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  1. Check the local library. Our library has a bunch of books on WWing, cabinetry, etc.
  2. I inherited a CM tablesaw from my late father-in-law. The motor burned out and it was cheaper to buy a new one than replace the motor.
  3. Excellent looking saw and a great price. When was it manufactured? Craftsman has a reputation of changing some parts from the OEM product. When the Craftsman parts are gone, you are outta luck. BTW, got this from a Craftsman contract manufacturer of power tools.
  4. Any big box store should have synthetic decking but colors would be limited.
  5. I found this interesting- I was in Lancaster, PA last summer. Amish crafters are now making outdoor furniture out of colored synthetic boards. Why? They last forever and don't need painting. Cypress was big in Louisiana if you could find it. One guy cut some to allow better access to his boat dock. State fined him several thousand dollars...and kept the logs.
  6. Solution- high school football linemen plus a half dozen pizzas and sodas. My shop is a walled-off one car garage. The garage door now has a wall and shelves for storage. The door to the basement is narrow...anything in the shop it there to stay. Dread the day I have to replace the TS. Everything else will go through the door.
  7. Research shows there are basically two kinds of CA glue- ethyl and methyl cyanoacrylate. A chemical engineer told me the difference in thin, thick and medium is an additive to affect the viscosity but the basic formula is the same. I am an archery coach and replace the fletching on arrows. I went to a sporting goods store and the CA glue there was $5.99 for a tube. I got six tubes of gel at Staples for less. Tried HF glue but it's too thin. Keep it for other things.
  8. Good to get quality wood. Gary, what is in the tailstock in the third photo? Probably a live center of some sort. Never seen anything like that.
  9. I got one from Lowe's, Sonin #50215. Four features- metal, moisture, stud, voltage. BTW, I would see carpenters tap the walls to find studs. I never could!
  10. I save cutoffs in a large trash can. Sawdust from the Shop Vac goes into another trash can. Small pieces go into a plastic tub for when I get brave and try segmenting pen blanks. Caution- be careful about throwing fine sawdust on a fire. Did it while not thinking. It flares like throwing gasoline on the fire. Told the wife the same thing if she tosses sawdust on a fire.
  11. You have more clamps than me. I guess this means you win!
  12. Lots of hard decisions to make. My wife and I like to browse through antique shops with real antiques. I'm amazed and impressed at the furniture we see that was made entirely by hand and hand tools only. Some have joints that look like the frames, etc. are made from one piece. Good luck!
  13. Looking at one of the first photos- you can never have too many clamps. Thanks for the series of photos. Nice project! treeslayer, we're at the age where we don't buy green bananas!
  14. 100 years? Looking forward to seeing the photos.
  15. Purdy was recommended by a retired commercial/industrial painter.