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  1. Seems like I showed a few pictures of what I did that day. Guess everybody will need to start asking what topic they should use.
  2. Latest image. If you look closely you can see an old guy walking up in the loft. My daughter and her husband have Doctorates in Music and wondered when they could start recording in the loft. 48' x 44'
  3. Not sure what the loft is going to be used for but I'm thinking my lathe may find its way up there plus maybe some lumber that needs to dry.
  4. It has been interesting, the same crew framed my house a couple of years ago.
  5. Been helping an Amish crew erect a post and beam barn on my farm.
  6. All you really need to know about Germain. Man I miss him.
  7. I've had a Rectec 700 for a couple of years now that works pretty well if I want to pay attention to it. When I feel lazy I use my Cookshack Amerique.
  8. More importantly, what kind of pellet smoker?
  9. He switched to laser-focus mode and things that didn't bother him before, now do. . .. and there was sadness in all the land . . . Priceless.
  10. I don't see any pvc sticking up through that concrete so I would guess no water and sewer.
  11. I am on my second box of 5 bags and will gladly buy many more for the clean air. And no I don't shake and reuse them.
  12. The risk of getting sprayed is the fun part.
  13. The only bricks on the property are buried in ditches or blocking wheels on equipment. We still own a brick and stone house 90 miles away in Des Moines IA that we built 33 years ago but the house we built here is all steel,tin, aluminium.
  14. Homemade chicken pot pie and cherry cheesecake for my dad wife and I tonight.