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  1. hearing protection

    FWIW, the latest issue of Woodcraft magazine has an excellent article on hearing protection with spec's on several options.
  2. Gaming Table

    Several things here. Lived in LA for 8 years and miss the crawfish boil but leave sucking the heads to the Cajuns. Second, the table will be a great project. Third, I would encourage the boy to get outside once in a while to experience a world that doesn't run on batteries. Fourth, remind him that the table will be an heirloom. My daughter has two solid walnut end tables that were my mother's. They were bought about 1960. Can't remember what happened to the round coffee table and the rectangular coffee table. They were all solid walnut.
  3. Dry-Climate Drying: Outdoors, Garage, Basement?

    Mick, I spent several days in NM. Loved it. Got hit by a raindrop. The EMT had to toss a bucket of sand in my face so I could regain consciousness.
  4. Dry-Climate Drying: Outdoors, Garage, Basement?

    Inch a year? I might not live long enough to use wood, at that rate. I don't even buy green bananas.
  5. hearing protection

    I use the silicon ear plugs that were National Guard surplus. Had the same thing in basic training. I use them for the shop and yard work. I also have a supply of Howard-Leight foamies that have a NRR of 33, highest I have seen for foamies.
  6. How to remove small broken tap efficiency & tool supplier

    Call a local machine shop. I think there is a tool to do this. I'll ask my son to check with the machine shop at work..
  7. Shop security and cameras

    Bagel- doughnut dipped in cement.
  8. Shop security and cameras

    When I lived in Queens, NY, in the mid 60s. Many apartments wouldn't allow pets but people would have a recording of a dog barking when the intruder made a noise like trying to open the door or jimmy the lock. The best one was a fellow put five deadbolt locks on his apartment door. Three were locked and two were not. So a burglar was locking two while three were unlocked. They would give up trying to figure out which locks were open. I hear locks are great with cream cheese.
  9. Cheap log opportunity?

    Brendon, it's a shame that good wood is dumped at the dump. No pun intended. 18 pack? Surely there was more than one on the crew.
  10. Cheap log opportunity?

    Make friends with a tree service. Many times they will be cutting quality trees as walnut, cherry, maple, etc. Call them periodically and ask what they have on the schedule. I had a walnut log that was about 5 ft. long and 18 inches in diameter. When I moved in 1982, I chunked it in the woods.
  11. Sawstop Savings in Cincinnati

    480 volt? I would bypass it just for the cost of wiring for the thing. I can buy a lot of other brands for less than four grand.
  12. Leveling bed for van

    Level the van like some campers- put 2x6s under the tires. Plus, every time you park the van, you will have to level it again. Got to bet a better way as mentioned. My parents had a motor home and the electric levelers got a workout at each campsite.
  13. New Shop, New Woodworker - Need advice please!

    This might be a bit off topic but something to consider for walking space around equipment. I sold cabinetry for two and a half years. A kitchen island had to have at least 36 inches around it for firefighters with full equipment to walk around it . Curtains? Harbor Freight has tons of tarps in all sizes. Got a freebie with coupon the other day.
  14. Sawstop Overarm Dust Collection

    I use the Shop Vac/Oneida Dust Deputy hooked to the back of my Ryobi TS. Keeps sawdust from being blown all over the floor. Broom and dust pan get a workout in my shop. Considering a HF dust collector as it fits in the budget but I've gone 9 years without it. Why bother now?
  15. Harbor Freight Band Saw?

    I had a HF benchtop BS. Vibrated very bad. Got rid of it and got a Rikon benchtop BS. Should have bought one that had more room under the guides. I think mine is about 4 inches clearance.