I thought of doing our living room and hall in plywood, cut into strips. Saw one on the 'Net- plywood was cut into what looked like 10 inch boards with thin walnut strips (maybe 1/4 inch) filling all the seams. Sanded and finished. Looked great!!!
  8. Next bed or next kid? I like the bed, BTW.
  9. The TN wildlife management areas don't allow bolts, nails, screws, climbing spikes for tree stands. Same with hunting in the Cherokee National Forest. Guess why. As long are you're on private land, OK.
  10. I have a Shop Vac but isn't great for use at the lathe. I just let the chips fall to the floor and vacuum. Best use is the connection at the BS.
  11. From a reliable source who had a close friend in mid-management for a pro team- drugs, booze, women. They lived from one weekly paycheck to another. Broke before the next paycheck! My grandson plays minor league baseball. Now the teams have a certain amount invested. We read about the $XXX million contracts. They don't get that over the contract time of a few years but take it like an annuity over a number of years. Let's see- $200,000,000 divided by 40= WOW!
  12. Call the 800 number and see. I don't worry about it as I pay all my taxes and use a CPA for my business. CPA- Can't Pass Again. CPA- Cheapest Person Around CPA- Certified Parkinglot Attendant
  13. Not sarcastic, truthful. Professional athletes, this is what some are told. Makes sense. Ever see the ads- "I owed the IRS $240,000 but XXX worked with the IRS and I paid $20,000." Why pay the full amount when you can get by with a fraction owed? But they don't tell their fees. Wonder how much the government would get if they collected all taxes owed.
  14. Good luck as you have a lot of factors to consider. Your idea for country living is admirable. Keep us posted! My son is looking for property or house and property. Having a hard time due to the cost of land, he wants 2-4 acres for the kids to play. By the time he finds something, the kids will be grown. I couldn't afford my house now after living here for 23 years. Houses in our neighborhood are going for outrageous prices and are over 40 years old. One can't buy or build a house for under $125-150 per square foot. Looked at couple of tiny houses on TV- waaaay too tiny (cramped) for me.