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  1. Actually I need to get hold of a breeder in Kentucky to look for a young Female for my kennel. Don't tempt me to much. How many bd. ft.?
  2. Here is a shot of the rather rustic bottom side. The top will be baby butt smooth and as close to perfect as I can get it.
  3. Tom, the name is what Iove to do. I've been raising and breeding Brittanys for close to 30 years now in between laying bricks, block and stone. Spanky I could have used that curly lumber for the 10 foot table that I am making for the house now.Guess I will have to settle for QSWO instead. Wish it was curly QSWO.
  4. Osage orange also known as hedge here in the midwest would probably outlive all of us.
  5. If you look past the fog on the left you can see my closest neighbor. Next picture is what they get to look at.
  6. Trenched the footings on October 3rd 2018, had a lite shower that night and the boys wanted to wait for a day to let things dry before setting forms...........then we had 8 inches the next day and night. Been fighting the weather since then but it is turning out really nice.
  7. Thanks, it's a 50 year old dream coming true finally.
  8. Put a few more sticks of lumber up on the rails.
  9. Hard to cut something that purty into big thick boards.
  10. I needed the entire cord on my jointer.
  11. I have QSWO flooring in my other house that my son is living in. We put Coretec vinyl oak planks in this one because of the in floor heat, trying geo thermal out and really like it so far. It's pretty close to four thousand sq. ft. finished and sixteen hundred sq. ft. for the shop and garage. Unfortunately I made the shop to small and the garage to big. My wife actually can hide from me since her quilting is up stairs and I don't like stairs.
  12. Here are a few .I had a young Amish man and his boys build the doors for me. 13 solid doors were more than I could handle. A local Mennonite and his daughter did my kitchen. I'm working on the staircase presently and hope to have it done before December 6 when I have both knees replaced. 31 windows also got trimmed in QSWO. Still looking for that curly QSWO for some furniture I plan to build when I get back on my feet.
  13. Nothing nicer working or better to look at as far as I'm concerned, although QS sycamore is pretty nice.
  14. Bought a bit over 3200 bd.ft. of QSWO this year for the house. That tree might have made all of my 5 1/2 inch base instead of having a pile of 8 footers.
  15. Thats just rude showing that just as I get home from working on the new house.