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  1. I don't run cheap belts and discs except on this machine. I got it because a designer owed me some money after a job. The machine was being placed in the trash when I got there to see about pay. Said he would give to me for $50 and a ridgid tool box I think for $200 total. At this point I figured something was better than nothing,.I loaded up the sander and tool box. Took a look at the sander and found they had taken the 220 plug and changed it To a 110 plug. No wonder they were trashing it.
  2. Anybody have problem with running these belts compared to others?
  3. Got two new batteries for older 12v Dewalts, so far so good. New band for a PC 332. So far so good...
  4. Re threaded 332 stripped screws on a PC sander. Put back together and I needed a new belt. Had to order from Amazon. Had a H&L pad sitting in the drawer time to put it to work. Just gota wait on Amazon..
  5. It's been easy for me, I just open the catalog and bingo , order a screw.. Sorry if I was of no help...
  6. Funny Im on my way to tge hardware store to buy router plate screws for several routers
  7. Yes distributors... when working in cabinetry we have to depend on screws. We don't care who makes them as long as they don't snap or strip. Reason many went to square drive. A lot of these companies you need an account for. When I bought pocket screws I buy a case at a time.. installation screws, cabinet screws, hardware screws, etc..
  8. CHS and HDL ard about the same depending on the price and sale. They both sell to commercial and residential shops.
  9. When in commercial we bought the tub screws and worked for for cabinets. When I buy general screws I use deck screws. It just depends.
  10. It depends on exactly what screw and size your looking for. Too many variations...
  11. Not all the screws at the big box are junk..
  12. I have to do the same thing but on a larger scale..enclosed wine cellar..
  13. A real print shop isn't going to be cheap.
  14. Today I'm recovering after surgery yesturday. Dialysis is never ending. Maybe I can get back on the router crafter. Looking forward to trying to make 83" columns or NOT...
  15. They said they could try, but most are just employees trying to be helpful. I was able to fold it and get accurate prints off my printer. I just have to paste them together.. Remember because a company like UPS offers a service, doesn't mean you have computer pros back
  16. Then don't buy one.. They operate the same, but you have a safety feature.. Obviously you've made a personal decision, maybe not the smartest..
  17. PC 332-333. The guy has it but wanted something beside cash or check so I passed.. I was looking for Dewalt at a pawn shop yesturday, but was too late. It was gone. I seen a Ryobi sander it's so big I didn't know if you sand with it or ride it like a sit N spin...
  18. HAve a woodworker on Woodworkingtalk that is involved in a non profit organization that says he has one that will send it to me. If it wasn't for woodworking fiends, we'd be stuck with Ebay and whatever they want for discontinued parts...
  19. When I wanted to reprint the designs from the router crafter and because they were old and starting to tear, they said it would have to be on a memory card, etc.
  20. Trying to get a part to fix my porter cable 332. Parts no longer available..
  21. Finish up the scroll saw stand. Manipulate the Craftsman router crafter and make a new fire place mantel and mirror surround.. Paint and shelving for grandaughters room. Possibly two walnut end tables. Start back l the poker table.. Combine two sheet good areas to one and get lathe and bandsaw on the wall the sheet good rack was on.. Fish inbetween all that work
  22. I'll have to research and purchase bits I'll need..
  23. I have two router crafters. One will be left alone and used to understand the curves t ok be routed and the longer one to ma lo e mantel columns.