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  1. Consider trade for PIONEER D1S receiver or for nice poker chips...
  2. Remember.... a building, tools and a name won't make you a professional/pro.... Are you running a computer program to do layout or designs? Many miss out on this as one has to design it before you can sell it..
  3. We always used Dolken in the shop. Not sure if they make and iron on.. key is the thickness. Too think veneer with thick glue looks horrible. I remember some stuff from Woodcraft that was real thick..
  4. I hate those type dust collectors. Ever seen what happens when those bags blow. I have and it ain't funny.... Id look for something else...
  5. You need to call Sherwin &Williams or what ever brand you prefer. You need to talk to someone on the commercial end and not residential. The commercial guys will give the ups and downs or the perfect formula for what you need... About 15 years ago I did the kitchen for the head chef for Chiklis restaurants. Very picky about his work surface and actually ordered it from a restaurant company to buy on the island I built for his home kitchen.... Was the top completely taken apart and reassembled? May we see pictures of the sections you have?
  6. I've had it several ways over the years. My shop has a 10" with a Makitaand I have a Dewalt12" 708 I like to keep separate for other things I might need. The one at work is a 12" Dewalt and there are other saws I ca use if I need to separate. Personally I like the 10" but if you need just one get the 12"...
  7. I use a $5 paint mixer. I hook it to my makita corded drill. Mixes paint, lacquer, even sheetrock mud Like butter...had about 20 years. Drill attachment...How I mix my pre-cats as I do it manually.
  8. Amazon can have some great deals on Kreg. Just gotta catch it when it's hot...
  9. Everything depends on what your building but 4' pipe usually works fine for cabinetry. After you have eno ugh pipe clamps you'll start changing the sizes up for more unique projects.....
  10. All we used in commercial cabinets was sheet rock screws. Work pretty good and cheap.
  11. Is there a reason you dont want to use the veneering tape?
  12. Threaded insert and hanger bolts. Cut to size on the machine thread....
  13. How much you going to use the sander? Do you want it to oscillated and the option for a drum sander attachment? I bought a grizzly many years ago. Its a 6x80 and works great. I e used this sander a lot... Personally I would buy the griz edge sander and oscillating sander if I was young...
  14. I try to stay away from veneer in as much as possible. I've had some larger projects like tables go belly up. It happens from time to time in production and I'mnot amune. ...
  15. 1/4 inch birch veneer mdf 4x8. The same as you would use for cabinet flat panel doors for your kitchen...