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  1. There was flex with the 8' aluminum. It can be beefed up. I'm not using the cable system on this at all and has been disconnected. The rail the plastic guides run on can be stiffened down the entire length. Where the router plate mounts and slides will have to have variable stiffened. I just have to make sure tge pattern and guide aren't interfered with.. If it isn't a challenge, I'll get bored and lose interest..
  2. Getting lil closer.. up to 83 inches
  3. It's ordered , need The Delta tool color paint as well.. Guess it's not ordered. Amazon didn't have it in stock. Westlake suppose to have on stock. I'll find out this week. Still looking for a Delta machinery color. Seen "smoke gray" was mentioned. Thoughts?
  4. Went and bought extension pipe for the ctaftam router crafter. Along the way I stopped at a pawn shop and bought a like new PC 4x24 belt sander for $55.
  5. I checked Menards the first time I looked and they had none. I'll take a look at the "painter's touch line". I hate to buy Amazon because I may need two cans, may not. I've got projects around the shop I need to finish before I do more.
  6. The finished picture isn't mine. I'm looking for the best paint to paint mine..
  7. The DC isnt everything for dust collection.. I've been a hobby woodworker since 1981, just a trained one..
  8. Havent been a pro 3 years.. have you thought about an air cleaner. Getting by means cleaning the tools so I can work. I have an air cleaner in the air to keep those fine particles filtered when possible..
  9. Looking back you must not be talking to me..
  10. I think I looked at it backwards, I thought it went in first. Too many pictures I'm turning my head like a
  11. What's the gain to the thicker piece at the bottom?
  12. Then sye would blow her top if she saw my stash..
  13. I need to finish a Dewalt stand with Marigold paint. Can't find the color local. Any suggestions from brand for painting the plywood. I can get the black local, but want to order the same. Ordering from Amazon...
  14. Turned out nice. I guess you need to decide if you want to make shop furniture or home furmiture..
  15. I'm a hobbyist..
  16. A lot to invest in famcy looking DC pretty, but does it need the expense? I was there a one time looking at a woodsucker, glad I didn't waste a lot for nothing. I just use a Jet but I hear many get by just fine with a HF...
  17. Turned out nice. I have a worse problem with sheet good storage. I need to combine two sheet storage sections into one...
  18. Not quit sure I like the final result. Base is great. The top missing details
  19. Shop projects or other, it's about having fun...
  20. He has to hit a certain depth to hit all three layers.. I'm sure hes done this before..
  21. I'd look hard into a Craftsman unit...