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  1. I've had the springs break, the bearing go out soon after purchase. The more they make and cheaper the more problems they have. I sold my 706 but still have my 708 without a glitch..I thinks Dewalt is like a lot of manufacturers, they climb on quality parts in the beginning to lure you in. Once you are a Dewalt customer the parts get cheaper and the tool starts breaking.
  2. You have a granite table for a kitchen table?
  3. Would this not be the same as using Dominos? Nevermind. I caught it after reading some things twice.
  4. Thicker veneer takes out a lot of imperfections..
  5. There have been hobby woodworkers who can spend 6 months to 3 years on a set of cabinets. Has a lot to do with time, money and a desire to learn and finish... if you wish to see a lot of curved work look at commercial cabinet jobs. Many reception desks are curved.
  6. One of the hobby vendor's here wants a $100 a sheet...
  7. More information might help here. Football, etc?
  8. Did you ask for pictures? If I want 10 sheets of grain matched quarter sawn Sapele plywood, I call Formwood and pay the piper. Odd, but has to be done either save money, time, or space..
  9. Turned out nice. I have to make something for the inside of the housd for plants. Winter project...
  10. Have you tried it on cabinet repair?
  11. At one time I had just grass in the corner and later I landscaped the whole corner. Because I wasnt using the sprinklers at the time, I planted a large shrub and lilac.the corner where the shrub is isnt s problem where the lilac is it grew right into the sprinkler. I finally got ot loose enough to pull the sorinkler head out. I use Humter PGP's in there and way too large for flowers and shrubs .
  12. My niece daddy a guy from Omaha with a small jet. After awhile they went back to buying tickets. $1000 back and forth from Omaha and Texas...
  13. Lacquer will usually reactivate. It's one of those jobs it's hit or miss. I use to new and not refinish. I assume I can hit it with 320 grit and tape and spray...
  14. Around the neighborhood.... Next door neighbor has painted her shaker cabinets. Around the corner they have replaced their cabinets. Many house in the 1998-2002 built range. I guess there are three cames. #1... new cabinets #2...paint cabinets #3 repair cabinets, #4.upgrade cabinets...
  15. I'm ready to move on to iner sink cabinet ends. Any recommendation from anyone who has actually touched up their upper sink cabinet ends with can spray lacquer? Brand, etc. Cabinet with gloss lacquer..
  16. Water and sewage is expensive here in Odessa. Some that have inground sprinkler systems wont run because it's so high. I recently asked the city about a separate water meter and they said I would still be charged sewage. I asked about I asked about averaging my water over 12 months. Again they said no. Pay as you go. My daughter just put in a sprinkler system. 7 miles from me there and they can pay it over 12 months..
  17. Spent all day yesturday emoving old automatic valves and put in manual water shutoffs. I'll probably take the automatic valves and see if I can rebuild them and replace lo ater. I've got three sprinklers in the back I think when they replaced the cable they cut the main line out there.. guess I'll have to run it and see what bubbles up..
  18. Looks better than my Unisaw and I bought mine brand new...
  19. Good job. I wish I had the wall space to hang clamps..
  20. Working on the sprinkler system. 95 and says it feels like 108
  21. When you can get it close to the size you want off the shelf and make it work, it's
  22. I put my speakers up a long time ago in the shop. Bought a set of 4.2 Boss at a pawn shop 20 years ago. Perfect size for the shop.. Decided to wait on going fishing till Thursday. Trying to decide if I should mow or not, going to be in triple digits today...
  23. Possible has trying to flatten smaller pieces. Now I have used BB plywood so warped it was flat against tge drawer guides but warped badly o the top edge without. Why you never learn a sheet of BB... Wood pro may have read or seen it on Youtube. There may be more information. ..
  24. Guess I'm gonna have to put the paint britches back on. Allowing myself to run astray from the more important summer projects. Summer will end and I'll be upset I didn't finish. Any projects plaguing you for summer completion?
  25. I just try and understand the can, can't and won'ts of a subject. I didn't have a slider for 33 years. I'm still trying to understand using a breadboard end on such a top..