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  1. I like them, synthetic handle straight claw. I'll loose it before I wear it out and I don't loose tools very often.
  2. Thank you for all the complements, and the warm welcome. I live in SW Florida. Shaneymack, I don't think it will get a baseball batt around here but one of the neighbors did vere off the road and take care of the first one I made from cedar!
  3. Thanks bushwacked, Both have several coats of Helmsman Spar Uraethane followed by a little wax before installation. They won't last forever but I've found this to do quite well in the past. Additionally very occasionally I'll wipe them down with mineral oil (I don't know if this actually helps or just cleans them but it seems to increase the life.) The mailbox post also received some epoxy on the bottom.
  4. Both pretty simple design. The mailbox is African Mahogany glued up from a 8/4 board and a big half lap joint. The address plaque is Sapele that has been tinted a bit darker.