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  1. Dewalt 625 is a router....
  2. I'm really and still bad about saying petition rather than partition when building cabinets.. I'll say where's my tape, rather than tape measure... Woodworker is a loose term...
  3. I've never had a good understanding to band saw blades. Is there any good charts out there?
  4. Turned out nice. Must be something with the color as my daughter painted hers pretty much the same color. She used a cheap electric spray. I was surprised how well it looked
  5. Afraid you can get good finishes with cheap equipment. I used Harbor Freight. Anyway if you can find an old but goodie Graco 395 in good condition they work pretty good....
  6. No more tool buying for me. I'm trying to shrink the shop. I still have a lot of things I'd like to have, but nope I'm done buying...
  7. I don't know about the 23 guage bostitch but I wouldnt recommend Duo fast ot Bostitch for delicate work.... Tendency to plug to hard and crack small pieces...
  8. You can silicone spots to hold the glass and use a hot glue gun to secure the loose pieces behind... No pins necessary...
  9. I just use Senco brand and have been happy,. Only gun that doesn't work is a bostitch. Didn't feel it was worth fixing...the 23 guage is about 10 years old and the 18 guage is about 15....
  10. 10 years of mold. Any suggestions getting then clean?
  11. That project depends on how far you want an education in woodworking. You can make it simple as JohnG suggested or challenge yourself. If you really just want to get it done and have the table I would just suggest pockets. A pocket is fine with additional bracing in unseem areas... Dont take on too much of a complicated piece if your not ready. Sometimes it will frustrate you and you won't enjoy the hobby
  12. Every forum has them. Woodworkingtalk, Lumberjocks, Sawmillcreek, etc. I got kicked off Woodnet for it. There are a lot of good woodworkers out there that can apply knowledge and many that ratain good and bad information but cant apply it. Two old members at Woodnet would live in the off topic forum and rarely came up to give information on a project. Both had 20k in posts. If you argued with one the other stooge would follow and tag team you. They should have been Batman and Batgirl.... So let's call the main guy Batman... this guy ended up on other forums and had a good
  13. For last month or two I have been poking around at cabinet shops trying to find a part time cabinet job. Everywhere I check they want full time. I can only work part time and I'm cheap.I saw Burger King is hiring $12 an hour. I thought this would be at a shops advantage to get quality help at part time.. maybe I'm wrong.
  14. We tried the Mirka sanders. We ended up sticking with the Dynabrades... But I'm going to air sanded again...slap... I will try and pick up the old PC sanders in pawn shops but there getting higher. Around $30 for a 333....