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  1. Hot weather is here. Won't be long before a few cold ones will be needed...
  2. Catch and release.
  3. Got lucky... when I had it apart and reassembled one of the wires was rubbing against the metal hot wire connection. The longer it ran the hotter it got till it started melting the wire insulation.
  4. ..... I took the boat put yesturday afternoon and the rear trolling motor started to smoke. Still functions fine , but I believe a wire has become uninsulayted or getting too hot as it was on 5. I had the lid off before checking the shaft on operation as it had been slipping. I'll take apart this morning. It did get the boat loaded thou... 3
  5. So far so good. Boats been out 6 times. Bilge hasn't came on yet. Fished it 6-7 hours straight and hasn't came on but I know the boat leaks. I like the flat bottom, you can walk on it anywhere and is pretty stable. The boy fished with me a few times. 16' doesn't seem to be a problem for 2. I see no reason to upgrade unless it's for a larger boat. I'm able to do what I need with this one, so it's keepable. I haven't carpeted it yet and removing and restocking gear gets kinda old especially at 5:30. Looks like conversion is going to happen...
  6. Sorry misunderstanding..
  7. I've got a few that aren't running with the controller... You mist be lucky , here I Odessa they changed the water from a local reservoir to kansas city. In return this cost us for the installation and maintenance. Waste is a 1/3rd higher than water. I called the city and asked if I payed to have the sprinkler on its own water would they eliminate the sewage cost. They said no... only banks and profitable businesses run there sprinklers here anymore..
  8. Klingspor is were most shops shop. Some shops use VSM. But their a lil harder to buy..
  9. Worked on the evinrude 9.5 motor last night. Everything is loose and works . I could verify one spark of two spark plugs. I'm really fighting a bass boat conversion. I'm trying to figure a 1/4 torsion box with storage on the boat to keep weight down.
  10. I've got a shuffleboard table to make out of walnut. Luckily I have the walnut for the legs. So I take it you will just stain the raw oak plywood edge?
  11. Gonna try some flex seal on a stereo box for the boat. Suppose to be water proof. Guess I'll find out.
  12. I usually clamp about every 12" if it's a typical panel I will just try fit and check the joints out . If it's a large important top like a 36"×144" using 8/4 I'll dry fit it using the clamps to verify tight joints...