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  1. Difaulkner...Talking about guitars. Here's Denise online ...
  2. If you get a chance give me a call.....816-263-0427
  3. They were to busy to reset the password so I just moved on...
  4. I may be looking to do something different....
  5. That's what I'm looking for is a price. I just want to see how muchh it would cost to CNC and ship....
  6. I mat try and put the sander, 2 Dewalt 625 routers, and the kreg automaxx clamps in a bunch and see if I can get any bites...
  7. Looking to buy a little boat and trailer to fix up over winter. Everyone I find a good price on a combo it's too far....
  8. Trying to decide to get rid of it or keep it. Unclear of what it would bring.... Thoughts?
  9. I just make several pieces of material thin enough to bend to the form what you need and of the correct material..
  10. Except we don't run door parts in that order with weaver shapers...cabinet shops run doors through an overhead sander a whole set at a time..the doors are taken to edge sander and then to be profiled on the edge. After that there given a quick once over with an ROS and then hinged and installed. Some shops will drill for handles before installed and some do it after there applied to the cabinets..
  11. You know I worked in residential and commercial shops for 30 years right. From 1983-2013. Why most shops use Weaver brand shapers. When I worked for a Regency Cabinets in Bates City , Mo. They ran 2 sets a day and 10 sets a week. If it was a 4 plex they would do 4 sets a day..they had 9 weaver shapers plus a MDF door machine...