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  1. Also happy with my Hammer A3/31... No experience with the Grizzlies.
  2. When I built this project, I took Matt's advice to heart. I thought about what tools I had and what would end up in the cabinet, and then built what I needed using the videos only as guides. Not a single dimension from Matt's cabinet ended up in my version. The interior is also completely different in order to fit my needs. I guess what I'm getting at is that this is so easy to customize that really you can build it to fit any space and any set of tools.
  3. Up here in BC we have a lot of Western Red Alder. I picked up some logs that that city left on the side of the road and milled them up. Most of it is still drying beside my house but it it pretty wood and easy to work. The only projects I've made are some small boxes that have been painted, so there is no point posting them as they look like painted boxes. I've never bought any, but I believe it is quite cheap around here.
  4. Having invested all that money in those machines, I'd have a hard time parting with them. Most of my projects are fairly small, and when I first started I was buying S4S as well as using my uncle's shop for any further milling or cutting, but that got old real fast! Having the ability to do everything I need in my own shop to allow me to work on what I want has made the hobby much more enjoyable. I get the desire for more room, but it wouldn't be worth it for me.
  5. That looks great! My current project is an electric bass guitar for my daughter, but as I was researching it I realized that the neck in particular was more than I wanted to take on for my first one, so all I'm really doing is the body. I just bought all the electronics and a pre-made neck. I'm making the body out of walnut, so my biggest challenge will be making it fairly light. Anyway, I've enjoyed your journal, and it's inspired me to build the whole thing for when I build her a second one. Thanks for posting.
  6. Art

    Tail vise - OMG

    Agreed! Since finishing my bench, I almost have to remind myself to us to use the front vise, but I just instinctively use the end vise for all sorts of things. I had even considered not installing one after reading a lot of "experts"...
  7. Thanks guys. I probably should have just read the manual rather than freaking out. I checked it later in the day and it was all good...
  8. So I'm trying to resaw some red oak I milled last fall using my Laguna 14bx 3 hp BS. The first couple of dozen boards went quite well. Some of them were about 12" wide, which is right at the limit of the resaw capacity of the saw. I'm using one of Laguna's 5/8" resaw blades (not a carbide Resaw King). Towards the end, while trying to slice a 10" wide board, it really bogged down, so I slowed down and kept pushing. It eventually seized up and blew the circuit. After resetting the circuit, the saw wouldn't restart, so after some investigation, I realized I had melted the blade to the tire on the drive wheel: Obviously I pushed too hard, and I am an idiot for doing that. I'm not worried about the blade and tire as they are easily enough replaced. What worries me is that the motor feels very hot now, and won't start. For those that actually know a little about electric motors, do I just need to let it cool down, or is it possible I've completely burned it out?
  9. Oh believe me, there's a reason I took close ups. The rest of the shop still looks like the aftermath of a tornado. I've just accepted that my shop will never look like Kev's.
  10. Then there's this thing from Lee Valley:,43455&p=76830 It looks interesting and packs away nicely, although I'm not sure if it has any advantages over some 2x4's or foam on the ground or some sawhorses.
  11. To remind me those need sharpening...
  12. I'm going to call this one done. I've mounted most of the the tools that are going to live in this thing. I still have plenty of room for growth, and the front of the outer doors are still very rough. The plan is to carve some panels for those, but given that I've never done a lot of carving, I should learn to to do that first! I've been watching some of Mary May's videos, so over the next few months I'll get to it. Anyway here it is: