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  1. Thanks for all the thoughts! This might be a silly question but would any of you be able to mention any specific products around your suggestions? I start searching the web for things like danish oil and polyurethane and see so many various options out there. Thanks for any additional insights! Ah, duly noted. Thank you! I actually am not familiar with this guild. Where can I find this? Thanks!
  2. Hello there! I only have a small number of projects under my belt thus far. I haven’t really stepped into the world of finishing yet so I have much to learn. Recently I built a simple desk surface for my home office. I used baltic birch ply and added some walnut to the edges. I’m not sure what to do about the finish though. There are two things on my mind. First is how to finish it so the natural qualities of each wood are brought out. The second is how to “protect” the material as it gets daily use in my home office. I’m not sure how to research these things, so I made my way h
  3. Thanks! My wife wouldn't claim the word professional, but I think she's pretty dang talented.
  4. I added a simple brace system to the bottom today in hopes that the legs have a little more encouragement to not budge over time.
  5. I didn't have any time last weekend to work on the project. And this weekend was short on time as well. But, I was able to finish the legs up and get them joined to the top! Next up is to cut and join a small bracing system underneath. Then on to painting! This just might get finished next week.
  6. Oh, I haven't really looking into add-ons. Where do you suggest I read up more about what's out there?
  7. @trialbyfire good eye. It's 1 3/4". I think what I might do is use glue as an initial adhesion but add some overlapping braces in each direction that attach at the inside of each leg. Maybe that can help prevent the lateral movement. @wtnhighlander good point. I'll think about that as well. Thanks. I finished sanding and cleaning the top today. I won't have time to start the legs until next weekend at the soonest, so I figured I'd let the kids start playing on it. After all, my son has asked if I'm done multiple times a day since I started.
  8. I'm wondering if I need to re-think the legs. This is what I marked up in SketchUp but I'm not sure how I'd join the legs to the bottom here. Any suggestions or pointers? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, Chet! I've been on the fence about covering those or not since it's on the bottom. Would it be a bad idea not to?
  10. Nice. I actually just started to give this a shot as well. It'll take some time to put together the different components from the garage. But it will definitely help me play with arrangement ideas without moving everything for every idea.