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  1. Nothing nicer working or better to look at as far as I'm concerned, although QS sycamore is pretty nice.
  2. Bought a bit over 3200 bd.ft. of QSWO this year for the house. That tree might have made all of my 5 1/2 inch base instead of having a pile of 8 footers.
  3. Thats just rude showing that just as I get home from working on the new house.
  4. Need to deliver a quilt to my sister in law if I can get my wife to break away from work. Who knows might knock on your door one of these days.
  5. Building a new house and the same thing will be needed for the wifes Longarm and sewing/cutting tables. Seems to be quite a few woodworkers married to quilters around here.
  6. It measures about 21 feet around the base. Been around way to long for me to kill it.
  7. Wonder how much lumber this old white oak would make if I was foolish enough to cut it down. Son in front of it is 6'5".
  8. Coop, I'm not to young but I don't remember him.
  9. And yes curly QSWO and the chance to meet new woodworkers would be worth it to me.
  10. Got a sister in law in Albertville, been down there twice in the last 1 1/2 years.
  11. Heck I could stop by to get him on the way to get it.
  12. Dang building a house on a century farm and using all QSWO for doors ,cabinets and trim.
  13. I would really like to get some of that curly white oak if it is quarter sawn.