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  1. Trouble getting in the shop sometimeds. A little sanding. Went through 5 old Mirka belts breaking at the seam. Old Ebay off brands still holding together. Funny....
  2. It might be that sander. The Dewalt mentioned I've heard was good. When you have deep scratchesbest to use a belt sander to get down to a ROS stage,but my guess is you don't have one.
  3. Will trade for something of interest...
  4. I think these would be interesting challenges...
  5. BillyJack

    Shop Layout Help

    He may have to box it in. Mine hums when it's on and is irritating. Mine doesn't come on unless it's the planer or the sander....
  6. BillyJack

    Shop Layout Help

    I pretty much live on the workbench so recently I've tried to get everything Im chasing in close range of the work table. Clamps, miter saw,drill bits,drills,etc. Getting the stuff I don't use much the farthest in the shop...
  7. I wouldn't start with 40 grit. That's an eating grit I'll use 40 only for really depends scratches. Usually 60 grit is my first pick unless it's real deep. You really should start at 80 grit and work you way up.
  8. Sorry if I misunderstood you sawdust...
  9. Non acclimated. Very risky no matter how you prep.
  10. Thx....I had the surgery in August. I'm on dialysis not. Some days I'm in the shop some days I don't feel well enough to be in the shop... I worked for a designer for 4 weeks in Dec. to help him finish a job and even at 5 hrs a day some days were difficult. That 10-12 hr day thing I did all those years are gone. Better at housework now...
  11. It just means you'll have a Crack eventually. You cannot lock a solid top on movement. As mentioned in the beginning ......not acclimated.....
  12. I think I'd be better off trading on one of the forums. Maybe for routers or something?
  13. I had to make a table setup at work. It worked pretty good. I'm not much for the cart to saw deal . I'm too use to as a cabinet maker pulling out the rack one end on the saw lifting the other to cut.the same when I cut melamine in commercial. I don't have room for it in my garage. Right after I built this saw setup they bought a sawstop..
  14. I got too many clamps... one would say it's bragging but I needed these to make a living. Now I have way more than I can produce cabinets or furniture in my shop... trying to trade some off for more of what I do need.. F
  15. The place I worked at was Jacobe furniture.about a 100,000 square foot. So big it houses 2 indoor soccer fields. I'm not there anymore but I supplied my own clamps and already had clamps when I ran my cabinet shop. Now I got too many I was getting ready to have major surgery and they started having financial problems so it was an easy layoff for me. Got payed unemployment and then my disability check kicked. No Payless weeks...