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  1. AMarshall- Below is one of my successful knob models using a 7-point polygonal profile. You can see that I have no issues with polygon shape, but I do with circular shape. I'm wondering if SketchUp doesn't like multiple vertices at curvature points... your thoughts?
  2. AMarshall- My posted model is based on 3" diameter knob with 1/4" roundovers. Following your suggestion, I created a test piece and got similar result as shown below. First, I created a large circle with 100" radius (with 100s applied) and inserted smaller radius of ~25" (with 100s applied) at the intersection of red axis. Deleted lines to create a notch in bigger circle. Added ~15" roundover at the intersection. Extruded the surface to desired thickness. Applied smooting tool to the model. Created rectangle along green/blue axes and then created ~15" roundover. Applied follow-me tool along top edge. As you can see, it's still producing holes. I've tried several methods I can think of, but no luck. My goal is to create a knob and scale it to various sizes ranging from 1" to 6" for 3D printing.
  3. Howdy- I'm creating a roundover along the edge of wooden knob using the "Follow-Me" tool. However, I have not been successful for a couple days. Attached is my screenshot of the knob with roundover. Noticed some "holes" at the rounded corners of the knob after using the "Follow Me" tool. Advice on resolving these "holes"? Step-by-step or video greatly appreciated.