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  1. Art

    Where do you get your plans?

    Lee Valley has some. I've never used them, but they generally carry good stuff:,46158
  2. Art

    Bubble Cutting Board

    Glue them up and make coasters?
  3. Art

    Bubble Cutting Board

    Thanks. I'll definitely be making one of these.
  4. Art

    Bubble Cutting Board

    I'm trying to understand the steps here. Your initial glue ups are just the alternating woods, cut at the widths you listed right? Then you cut off the strips off these boards at slightly over the final thickness of your board? Then you take these strips and rip them to those same widths, and then glue everything up? This sounds like you would end up with significant waste, corrrect? Thanks for you help in this.
  5. I've only been able to get a few hours in the shop each week lately, so things have slowed down. Having said that, I've made some significant progress, but unfortunately, it doesn't really show. I've finish sanded and glued up the main cabinet, as well as cut the back panel. I used Old Brown Glue, mainly just to try it, but also for the longer open time. I liked it, but keeping it warm is a bit of a pain. I've also cut all the door joinery and finish prepped the parts (after this photo), but no glue yet. Overall, I'm happy with the way it's progressing. I'm just using 1/2" cherry ply for the panels, but I have some ideas to dress up the cabinet fronts. The plan right now will be to try carving some crests, but realistically that won't happen for a while. This was a lot of dovetails for me, but you definitely get efficient at them:
  6. Art


    I've got a couple of carving projects I want to do, so I've been watching some of Mary May's videos to try to figure out what I'm doing. Basswood seems to the recommended wood to start with, but it's hard to source up here. I called my local dealer and they told me a lot of their carvers use Jelutong wood. It's fairly reasonble ($7 for 4/4), so I may pick some up to play with. Does anyone here have any experience with this stuff? Ie: is it comparable to basswood? Thanks, Art
  7. To me, that's the big factor, particularly on a project that uses as much lumber as a bench top.
  8. Art

    Another ROS Thread

    is just picked up a Rotex 125 before the prices go up, and got to use it for the first time this morning to start finish prep on my tool cabinet. I already have the ETS 125 which puts a great finish on, but is useless for anything that is remotely rough. After about 2 passes with the Rotex, I am glad I spent the money. I can see this combination being perfect for what I need. The Rotex just works, and makes me dread sanding a lot less... I went with 5" because I already had the ETS and figured they could share paper, and I really don't work on anything really big.
  9. I agree. If I had the option (without spending a fortune) I would have to loved to use 12/4 or 16/4 lumber for my bench.
  10. Art

    Looking for task light

    It's slightly different from what you're asking for, but I find the LED Magnifiying Light from Lee Valley to be invaluable on my bench. I've been doing a lot of dovetailing, and it's been great. It's very bright. The magnifying glass also comes in very handy. It comes with a clamp, but I also got the bushing to allow me to mount it in a dog hole:,43349&ap=1
  11. Art

    A Roubo from beams?

    That looks great! In comparison, some of these immaculate maple benches look a little boring.
  12. No problems. I'm always happy to have Americans appreciate the great sport of Hockey!
  13. Not at all. I think it helps that I'm not sweating all over the clamps. It honestly makes them much better to use.
  14. It's hockey tape. I got the idea from Rob Cosman. It must be a Canadian thing... It makes for much better grip. Here is a video:
  15. Thanks, it's coming along. The problem is that once I've finished this, I'll have to start making real projects...