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  1. It will be too expensive. Even if you break them down In the box you'll still pay for the footage. I shipped a poker table to Massachusetts from KCone time. I think the box was 8"×60"×60". Company refused to ship on edge so it 25 sq ft.. $800...
  2. Cabinet guys been doing it since I started. Over 30 years..
  3. Yes but remember not to spin the router when routing. Always one spot on the base edge to router edge for measurement.
  4. I just use a tape measure. Works fine...
  5. I usually do these things by myself. The price is usually high. Like anything else when doing batches the profits are usually better... You actually hope you'll get more work from other offices but the Web site showed nothing of court benches. So I never saw anymore.. Gotta advertise. ...
  6. I believe these were oak, they’re really court benches in virginia somewhere. Not sure I have completed photos. I think I started and sent these to another department to complete after finish
  7. Pretty much the same as a unisaw or powermatic.. any of those three will take care of you..
  8. I usually lubricate the shafts with pneumatic oil. At first it was okay but it just seemed maybe the vibration was knocking it off. You start doing chairs and a variance in the 34th part can ruin your day....
  9. I generally check it every 2-3. After awhile the lever gets worn down...
  10. We would just use plywood half-lapped for torsion boxes in restaurants Most of these were 24-36×144....
  11. That's the way we always did it at the shop. This way you just pull and lay down on the saw...
  12. There is only a $400 difference in price between a 1.75 and a 3hp?
  13. BillyJack


    It was built off the Woodtec many years ago to save space in my shop.
  14. BillyJack


    Nobody's immune from mistakes no matter the skill level.