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  1. I understand. I lke buying the school bags personally because it helps the schools and me as well. Here lately I've not seen them as they usually come around and sell them door to door. I guess like everything else, if it's a good deal it won't last long.
  2. ULINE would have the bag the correct size and in the end cheaper than HD when buying bulk....
  3. JOHNSONS paste wax on tools and bench.
  4. Uline for bulk or yellow trash bags the school sells.?.
  5. BillyJack

    Shop time

    In 1983 it was $25 an hour per employee. So if a customer wanted a board ran through the planer t was $25 even if it took 5 minutes. If it required 2 guys it was doubled.
  6. I just use the PC 693 pk. It's easy enough...
  7. Openings at the top directly on the feed and at the bottom where gravity is will definitely improve performance on larger bits. ...
  8. There always interesting to build. Hope you enjoy. If you're ever near Jacobe furniture give a a hollar...
  9. I just use the Dewalt blades. I use mainly Amana except on the Dewalt 708. I stick with the Dewalt blades and throw away when it's done...
  10. For sanding I still use the pc 332 and 333. Routers pc or bosch. Not the newer ones. Even on jigsaws I use older bosch. All the newer tools look like they brake too easy Pawn shops and ebay.
  11. Someone told me they couldn't believe the price of kitchen cabinets. I told them I couldn't believe people spend so much on a car knowing it will lose value daily....when I was 20 I bought my first house. All my friends had nice cars but rented. I'll take the nice how and crappy car...
  12. I use to reface a lot of cabinets in the day. On the phone I could pretty much give them a price. how many doors and drawers all I needed to know for the main price. Some call back some don't. I was busy..... When I priced out cabinets I give the base price and tell them the bare bottom on getting cabinets....if they expected more they will upgrade....
  13. Welcome. I pass independence everyday on the way to work. Let me know if you need anything....
  14. I knew there was a reason I didn't subscribe to these magazines.....
  15. I think the guy is looking into turning bowls and needs to look into better options for bowls.. buying parts isn't a problem if they can be found. This is what I worry about. I'm still trying to find the guard for a 12" delta ras. Been looking for awhile. Hard to find...thx