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  1. The Ryobi saw I bought a few years ago had a "kerf" in the plastic cap on the end of the miter. Took it off as i didn't need it.
  2. Bankstick

    Roasted Wood?

    I've heard of it. Still prefer a chuck roast. OK, I'm sure that there is a place in WWing for it.
  3. I'm getting a mental picture!
  4. Water would settle to the bottom of the tank and wouldn't be picked up until the tank is almost empty. The water level would have to be above the stand pipe. My father and I had that happen in two different states. We changed gas stations. The only thing would be the water mixing with the ethanol. Will check with a chemical engineer on this.
  5. Just thought- could the neighbor's noisemakers be construed as harassment? Check with an attorney.
  6. I worked for a company selling custom and factory cabinetry. The requirement for cabinetry for kitchen, baths, or anywhere there is moisture or water is for the material adhesives to be waterproof. Remember the old days when cabinet carcasses were particle board and fell part when when wet?
  7. Have the complainer record the sound. They can download an app- EZ Voice Recorder. It will even readout the time duration. I use it for interviews. Sorry but I would hesitate to live in a place ruled by a HOA. Daniel Boone is said to have remarked- It's time to move when I can see the smoke from my neighbor's chimney.
  8. Harbor Freight had LED lights on sale- 2 in the shop, 2 in the basement, 1 in the office (now i don't need the desk lamp). Remembered- Saw them in a HF flyer- $18.99, Nov. 29th through Dec. 1st. Cheaper than what I paid. Save 20% with a coupon. Sometimes around holidays, they have a 25% coupon. BTW, has a five star review. Edit- plug in with decent length cord.
  9. I never clean brushes or rollers. I mostly use low priced brushes and rollers. Too much trouble to clean, IMHO. I'll tightly wrap a brush or roller in a plastic grocery bag if I'm using it again. I don't use oil-based paints. IMHO, those went out with fender skirts and poodle skirts.
  10. Lived in central NC for several years. Miss the fresh seafood! Central NC is a good place- mountains to the west and the beaches to the east. My first job was in sales, covering NC and SC. Tom King, you live ON Lake Gaston? Are you aware that I am up for adoption? I'm potty-trained and don't eat a lot.
  11. I knew a roofer who offered a metal roof that was warranted for 50 years. Sorry but don't know about the leak factor after a few years.
  12. I have a benchtop BS by Rikon. I like it. Good luck with the purchase. Might be worthwhile to look at the other things on the list.
  13. Doesn't Oneida have a design feature?