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  1. I'm surprised you haven't made a pocket hole jig..
  2. I have the PC and Bosch guide bushings. At one time RouterMan use to make them. I'm not sure who does not... I had plenty of PC routers around and dont use the Bosch, but it becomes a problem when you need several of the same sizes.
  3. I've got the manual. Right now I'm trying to figure out mounting the router. I really don't want to drill the plate , but may have no choice..
  4. I think the smartest thing would be to set it up and see how it operates. I may be getting to far ahead of myself...
  5. I dont know my options yet. Just checking to see if anyone has.
  6. It has some value to me as a single unit, but if I can combine them and get 48"+ ?
  7. I bought the first one from a guy who bought it at a pawn shop but wasn't 100% complete, so I bought another one complete. I've seen Legacys put together just curious if this has been done. Now the holidays are over maybe I can get involved with it..
  8. Anybody ever combine two of these.
  9. Now some shop do and some shops don't use glue. If you put a bead of glue on the drawer corner and waste a lot of time with all these shims , you might either have a dry joint or a bunch of dried glue on the inside of the box.
  10. Starts with square parts and they seem to fall into place. That's melamine. On plywood or solid, you use the bottom to get square. Put 4 corners together and use the bottom to square it up. It always pays to have a flat table as well.
  11. I don't see the value in it There are several plastic options out there for sale, if you use one at all...
  12. At the present time I do not do it as a living, it is now a hobby. I will always continue to use MDF, PB, masonite and any other material if the project calls for. As I believe Chestnut said one time, I bought a Domino because I don't always have time. I sometimes use PB, MDF, masonite, etc because I don't alway have money for the most expensive sheet goods. You can question the materials used, but you won't question the skill and joinery of its build..
  13. I'll be IKEA all day if it put the kids through college..
  14. You'd get over it quick as a cabinet There are three materials I hate being without in my hobby shop, MDF, PB and masonite...
  15. PB is a misunderstand product...
  16. As you can see, support under a large surface..
  17. For tops PB is the correct material, but haters are going to hate it.
  18. Don't blame the MDF. I never seal the bottom of my router tables, but I support the surface. Most shops use PB for tops. Very stable product compared to MDF...
  19. I'm not sure if Amana still does, but they use to have a breakdown of what different teeth do depending on what you want. Other site may offer this. Get educated on what is what and weigh it against what you need.
  20. If you started working at a cabinet shop a layout should be easy. Materials in, break down and moved forward and out. It's a simple rotation without going backwards...
  21. I've always use Johnsons paste wax.