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  1. Art

    Tail vise - OMG

    Agreed! Since finishing my bench, I almost have to remind myself to us to use the front vise, but I just instinctively use the end vise for all sorts of things. I had even considered not installing one after reading a lot of "experts"...
  2. Thanks guys. I probably should have just read the manual rather than freaking out. I checked it later in the day and it was all good...
  3. So I'm trying to resaw some red oak I milled last fall using my Laguna 14bx 3 hp BS. The first couple of dozen boards went quite well. Some of them were about 12" wide, which is right at the limit of the resaw capacity of the saw. I'm using one of Laguna's 5/8" resaw blades (not a carbide Resaw King). Towards the end, while trying to slice a 10" wide board, it really bogged down, so I slowed down and kept pushing. It eventually seized up and blew the circuit. After resetting the circuit, the saw wouldn't restart, so after some investigation, I realized I had melted the blade to the tire on the drive wheel: Obviously I pushed too hard, and I am an idiot for doing that. I'm not worried about the blade and tire as they are easily enough replaced. What worries me is that the motor feels very hot now, and won't start. For those that actually know a little about electric motors, do I just need to let it cool down, or is it possible I've completely burned it out?
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it!
  5. Oh believe me, there's a reason I took close ups. The rest of the shop still looks like the aftermath of a tornado. I've just accepted that my shop will never look like Kev's.
  6. Then there's this thing from Lee Valley:,43455&p=76830 It looks interesting and packs away nicely, although I'm not sure if it has any advantages over some 2x4's or foam on the ground or some sawhorses.
  7. To remind me those need sharpening...
  8. I'm going to call this one done. I've mounted most of the the tools that are going to live in this thing. I still have plenty of room for growth, and the front of the outer doors are still very rough. The plan is to carve some panels for those, but given that I've never done a lot of carving, I should learn to to do that first! I've been watching some of Mary May's videos, so over the next few months I'll get to it. Anyway here it is:
  9. I made one end grain cutting board that is used exclusively for cutting cooked meat. As long as you clean it well with hot, soapy water shortly after use, it stays nice and clean. Every few months I refresh it with mineral oil/beeswax conditioner. I'm not sure about the resin inlay, but maybe others can chime in...
  10. I think you'll get better answers if you're more specific in what you're looking for. Carpentry, in my mind, is different from furniture making, which is more where this forum tends to lean. You'll still get good answers are there is a lot of knowledge here. What are you planning on making or building?
  11. Progress! I've applied finish (ARS) and mounted the doors. The doors aren't perfect by any means. I screwed up when gluing up the outer doors. I didn't follow Matt's advice to use the main cabinet as a template for gluing the doors to ensure consistent geometry. I simply forgot to do it in my rush to get them glued up. The end result is that outer doors are slightly out of square relative to the inner doors and main cabinet. Having said that, they hang and swing nicely, so overall I'm happy. As well my drawers are recycled from a previous project, so they don't fit exactly, but are fully functional. I still have to make all the tool holders, but at least it's on the wall now...
  12. These are the ones I got. I'm just putting three on each side, rather than four, and I'm going for the drop in type hinges so that I can more easily take off the doors if needed to add tool holders, etc. They're still not cheap, but I figure they bridge the gap between Brusso and the really cheap hinges.
  13. I just picked up some brass marine hinges today. Someone on another thread (I forget who, but thanks!) had mentioned marine hinges, so I went and checked out a local marine store. I got some that look pretty beefy and are about 1/3 price of Brusso. It still cost $140 though...
  14. Lee Valley has some. I've never used them, but they generally carry good stuff:,46158