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  1. BillyJack

    Okay, what's the next buy?!

    For sanding I still use the pc 332 and 333. Routers pc or bosch. Not the newer ones. Even on jigsaws I use older bosch. All the newer tools look like they brake too easy Pawn shops and ebay.
  2. BillyJack

    Advice on pricing for a client...

    Someone told me they couldn't believe the price of kitchen cabinets. I told them I couldn't believe people spend so much on a car knowing it will lose value daily....when I was 20 I bought my first house. All my friends had nice cars but rented. I'll take the nice how and crappy car...
  3. BillyJack

    Advice on pricing for a client...

    I use to reface a lot of cabinets in the day. On the phone I could pretty much give them a price. how many doors and drawers all I needed to know for the main price. Some call back some don't. I was busy..... When I priced out cabinets I give the base price and tell them the bare bottom on getting cabinets....if they expected more they will upgrade....
  4. BillyJack

    Independence, MO

    Welcome. I pass independence everyday on the way to work. Let me know if you need anything....
  5. BillyJack

    Poly finish causing warp?

    I knew there was a reason I didn't subscribe to these magazines.....
  6. BillyJack

    Not much on lathes

    I think the guy is looking into turning bowls and needs to look into better options for bowls.. buying parts isn't a problem if they can be found. This is what I worry about. I'm still trying to find the guard for a 12" delta ras. Been looking for awhile. Hard to find...thx
  7. BillyJack

    Looking to buy a first table saw with tax money

    Or buy neither. You Need a lot of hand tools first.....
  8. BillyJack

    Teak Dilemma

    As mentioned prep the teak. You may have to read info on the finish being used if they specify a step by step process...
  9. BillyJack

    Breadboard countertop question

    Maybe helpful.. Have a sapele project coming up...
  10. BillyJack

    Poly finish causing warp?

    "Old wives tale"?
  11. BillyJack

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    I'm a Delta guy but their all good. Good saw bad blade, bad saw good blade. I don't buy Forrest but there are many good blades on the market. I never buy thin kerf except for the miter saw...
  12. BillyJack

    domino joiner

    Considering the new age of woodworking and the lack of patience a Domino is the trick these days. If you have the money it will get used.....
  13. BillyJack

    Looking for my first router need advice

    Personally I would go with the bosch pk or the 693pk. I've got a couple PC 895's at work and not really thrilled with them....
  14. BillyJack

    Looking to buy a first table saw with tax money

    A lot of people spend a lot and a lot of people spend too little. It's easy to get caught up in bigger and higher priced tools. Trying to figure out how much you intend to get involved In woodworking is a tough one. I would start smaller and work up. Too many smaller tools to buy along the way.