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  1. If I had $35,000, I would sit up all night and look at it!
  2. Pine with the proper grain and colors are nice. I never had a request for pine, though. Refer to my previous post on Sunday.
  3. I learned the 11th Commandment- Thou Shalt Keep Thy Body Parts Away From The Blade.
  4. DC piping under the floor? What if you get a clogged pipe? Electrical- make sure that sawdust, etc., stays out of the outlets. Even with covers, that might be iffy. Hope I'm reading this thread correctly.
  5. If you have natural gas available, infra red is efficient. LP is next but a bit more expensive. IR heats the surroundings like the sun heats the inside of your car in winter. The dash is warm even though the air is cold. BTW, I have seen some auto shops with IR pointing at each work station. It warms the floor which becomes a radiant heat. No matter which way you go, good luck. Wish I had half that floor space for my shop.
  6. Mick, never hard of the company except as SCM. At one time they made rifles for the military.
  7. I just vacuum with a round nozzle after the particles have cooled...usually an hour or more when I do the whole shop. I don't vacuum right away after sharpening.
  8. I thought SCM only made typewriters!
  9. BillyJack, I must agree that those cabinets look great. I never saw pine offered for factory cabinets and never heard of it requested for custom cabinets. About years ago, I recall seeing a garage lined with knotty pine; probably T&G boards. Measured for cabinets for a remodel. Great room had pine T&G on the walls and ceiling.
  10. gee-dub, I have to agree. I wonder how much profit would be gained. I think I would report him to a local group as BBB or CoC.
  11. I sold custom and factory cabinetry. I can't understand why anyone would use pine for cabinetry.
  12. Wish I had that much room for my chop saw. Mine is mounted on an old grill stand. Top is a piece of laminate sink cut-out.
  13. When both of my parents passed, they were transported in the standard body bag. I was offered to put my mother's remains in a wooden casket for $XXX or on a slab of cardboard for $XXX. Passed on that as unnecessary. Coop would have more room to grow, that's all.
  14. Valleyslim, got it! Looking for the finished project.
  15. Keep in mind that the ashes are actually bone powder. Organic body parts are vaporized by the extremely high temperatures. A funeral home would have the sizes. From what I have seen, funeral urns are all basically the same size. Or a search should help. Coop, 6x6x6 equals 216. Have a pizza and an ice cream sundae!
  16. Inquired about urns for people. The reply was one cubic inch of body weight. Hope this helps some of the members.
  17. Beautiful work and finish. I was a pallbearer in a funeral that had a wood casket. Weighed a ton. The funeral staff put me at the back end. The haul was uphill and all the weight shifted to us on the end.
  18. Mys son built a cabinet out of 2x4s and plywood, using the metal corner connectors, etc. from Lowe's. Why not use 2x4s instead of laminating and gluing 1x4s. Seems like this would take a lot of time to build. Maybe I'm not reading this post right?
  19. Check the local library. Our library has a bunch of books on WWing, cabinetry, etc.
  20. I inherited a CM tablesaw from my late father-in-law. The motor burned out and it was cheaper to buy a new one than replace the motor.
  21. Excellent looking saw and a great price. When was it manufactured? Craftsman has a reputation of changing some parts from the OEM product. When the Craftsman parts are gone, you are outta luck. BTW, got this from a Craftsman contract manufacturer of power tools.
  22. Any big box store should have synthetic decking but colors would be limited.
  23. I found this interesting- I was in Lancaster, PA last summer. Amish crafters are now making outdoor furniture out of colored synthetic boards. Why? They last forever and don't need painting. Cypress was big in Louisiana if you could find it. One guy cut some to allow better access to his boat dock. State fined him several thousand dollars...and kept the logs.