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  1. Art

    New (and final) Shop!

    That will be an amazing shop Kev! Congratulations. Looking forward to following along. Do you have enough Nordfab ducting for this shop? Otherwise I suspect the budget for ducting might equal the construction budget
  2. Art

    Floating Picture Frames

    Very nice Kev. I did a handful of these for our house, but they were all for paintings that were about 4'x4'. Cutting the mitres on those was a bit of a challenge as I haven't built a jig like yours, and any errors are very pronounced over a 4' length. But they turned out and my wife was happy, so it's all good...
  3. Art

    New jointer season? I think so.

    For what's it's worth, my dealer delivered my A3-31 HH straight into my garage, perfectly calibrated. this was 2 years ago and I haven't had to do anything to it since then. I'll likely be rotating the cutters this week as a couple seem to have chips in them and I've got some important milling to do soon. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about this machine. I can't speak to customer service, other than the original delivery, as there simply hasn't been anything to call about.
  4. Art

    Question for Seattle area members

    Thanks for the replies. I've got a couple of bigger purchases planned in the next few months, so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth my time to drive down from Vancouver. I figure it's about a 4 hour drive each way, but even with the exchange rate, those prices are tempting.
  5. I've seen this CL page for a place in Auburn: They seem to have really good deals on machinery. It looks like a lot of it is new or nearly new but with minor shipping damage. Does anyone know what the deal is with them? I can't seem to find a website for them, other than the CL listings. Are they legit? Thanks, Art
  6. Art

    Sawstop Inline Router Table

    Thanks for the review. This product is certainly on my upgrade list in the next 1-2 years.
  7. Art

    Pre-stickered cart

    You should market that idea. This is the type of thing Lee Valley loves...
  8. Art

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    Mineral oil and beeswax. As stated above, MO can be bought in the pharmacy, and I bought a 1 lb block of beeswax in a local honey store. This way I can make my own and portion it into smaller containers as required. There are lots of "recipes" online to get an idea of the proportions of oil to wax.
  9. Art

    Entry Level Workbench

    My wife and I are billeting a young soccer player from the Vancouver Whitecaps, and I promised him I would get him into the shop and start teaching him some stuff. He had never held any sort of power tool before yesterday. We are making a cutting board for his Mom for Christmas, so yesterday we started with some rough Maple and Walnut, and I had him mill it down and glue it up. We made sure he watched me do it first, but he is a quick study, and did well. I told him that when he is a famous pro soccer player, he still needs to know how to operate basic tools
  10. Art

    Entry Level Workbench

    Nice work Kev and Kid!
  11. Art

    First time milling!

    Those were oak logs about 14" wide and about only 3 1/2 feet. I can only imagine what it takes to mill up an 8 or 10 foot log. Just handling the logs is a challenge without the proper equipment. The largest was easily north of 150 lbs. I only milled them enough make them small enough to finish resawing on the bandsaw, so it it mostly 16/4. I will admit to spending several hours yesterday looking at Youtube videos about hobbyist sized bandsaw mills... I'd love to have the space to be able to do this regularly, but that sadly that won't happen anytime soon.
  12. Art

    First time milling!

    So I've always wanted to try some milling, but living in the middle of a big city, the opportunities don't really present themselves a lot. However, the city of Vancouver maintains thousands of trees along city roads, and they occasionally them down if they are sick or otherwise dying. In these situations, the logs are left on the side of the road, and anyone can help themselves to them. Recently, I came across some reasonably sized logs: some Alder and some Red Oak. I realize they are not the most desirable species around, but for me it was more about the learning experience. Anyway, my wife and I went out and hauled them into the back of my truck, and today I went out and rented at chainsaw and an Alaskan Mill and went to work. I fully realize that I spent more money in renting the equipment than what the resulting wood is likely worth, but it was fun. I know also have a new appreciation for how much work this type of milling is. Here are some photos:
  13. Art

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    I'll just echo what others have said. I have the 3 hp PCS and have never had any issues with it. I don't have a bandsaw (yet...) so I do all my rip cuts on the TS. I use a good quality rip blade and have no problems with thick stock. I recently ripped all the maple for a Roubo with no issues whatsoever. I haven't tried a 5 hp saw, but I imagine the main difference would be that you could push the material through much quicker. That may matter in a production shop, but for a hobbyist I don't see that it's worth the additional cost.
  14. When I got mine, the plan was to get the blue one. I had always mocked people here with white vehicles, but when I saw a white Ridgeline in the dealer's lot, I realized it looked pretty sharp, so that's what I got. It stays amazingly clean. In the two years I've had it, I think it's been properly cleaned one time, and honestly still looks good!
  15. Or you could just invest in a vaguely truck shaped car: It works for me (Kidding of course, as these anything but cheap compared to the other options..)