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  1. That's the thing.. What the price range? You can specify a $150 blade only to find out they only want to spend $75..
  2. We made solid wood cabinets in the early 80's. We also built in the sofits in the cabinet. That was a long time ago. 1x12 pine was used the but now it's all plywood. You can save the headaches of just using sheet goods with a variety of choices. Put your time and money into specialty items for your cabinets. Nobody looking inside your cabinets ..... I'm often, if I had the a bigger kitchen amazed at the European style cabinetry. A lot of tricks we here miss on out cabinets...
  3. You can't move the fence back on a Sawstop....
  4. Pneumatic is all we use on large shops or factories. Hey don't pay enough for me to use electrich when pnuematic is faster and not as hard on your hands... Good pneumatic sanders can be bought for $150-$200
  5. Blow oil out the back side? I would NEVER use electric when pneumatic is available.
  6. My wife spilled nail polish remover on one of my store bought end tables. I've looked at and tried a few things. The top clear is tinted an will result in my taking all the three, two end tables and a coffee table and sanding it completely (tops) and getting the finish as close as I can. Other option is to take it to an antiques restorer and let them work there magic....
  7. What caused it to raise up? Where you standing to the side not correctly supporting the wood?
  8. I've spent 50% of my time on shop projects and the other 50% on projects for the house. Seems to keep me from being bored. Too many years of ignoring the little things I should have done years ago are finally getting done and those projects for the house Im always putting off are finally seeing some light....
  9. I finished mine with polyurethane in around 2005. I used the chest of drawers for 13 years. Now the grandaughter uses it in her room. I have waxed them one time and the work perfectly today 15 years later...
  10. Making money, now that the trick . I decided awhile back if I had to do it again I would look at the compressor as the #1 tool in the shop and not the tablesaw. I like to run pnuematic sanders but requires 13-15 cfm these days. Look into it...sanding,spraying even blowing tools off....
  11. Why did you use TBll? I never use TBll unless there moisture involved in its final destination.... I've never experience glue creep. The only things I can think of is wrong glue, not enough pressure when applied or not allowed to dry enough
  12. A bar has more value than during to get drunk. I had numerous poker games and the guys/gals enjoyed it. I've always wanted one as a cabinet maker and when I build a house I encoded it. If I sell it, it won't be of value to everyone , but anybody wanting a real man cave will.. I think I drink a beer on grass cutting days. Rarely any other days except holidays...
  13. My boy lives in lee's summit. On
  14. BillyJack

    Miter saw

    I use an old Dewalt 708. Can't speak for the newer saws. It cuts great. The only problem is 1 a dull blade,2 cutting too fast or 3 wrong blade entirely. .... So far I have replaced the Dewalt blade with new Dewalt blades and have very good luck. Even with CNC sharpening on other 12" blades didn't give me great cuts after the blade was sharpened...
  15. The Wood Butcher sale. He's had many Not sure how many times or once a month. Sometimes he has interesting stuff,sometimes not....I think he tries the "black friday" sales gimic. First come, first served...