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  1. Looks pretty fine from here.
  2. I would not mind a few hundred bd. ft. of curly flat sawn with the quartersawn.
  3. Oh well, the search goes on.
  4. So how big is it? How big do you need to quartersaw?
  5. Looks pretty small from Iowa. 23 inches?
  6. I did get my sheet sandpaper from klingspor but will refrain from posting pictures so as to not create any sanding envy.
  7. I have a woodworking related delivery tomorrow also but it's sandpaper so the excitement is rather nonexistent.
  8. That was some nice curl.
  9. Looks exactly like my Laguna 14suv right down to the little tool holder.
  10. Same problem for me, even though my wife has been a hospice nurse for 15+ years I still cannot seem respond in situations like this. May peace be with you both.
  11. You will want to do breadboard ends and drawbore them so that it stays flat no matter what. This top is 115" x 40" in QSWO.
  12. I like that idea, just might take mine with me on the next fishing trip. The older you get the harder it is to clear the side of the boat.
  13. What does the epsom salt do? Hard to believe yours are about done already. Mine are about knee high and setting tomatoes.