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  1. When you build furniture for others it's a paying job. No need to cut corners. Sometimes you may not like the job and sometimes the time just flies as your having fun. There are days you enjoy your job and others you dont. Sometimes the deadlines takes the fun out of it. Sometimes you just want to work in your own shop doing things at your own pace... I'm glad your brother is still in the game. I think I'm finally out of it...
  2. A lot off people do. It's all they can get. I've hear this many times when doing chairs. It's old news...
  3. This isn't a small bend. It's large I believe 19" deep and ovef 8' long. This small stuff isn't comparable... From left to right is over 8' long. First problem. Seam it at the top? Change the radius configuration...?
  4. It's just time and forms. Many will pass on it for something more simple, challenge yourself.. Paint or stain?
  5. Trying to figure out the wiring. Tried out my charger..
  6. When they opened the new jakobe furniture they has spend years accumulating dust colection. 24" all the way down. A cabinet shop went down and had an auction jakobe maintenance man was there. They opened a metal,container one time. Had several weaver shapers in it. The complete set. Closed the door never saw them again.. they stored a lot figuring they would have it for later. Cabinet shop in Belton Missouri did that one time. When the economy was growing during the Clinton years he bought out every be cabinet shop there was. When the economy crashed, he went broke..
  7. I just didn't care for it. If it didn't align up on big runs you fought with it. If you get everything as needed it's ok. I guess I prefer fit and pop rivet.
  8. It's all good as long as it's not under stress..
  9. You have to gave a particular spacing. My spacer is designed that the drawers hang down 1/2 down on the face frame after the drawer hardware is on.this way I get a 1/2 top and bottom.. Unless I've misread what your looking for
  10. You'll just have to try a small batch.
  11. Called CNC's we used couple Morbidelli cnc's