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  1. No..... mine will stay like it is. I don't have that much space around it.. I don't need that much storage.. I built but need a better storage table..
  2. When these came put they had Problem with the Allen head hold down coming loose all the time . Wax there ever a hack or fix for this?
  3. Turned out nice. Wish I could have one but it's a floor model.
  4. I've been blowing out mine for years. Works great. Hvac unit in comparison? I don't think so.
  5. Doweling machines can be bought for $500 or less...
  6. Didnt ho fishing but can across a makita slider for $75. Havent even got it out of the trunk..
  7. Doesnt bother me. Quality isnt just the material.... You know PB is more ridgid than MDF.
  8. Tell me the story? I've worked with PB most of my cabinet career...
  9. I've been using the same doweling jig since I started in 83. If you want something fast, look up doweling machine, not doweling jig and it will cost you less than a Domino...
  10. So why do not like MDF? Hope its not because the internet said so...
  11. I would say that was a costly mistake, but considering I took excessive walnut plywood and use it for jigs isn't any different...
  12. MDF is my #1 product around the shop. Masonite #2...
  13. Nothing wrong with MDF. Been used in the cabinet industry for a long time.
  14. I don't any of those magazines, but I can only imagine a lack of material each time. Even in this old house, Cabinet maker magazine, etc new article run thin... Some offer diy projects which from time to time are worth checking out...