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    So what is the difference?

    Worked at Lowe's in electrical- gang box, handy box, outlet or switch box. All the same thing with a different name.
  2. Bankstick

    a utility project

    Sheer genius on the design! I like it.
  3. Bankstick

    Gun Stock

    As mentioned, I have shot competitive trap and skeet in the rain. Tru-Oil holds up the best of anything. If it gets scuffed or scraped, clean the stock and reapply more Tru-Oil. You don't have to do the whole stock.
  4. Bankstick

    Gun Stock

    Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil which is a "modified" linseed oil. Used it many times! Worth it and waterproof.
  5. Bankstick

    Shenanigans on the lathe today

    Begorrah. Sure an' it's an Irish grind. Thanks for the info. Have a bowl gouge but can't remember what size.
  6. Bankstick

    Shenanigans on the lathe today

    Gary, what tool did you use to turn the segmented bowl in the first picture?
  7. Bankstick

    Question on box fan filters

    I have a box fan that holds the furnace filter in place with a bungee cord. Wife saw this on TV and suggested it. Works great. After a session in the shop, I turn it on high and let it run for at least an hour or when I remember to turn it off. As for protecting your lungs, I wear a dust mask any time I'm doing anything with wood.
  8. Bankstick

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    Does anyone remember when cutting wood was done with a handsaw? It's interesting how woodworking was all done with hand tools.
  9. Bankstick

    Getting ready for the new season

    Someone tell him about a hot branding iron. Or a Palmer Handwriting book. Wonder if his bats will pass MLB standards?
  10. Bankstick

    New storage shed

    Didn't notice that you lived in Florida. I live in SE TN, still deal with humidity. 2018 set a record for rainfall. Anticipate a dry summer.
  11. Bankstick

    New storage shed

    Will you have to deal with humidity?
  12. Bankstick

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    OK, question answered.
  13. Bankstick

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    Instead of a brake that hits the edge of the blade and ruins it, why not make a system like the disc brakes on a vehicle- pads come in from the side to stop the blade? Curious.
  14. Bankstick

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    PH, that's right but I could sure eat good. The only thing about campers and motorhomes is they are just another house to keep. My parents had some friends who bought a houseboat- same thing, more housekeeping. Sold it after two months. Waterfront? Not a saltwater/beach person. Mansion? Wouldn't need it as I would never be there. I would rather have a few hundred acres out west with trout streams and lots of big game. Right off the bat, most of the money would go to the kids and the eight grandkids. Also, if I won a real big lottery, I would pin mistletoe to the seat of my pants and walk around the courthouse three times.
  15. Bankstick

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    If I had a billion dollars, I wouldn't be buying tools and working in a shop. I'd be gone in a big pickup and camper. Then tell everyone I don't know when I'll be back.
  16. Bankstick

    Free wood, is this Red or White Oak?

    Interesting how crafters find ways to make the job easier or solve a problem. Never heard of the alcohol thingy.
  17. Bankstick

    Farmhouse Kitchen Table

    Be glad she didn't want to have two leaves in it. Going to work on a table for SWMBO soon...been on her mind for about 5 years. Now that she is retired, I can use the extra hands in ripping, planing, assembling and finishing. I want to put in one leaf at least as we can have as many as eight people at the table. The little kids sit at a card table.
  18. Bankstick

    Hello from Middle GA

    Welcome to the forum. Woodcraft magazine has an article of "tricking out" a bookcase with various kinds of trim on the ends, top and bottom.
  19. Bankstick

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    After reading through this thread and the posts, I'm going out into the shop and kiss my Ryobi BT3000! The only trouble I have is cleaning the sawdust out of the cabinet- Shop Vac doesn't get all of it. Don't get me wrong, this has been an interesting thread.
  20. Bankstick

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    If you get a floor model, tell them to throw in some mustard and relish to go with the hot dogs.
  21. Bankstick

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    My TS has a curved opening in the back for the tilt feature. Would take a lot of tape. I still wear my socks.
  22. Bankstick

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    I use a chef's knife to cut hot dogs. Going on 5 or 6 years with my TS.
  23. Bankstick

    screwdrivers for Chinese philips style screws

    Here is where I'm coming from- I used to do gunsmith work as a hobby. It was critical for screwdrivers to be purchased and/or ground to exactly fit the screw. This was to keep the screwdriver from jumping out of the screw head and messing up the slot. I have a drawer full of Harbor Freight freebie screwdrivers. I can grind or file them as needed. Looking to make small turning tools out of them like a parting tool or for grooving wood. I'm not sure where you would find the specific screwdrivers you need. Good luck.
  24. Bankstick

    Dryer Outlet Splitter - Buy or Make? 10-30

    I'm with Chestnut. Common and ground can be together but I'm not a fan of that. I worked in electrical at Lowe's. All panels I saw had hot/common/ground bars; separate bars.
  25. Bankstick

    Hello from western north carolina

    Welcome from SE TN. You are very close to some outstanding trout fishing. Chestnut, the Tellico River and tributaries are great fishing and beautiful scenery, too. I have heard that NC state police have clamped down on the two wheelers on the Tail.