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  1. Ryobi says to go through the HD Tool Rental department. Our local HD doesn't have one now, have to drive to Chattanooga for warranty work. Found a mom-and-pop small engine shop that is a Ryobi service center. Had them take care of the battery; took about 6 days.
  2. Good luck with the manufacturer and HD. HD wouldn't honor a warranty claim on a Ryobi battery. Haven't been back since.
  3. Welcome and I don't have any suggestions to help. I would build the shop walls with insulation. The house can wait.
  4. FWIW, my father worked for a place in Columbus, OH in the 50s. A guy was delivering welding gas and a tank fell of the truck. The top broke off and took off like a rocket. It flew across the parking lot and through a brick wall. It stopped over the desk of an engineer who was at his desk just moments before. My father said he looked and the end of the tank would have hit the engineer in the face.
  5. Mine is like that. I drain it every time I use it.
  6. A couple of years ago, there was an article in a hunting magazine testing a cordless chainsaw to clear shooting lanes for hunting from a tree stand. Can't remember the brand tested but it got high marks. Sorry for the lapse in memory.
  7. I have that setup, works great. I sweep up the big chunks and use the vacuum. I'm not so picky to vacuum under shelving, etc. I use 25 foot hose, two tubes and the floor attachment. I use the nozzle to vacuum the lathe, BS, DP, TS which has to have the end panel taken off to get inside. Shop Vac isn't powerful enough to pull all the sawdust out. Would love to have a DC system but no room, in or outside the shop!
  8. Sometimes, little adjustments are all that is needed. The secret is tightening and loosening screws to get the needed result. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  9. Varies from place to place or even subdivision or townhouse development.
  10. Cut the tree and just leave the limbs overhanging the neighbor's property. Or give the neighbor the limbs to start his own tree.
  11. Build a sled from a hardwood to feed the boards through the planer. Also, what drzaius said.
  12. That is why I don't buy Craftsman, at least in the past. Don't know how it is done now with the buyout. Back in the mid 70s, I had two customers who were contract manufacturers for Craftsman. I was told CM would determine what parts would break or wear out, then have a stockpile of parts. When those parts were gone, you were outta luck. CM also changed some parts from the OEM parts so you had to buy CM parts, if available. FWIW, I have found to be a good source. Found Ryobi TS wrenches for changing the blade; Ryobi only had one in stock.
  13. Many people have the same attitude toward- General Motors, Ford, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Harbor Freight, etc. You get good and bad in any of them. Back in the late 6os, a wealthy lady bought a Rolls-Royce. She picked it up one day and the next day drove to her husband's office. When she got ready to go home, it wouldn't start! Go figure!
  14. Bankstick

    Used SawStop

    I worked in R&D for two appliance manufacturers. We had 110/220/208 volts back in the mid 60s. For long runs, we had to go to 440 volts. I still refer to voltage as 110/220. Old habits are hard to break.
  15. The third generation furniture manufacturer said it is cheaper to have furniture made in China, pay shipping and import duty than to make it here in town. Speaking of precision and manufacturing, my father told the story of a group of Americans who sent a drill bit the size of a human hair to some engineers in Switzerland. They sent the drill bit back with a hole drilled in it!