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  1. PC had a lot of reasonable tools. I sold the hinge plate setup. Came in a nice metal box. The cheaper small routers were the 7310. There okay.. The good compact router is the pc310. They used them in Castle poket hole machines among side the 0c690.
  2. Their 690 routers were cheap. This is why cabinet shops ordered them. Why they sold so many. If I wanted a better router at the time Bosch was just more money. A lot of the cabinet making equipment in 80-90's either had PC or Bosch in them. Whoever got the the contact. The only reason OC got even further was the sale of a staple gun and compressor for $119 I think it was. Porter cable nails work in Senco guns. PC had a good run. Now?
  3. Dowels work fine. Domino an expensive want..
  4. You stand where you have the most balance. You usually want your shoulder behind the piece to be cut.
  5. The problem is what someone needs it for.. Mantles or tables is what I see..
  6. I just buy Amana. If your going to spend money, just buy Tenyru..
  7. I've got a oak top in my downstairs man cave. It has poly on it. I have make sure it stays dry, but it's not used often.
  8. I just want to clear mine off..
  9. Wish I had room for one. Turned out nice.
  10. ????????? Kinda like looking for European hinges saying it overlay. Not enough information...
  11. I dont think I need to worry about saving any money on wood..
  12. "Do you check to see of it dressed accurately?" I check the first board and move on. Outr main cabinet suppliers are Liberty Hardwoods and Paxtons. These guys making a living dressing lumber and supplying to cabineg shops. I have 2 cabinet shops withn 2 miles of me. You can pretty much bet it will be the way you ordered it.They don't make money on mistakes , but it can happen. They are not a "big box" store...
  13. Saving money is based on time, space and profits. I make no money prepping wood to be turned into cabinets or furniture. I take it your a hobby woodworker? I'm an ex-professional who won't change his ways. Remember I spent 37 years turning wood into profits. There's no time for milling... I have total control of the wood I purchase. Here are my leftovers from cabinet jobs. Nothing goes to waste.. if you want to spend the time growing a tree, sawing down a tree. Cutting up a tree, drying a tree, etc. I'm happy for you, but don't try an sell me on it..
  14. Locks on a stack, singles, keyed the same, etc? What's this for?