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  1. Good luck.... it happens even on new Amana sets. One set had a larger chipper... Sometimes quality slips....
  2. We use a shaper at work for the angle but use a ROS for rounding it out. No need for two router cuts... I think it was 45 derees at the shop on a 2" thick top..
  3. Difaulkner...Talking about guitars. Here's Denise online ...
  4. If you get a chance give me a call.....816-263-0427
  5. They were to busy to reset the password so I just moved on...
  6. I may be looking to do something different....
  7. That's what I'm looking for is a price. I just want to see how muchh it would cost to CNC and ship....
  8. I mat try and put the sander, 2 Dewalt 625 routers, and the kreg automaxx clamps in a bunch and see if I can get any bites...
  9. Looking to buy a little boat and trailer to fix up over winter. Everyone I find a good price on a combo it's too far....
  10. Trying to decide to get rid of it or keep it. Unclear of what it would bring.... Thoughts?
  11. I just make several pieces of material thin enough to bend to the form what you need and of the correct material..