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  1. Bankstick

    Outdoor kitchen

    Be sure to finish the bottom, too. IMHO, this might not be a good idea but need to be replaced in a short time. BTW, used to live in central KY.
  2. Bankstick

    Reaction to wood dust - extreme fatigue -unique?

    Early on in life, I developed a severe allergy to work. I retired in 2009 which cured it.
  3. Bankstick

    Reaction to wood dust - extreme fatigue -unique?

    FWIW, even though the doctors didn't find anything, there is definitely something wrong. Get other opinions. Your problem isn't normal. I have asthma and allergies that didn't show up until I was 22. I knew a fellow who developed asthma in his early 40s. Your health can change literally overnight. I had taken allergy shots for some time. July 5th I passed out from a reaction to the shots, drove over 100 yards down the turn lane and two westbound lanes and totaled my new car in a ditch. My allergist wanted to do a test to check my tolerance level. My PCP said no- you don't want anything that caused your problem; I agree.
  4. Bankstick

    New storage shed

    Question- why are the lights on the walls instead of the ceiling?
  5. Bankstick

    Kinex Squares

    I got a Groz square from Woodcraft. Very accurate. Check it out. Cleaned off the grease and lightly coated with WD-40. I mainly use it to square the TS blade.
  6. Bankstick

    Hello I am newbie from UK

  7. Bankstick

    New storage shed

    Dollar Tree's Sunbeam batteries are regular alkaline batteries. I have had two 9V batteries for fishing bit alarms for three and haven't had a leak yet. Same with the AA and AAA- no leaks. A friend uses them, too- no leaks.
  8. Bankstick

    New storage shed

    FWIW, I get the Sunbeam brand batteries from Dollar Tree. Some of the best batteries I have used. I use them in my smoke detectors, flashlights, etc. A good flashlight mounted inside the door might be the cheapest way to go for the new shed. I, too, am jealous.
  9. Bankstick

    New storage shed

    Ever think about solar power for lighting in the shed- solar panel, storage battery, wire and some light fixtures. You should get lots of sunshine, according to the Florida license plate. Nice shed!
  10. Then it's harder to back out. Had this on a project this morning.
  11. My father said the joke in the appliance industry and auto industry was- "Hammer to fit, paint to match."
  12. Speaking from experience with wood and sheet metal. Stripped out threads in soft aluminum- "Just one more tweak!" People think that one more turn is better than all those already done. My father was an engineer in the appliance industry. The assembly line would turn up their air guns to speed up production. Then plant supervisors would gripe when the sheet metal crews stripped out. Hello????
  13. Bankstick

    My Two Car Garage Shop Tour

    Nice. My garage would only hold a Yugo.
  14. Bankstick

    Closet Remodel.

    Just thought- your project verifies the idea that one cannot have too many clamps. Again, nice project with outstanding wood.
  15. If you are putting a bolt of any type directly in any kind of wood, it will strip out before the bolt head will shear off. Steel, even grade 2, is stronger than wood. Also, what Ronn W said.
  16. Why would you need SS bolts for an indoor table?
  17. Bankstick

    Closet Remodel.

    That is classy! Good way to take advantage of the space. We have two wire closet organizers that came with the house.
  18. Bankstick

    Wall Clock

    I like the clock and your photos of the build. Thanks.
  19. Bankstick

    HELP used wrong cleaning product on wood table

    Try mayonnaise.
  20. Bankstick

    Where do you put your grinder?

    Question here. What is the rpm stated on the data plate? If it is the 3450 rpm, take care to keep from overheating the metal. I bought a Rikon low speed grinder for lathe tools. Old grinder is for the lawnmower blades.
  21. Bankstick

    What is architectural millwork?

    Local millwork company advertises custom stairways in addition to their other items.
  22. Bankstick

    Where do you put your grinder?

    Within two steps of the lathe. I keep the grinder on a shelf under the lathe; it's secured to a piece of plywood as I have the Wolverine jig on it. I roll the TS out of its "slot" and put the grinder on it.
  23. Bankstick

    Considering DiaSharp Diamond Stones

    Mark J, yes, that's the set of three. No honing fluid. I hold the tool upside down on the bed of the lathe as I have a good light over the lathe. I run the diamond file from the bottom of the bevel to the flute. Do this several times and back to the lathe. Good light allows me to see where the file is working. Some turners blacken the tool with a Sharpie to see where they are grinding to get the right angle. After I get the right grind, then I break out the diamond files. BTW, I use the coarse file.
  24. Bankstick

    Considering DiaSharp Diamond Stones

    Interesting thread. I got the idea of using my DMT diamond files to touch up turning tools instead of hitting the grinder. Works great! Surprising how good tool cut when sharp.
  25. Bankstick

    Golf Ball Puzzle

    Hat? The Marines call it a cover. I used to have a golf ball puzzle- Where did it go after I hit it?