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  1. If you've Segen  my scraps , you know I don't waste..

    I don't recall getting wood crooked enough it couldn't be worked with. If your buying a lot, you need nice equipment, if your making jewelry boxex you may not want to invest much in a planer and jointer. 

    I don't have a jointer and no plans to buy one..



  2. On 5/8/2022 at 2:33 PM, curlyoak said:

    If in the business of woodworking you cant afford not milling. I have added on straight line if I have parts that are long. And

     a straight line cut is a savings on the first step.

     That is why starting in the rough and cutting wider gives you a fighting chance to true up the piece. If you start with boards already dressed, make a contorted rip, you just made fire wood. After cutting wide but near the dimension most if not all the grain tensions been released.

    Said nothing about "afford", sometimes there isnt  enough savings to  spend the time and equipment on.  I got guys that wont make cabinet doors for the same reason. I know one shop that  has parts precut and orders doors

     He makes enough on assembly and finishing to stay away from cutting process. 

    If you want to spend your time processing lumber, by all means do so. 

    There are shops that by premade panel blanks, face stock already donensioned, etc. 

    I got 3 sets to get out in 2 weeks. Roughly 4 days each set.  You dont have time to waste.


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  3. I think I've sharpened twice in 18 years. Once because I ran used treated deck material. 

    Most don't know how dull they are till their planer labors or they take the time to check the blade status. Woodworkers don't find changing planer blades the same as changing saw blades. Ignore it often too long and I'm guilty..

  4. On 4/25/2022 at 11:11 PM, Coop said:

    I just moved all of mine from horizontal to vertical, as “it’s easier to get”.

    Ever been to a library where the books are stacked on top of each other? ^_^


    But if there all the same book?

  5. There's not enough saving for me to surface my own. Liberty Hardwoods and Paxton Lumber company here in KC charge the same. So I let them do the work and clean up...You get charged for surfacing either way..


    Now if I'm only needing 30bd ft. No big deal I'll use my planer. 500', heck with that..

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  6. Been to hardware store getting replacement bolts that are missing for the pattern. StI'll  trying to find a solution to hold the duplicator to the lathe. I'm thinking Square u bolts from a tractor supply. Any thought on options?


    download (30).jpeg


  7. I guess I'll be a lone wolf on this adventure. I did notice a company and I think it was called Sun hill or something. I think this was a pretty generic duplicator and many off brand companies produced it..,

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  8. There all the same. 


    I was actually dissapointed  with Patriot Woodworker as I found even if it's the wrong answer like the little rascals clubhouse if your not a member of the group your instantly wtong, even if your actually correct...


    The reason I'm on many forums...