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  1. Seems like that guy has too much money, too.
  2. Interesting. Do you have the original HF impeller or the Rikon that many upgrade with for more efficiency?
  3. Drive for show...putt for dough. Guy was going to take up golf. Didn't know anything about the game but knew all the words.
  4. Derek, hitting straight? You could have taken a couple of lessons and saved some money. I had a bad slice until I learned to drop my right shoulder on the down swing instead of moving it forward. Get Jack Nicklaus' video or book, Golf My Way. Excellent and easy to understand. This is how Greg Norman learned to play golf at age 17.
  5. $5K for golf clubs? I played golf for several years and played decently with my $150 clubs. Golf Magazine was talking about the new golf clubs at that time- graphite shafts, perimeter weighted heads, etc. It went on to state that the USGA found handicaps only dropped about one stroke! Consider what golfers did with hickory shafts in which each club had a different flex. Jack Nicklaus set records with a McGregor driver that finally fell apart! Saw it on TV! Joke- "I'm taking up golf. I don't know anything about the game but I know all the words." G Ragatz, I see this in the parking lot at church. Their $70K cars won't do anything my $26K won't do...except mine has a smaller monthly payment. At my age and life experience, it takes a lot of impress me.
  6. I met a fellow who scored a pallet from SE Asia. The runners were mahogany! Never know what you will find. My father worked at a place in Columbus, Ohio. People would throw away new tools after a project was done. Found a set of combination wrenches tied together and the the handle painted yellow. I have them in my tools after about 60 years. Also found a round bar painted white. Scraped off the paint- solid brass!
  7. Speedy recovery for you! Had one kick-back- pushing a small piece through the TS. My push stick wasn't long enough. Let up on the pressure to move forward. Blade caught the piece and tossed it back like the TS was rejecting the piece. Got a small scar from the scrape. Even though I don't stand in line with the blade, this came off at an angle...the same angle where I was standing! Murphy's Law prevails again!
  8. Missed it by 100 years but it was a guess without researching. A shooting magazine had an article by a fellow who toured the factory in Italy. And think that some people go to Italy to see the Vatican. That would be second on my list! Chestnut, you made a good choice. It's on my wish list. FWIW, I was going to buy my wife a new shotgun for Christmas. She said if I did, it would only be used once.
  9. My parents lived in Chicago about 40 years ago. They saw an ad on TV for a furniture store and decided to visit. The first piece Mother looked at was a china hutch for $10K. Before they could retreat, the salesman cornered them, asking what they were looking for. Turned out all their furniture was solid wood. He further stated if they didn't see anything they liked, their designers would help them design what would fit their decor. Dad figured a full dining room set would be $60-70K. For funsies, a friend of my aunt's was asked by a furniture salesman what decor she had. Can't remember exactly what she said but it was Early Halloween or Early Attic.
  10. Las Vegas is a unique place. Their crosswalk signs are - Walk, Don't Walk, 8 to 5 You Don't Make It!
  11. I would not only spec it but if the Beretta was in good shape, I'd build it for him! They have been making firearms for about 400 years, if I get my years correctly.
  12. Looked at the date of the original post and thought I would resurrect it. Running into the same with my BT3000. One solution would be to build a sled with aluminum channels on the sides that slide along the stationary part that has the blade. It would be about 8-10 inches wide. I'm cutting some oak stair treads and had a time getting the miter square to the blade. Had lots of slop but I had to tighten the plastic clips, now no slop side to side. The miter bar could have been designed better, IMHO. The bolt only has about 1/8 inch to grip on either side.s for the dual miter slot mentioned, not really wanting to pay any more for accessories. Got the TS real cheap with about $100 worth of blades. Not going to do this right away but got it on the to-do list.
  13. My reply for this is regarding wood turning. I have the Wolverine system which I use before I start turning . A couple of seconds and I'm ready to go. As I turn, I'll stop and hit the edge of HSS tools with the blue (coarse) DMT diamond file. As I Turn? Sounds like a soap opera title.
  14. The fellow who taught me to shoot skeet was a state champion for many years- regular classes and senior classes. Remember, this was in the days before progressive reloaders. He had a bench in his office with 12-20-28-410 in a row. He would get into a rhythm and load a box in no time. Chip Sawdust, my complements on the reloading bench and the desk. Thanks for the series of photos.
  15. 625 divided by 33 equals 18.98 per year. You got a bargain! Wise move.
  16. I sold custom and factory built cabinetry and lighting. I have been in untold new construction. I have never seen a carpenter's square on any job site! I saw a high end house, $300+, that had a glaring screw-up. The closet wall met an outside wall. From the top of the door trim to the bottom was a difference of at least three inches at the outside wall. I realize that houses will settle- had one is Louisiana. Straightened up every time it rained!
  17. Bankstick

    Shop time

    Or was it a real big cutting board?
  18. I recall Rodney Dangerfield saying as he was leaving for work- My wife said to call her if something went right. I asked a contractor if he did remodeling. He said no as he didn't like correcting other people's mistakes. Compared to me, Murphy was an optimist.
  19. Bankstick

    Shop time

    Sign in a Ford dealer in 1971- Shop Rates- $25 per hour $50 per hour if you watch $100 per hour if you help
  20. My uncle smoked Chesterfield cigarettes. After word got around, no one asked for a smoke. Tom, I would look on that saw as challenge. A bit overkill for rose bushes, though. Have a Poulan gas saw and a HF electric saw for small stuff.
  21. Good luck in teaching. Saw a sign in a gift shop- I'm a teacher. What's yout superpower? If you will be teaching kids, will you be required to have a background check? I have a close friend who wanted to teach a two or three hour class on archery at the Boys & Girls Club. He was surprised at all the background material that was required. My wife was in preschool education for over 30 years. That is SOP in any teaching position or anyone else working with kids.
  22. Ryobi says to go through the HD Tool Rental department. Our local HD doesn't have one now, have to drive to Chattanooga for warranty work. Found a mom-and-pop small engine shop that is a Ryobi service center. Had them take care of the battery; took about 6 days.
  23. Good luck with the manufacturer and HD. HD wouldn't honor a warranty claim on a Ryobi battery. Haven't been back since.
  24. Welcome and I don't have any suggestions to help. I would build the shop walls with insulation. The house can wait.