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    Apparently it is mostly reducing large pieces of wood into smaller ones.
  1. Alright everyone. Thank you for all the assistance. I ended up lap sanding on the sandpaper/glass setup I mentioned. I used the pencil trick to tell when the surface was evenly being sanded, and then glued up with Titebond 3. Here are a couple photos post-glue up and trimming. The joints came out really nice. The wife is happy and excited, and I get to move on to my own projects. Thank you all again.
  2. Ok so... Moving forward here. I'm gluing some sandpaper to a piece of glass and I'm going to attempt to clean this up that way first. Depending on the results, I may still go with the epoxy glue plan. As much as I'd like to start modifying the project, the glue up is the only part of this one that is actually mine. The rest is the Wife's project, so I'm going to refrain from making changes.As there are a few of these to do (Yes she's making Christmas gifts) I'll post results after this next one.
  3. It goes deep. Pretty much all the way through. I have tried the "let's use all the clamps I own" trick, to no avail.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm looking for some advise/opinions. I'm face gluing two pieces of 8/4 Maple together to create a turning blank for a rolling pin. During my dry clamp up, I noticed I have some small gaps. My feeler gauge gives me .0039 inches (.1 mm). I usually glue up with Titebond 3. I'm worried that I'm going to end up with cracks in my finished piece where the gaps were. As background info, the boards were surface planed to thickness, and the few planer nick lines were cleaned up with a card scraper.I have a couple blanks to glue up, and each one seems to have this small issu
  5. It's a Dewalt DW708 Type 3. So here's the follow up on all this. I dropped my saw off at the Dewalt Factory Service Center in Seattle for a tune up (I have never done on myself, and honestly wasn't interested in doing so). They told me that there was going to be no problems, that parts were available (I specifically asked), and that the project would take two weeks. In two weeks I called in and was told that they had gotten behind. Not a problem, I wasn't in a rush. Two weeks later I called in again, and was told that it still wasn't done. Two weeks later, I called in agai
  6. Hey Guys, I have access to both flat sawn and VG walnut. I'm looking to build a mirror frame. Specifically it is going to be essentially Marc's mirror. Does anyone have any tips on pros or cons of using either type of wood?
  7. It's a Dewalt DW708 Type 3.
  8. Jfitz, I'm not sure. The saw still works, but seems to be taking a bit longer to come up to speed, and loses power on bigger cuts. I suspected it needed a cleaning, and perhaps new brushes. Nothing seems to indicate bearing issues, or gear box problems, and all the wiring and switches seem to be fine. I am somewhat quickly realizing that the day and age of "repair" seems to be gone. Warranty service is tough enough; but once you start looking for someone who can replace a bearing, or a brush on a tool they can't just call the manufacturer on, everyone starts looking at you like you
  9. Hey All, I live in Tacoma WA. I have a Dewalt sliding miter saw that needs a little mechanical work. I've tried the factory service center in Seattle, but they are unwilling to help me, as they can not replace all the broken pieces (trim, guards, dust chutes etc) to get it back to factory specs. I'm not concerned with all the trim pieces, I'm only concerned with motor parts. Electrical motors are not my forte, and honestly I'd rather spend my free time working "with" my tools, not "on" them. Does anyone have a recommendation for a tool repair business in my area that is willing t
  10. Hey Guys, I have a kitchen remodel under way, and I'm trying to match a finish. Of course this is complicated, which is why I'm tossing this out to you guys. I have attached a couple photos of the finish on a buffet sideboard. I am trying to put a finish on some cherry cabinets, and am trying to match the style to the buffet as possible.The existing stain seems to be semi-transparent. I've never had to match something existing before, so any help or suggestions as to what the existing finish may be, will get me started (and will be much appreciated). The color is going to be similar, but
  11. Good Evening, I am working on a fairly simple project. It is a set of trivets. The design is pulled from Nick Engler's Weekend Projects by Rodale Press. The design is similar to the attached photo (stolen from the internet, not my work). I am having trouble getting a clean bottom on the dado cuts. It seems that my stack is leaving a fairly decent mess at the bottom of the cut. This has never been a problem, as the bottom has never been visible in my other projects. Attempts to sand have not turned out so well. Does anyone have a suggestion either for a blade (I don't need a loan t