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  1. BillyJack

    I"ll go first ....

    It's just stuff I do in the restaurant world...
  2. BillyJack

    I"ll go first ....

    I goofed. I was trying to create a thread and entered it here. Sorry.....
  3. BillyJack

    I"ll go first ....

    This week......
  4. BillyJack

    Restaurant Table Tops

    I have a table coming up that will be seen. I believe I was told a foosball table like 20' long for restaurant here in KC. Haven't seen the prints yet. Interesting...
  5. BillyJack

    Restaurant Table Tops

    Chinese plywood. $23 a sheet. We us anywhere between 3-5 bundles a weekon one shift,,
  6. BillyJack

    Restaurant Table Tops

    Works in our business..We have a 1 year warranty with IHOP, Chillis, etc. Haven't had any problems. That being said....If your not 100% confident in your project I would walk away.. Easier to sleep at night this way...
  7. BillyJack

    Restaurant Table Tops

    You'll have to epoxy the whole thing.....
  8. BillyJack

    Hide Glue

    Extended glue...
  9. BillyJack

    know this brand slider???

    It's about parts versus want or need...
  10. BillyJack

    Random orbital sander

    the PC 332 and 333 have been around a long time and have worked well. If you can find a used one...
  11. BillyJack

    Best router table for the money

    Easy...Using it here and there. A major part of every project. Need dedicated setups. Does he want to spend only a few dollars or spend a couple thousand.. It's an open book...
  12. BillyJack

    Best router table for the money

    Depends on your needs....
  13. BillyJack

    How do you budget for tools?

    Agree....This is how I buy bigger stuff. Smaller stuff like routers,etc I buy when I catch them at pawn shops for about a 3rd of cost like new.. I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out what to do with hand tools. I have too many routers and too many clamps..No joke. I got a problem, I'm a hoarder...
  14. BillyJack

    Work Bench Top Thickness

    I just use a 2" hickory top...Works fine,,