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  1. Did a water pipe break? OK, will be watching here as this sound interesting.
  2. Saved Remington STS hulls from F&G agency workshops for HE instructors. Have about 2K empties. Used to shoot competitive trap and bought the MEC 9000 progressive reloader. Much faster than the 650 Junior! AAs are great. Had some that I tossed after many years when the crimps turned black (Red Dot- nastiest powder on the market) and looked like tulip petals. How did we get off the bench thread??? Good woodworking and grind up the clays!
  3. Had a guy tell me to get a YT site for my fishing stories and photos. One cent per view? I can make more money selling them to publications plus I don't have to fool with downloading the YT materials. Now I'm reluctant to view YT. JMHO.
  4. I'm sure that your friend will get a bang out of the ammo box which is #1 IMHO.
  5. Welcome. Trust that the coronavirus will not affect you and the family.
  6. Search "reloading calculator" and you find a sackful of websites. It is cheaper to reload and part of the fun of shooting. Grandkids are getting into reloading. Good time with them and I don't have to wonder where they are. I saw a DIY shot tower for $300 several years ago. Edit- Holding out for a Kreighoff San Remo 4 gauge skeet set. Saw one advertised for $75K. Also got to HOLD a Holland & Holland .410 bore SXS at their NYC showroom. In 1998, it was $71,500. I'll go over to my safe, open it and kiss my Remington 1100! Might trade it as it misses targets.
  7. Nice and much, much better than the plastic ones. Just 100 rounds?
  8. Bankstick

    more power!

    My father was an ME in the appliance industry for close to 40 years. If you watch the chefs and cooking shows, they all cook with gas. My son has followed his grandfather's footsteps. Now ranges have dual-fuel. Gas for the efficiency of the top burners plus instant on/instant off. Try that with an electric element. The dual fuel comes from using electric elements for the oven. It is easier to conform an element for even heat distribution than moving or adding gas burners. An additional benefit for ovens is convection. When anything is cooking, there is a "layer" of moisture over the food. This
  9. Her shop is bigger than the heated area of my house. I guess it shows what one could do if he had the money.
  10. Impressive. Have seen her on another similar video. Noticed- no hearing protection or face shield while turning.
  11. Excellent build! Complements on the repeat business. BTW, word of mouth is the best and cheapest advertising. Take photos as you have here and show them to other businesses in town.
  12. This is a new one for me. Does Sheesham wood go into a She Shed?
  13. And an inexperienced operator?
  14. I agree with Chestnut. IMHO, the type of blade and the sharpness (new word?) would be a major factor in cutting anything. I have a Ryobi BT3000 and it cuts fine. Have no idea what HP comes out of the motor.
  15. Thanks. Got tons of wood. Met a lady who turned decorative rings or covers for jars. She used E6000 adhesive which seems to be a silicone.