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  1. B1rdhunter

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Routers are not my friend.
  2. B1rdhunter

    Woodtec mortice machine

    I think if you put white paint on it, it would look just like my Jet mortiser crooked fence included. The Jet seems to work ok.
  3. B1rdhunter

    Wife Gave Blessing for Sawstop at Christmas!!

    Went down to look at mine and refresh my memory. No turning over but it's easier to do before the rails and extra cast iron is attached. it is nice to be able to roll around with one hand.
  4. B1rdhunter

    Wife Gave Blessing for Sawstop at Christmas!!

    Same saw I have. If you are going to move the saw around the ICS base is worth it because you can move any direction without doing 3 point turns. Get the base with the saw, you don't want to turn it over later to put the base on.
  5. B1rdhunter

    Acme Tool Sale

    Haven't had the chance to use the 19/38 so can't really compare but I like how my 25/50 has worked for me. Panel in clamps is 6'6" x 26"x 1" QSWO. The weak link in sanding it was me hoisting it back to feed through again. Smaller panels are 24" wide sanded to 5/16 thick. 2
  6. B1rdhunter

    Bandsaw advice Laguna 14bx or Jet 15"?

    I have the Laguna 14 SUV and like it a lot.
  7. B1rdhunter

    CL deal of this weekend

    I have a Target Super 50 14 inch in the garage that I used for 45 + years. Can't say as I care to use it anytime soon either. Really hard on the ears as my wife can attest to.
  8. B1rdhunter

    Best Supermax distributor?

    Yep spring sale was 15%. Supermax, Powermatic, Laguna and several others were 10%.
  9. B1rdhunter

    Best Supermax distributor?

    10 percent is the best I have seen on Supermax at Acme. Got my 25-50 at 10 off in the spring sale.
  10. B1rdhunter

    SuperMax paper

    It is just rolls of Klingspor paper in the boxes I just bought. Nothing on the backing.
  11. B1rdhunter

    Drum Sander Purchase

    Wow I guess your right. Just measured mine and it sticks out 4 inches past the stand 3 feet above the floor. Thought the shop was getting crowded.
  12. B1rdhunter

    Metric vs Imperial?

    I like vanilla and chocolate. Why can't they make a swirl dial?
  13. B1rdhunter

    Drum Sander Purchase

    Same wings for both machines. Same stand for both machines. Same footprint.
  14. B1rdhunter

    Drum Sander Purchase

    Here is a better picture of the sander. It cost more than the 19-38 but you can get more done with 6 more inches.
  15. B1rdhunter

    Random Tip #1 - Glue Cap

    Me too.