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  1. I have a 25 caliber Grizzley single shot air rifle if you change your mind. I could use some warm weather and a little less snow.
  2. To much snow and ice to do anything but keep my feet close to the ground. Knees are doing well though. I wonder how Dave is getting along with his shots?
  3. Don't know if I should thank you or cuss you for the heads up. I wasn't looking for a floor jack but do need one, now it's on the way for 6.99 shipping.
  4. Put the crutches away on Thursday, 12 days after surgery. Now I need to get to working harder on flexibility so I don't walk like a zombie. It would also be nice to be able to reach my feet so I can put my shoes and socks on.
  5. Tell him to get that ball rolling 3 months will be up fast. What would he tell you if you destroyed it in an accident? Bet they would replace it. It took me over a month to work into the schedule.
  6. Years of an old craftsman tablesaw are why I have a sawstop. There were female mistakes in my early years which were thankfully not life effecting as that beatch has been erased from my life. Are the shots doing you any good?
  7. Everyday sees improvement with what I can do and the legs manage to come up with new aches on a pretty regular basis. I married the girl almost 32 years ago and we have had 0 fights as of today so I think we will be good, although she is a hospice nurse and could take the nursing in a different direction.
  8. Well I should be able to pile up quite a bit. Just made my way back to bed a little while ago
  9. How many hundreds of acres would it take to stack all of that oak?
  10. I can see hoarding all of that.
  11. Sounds like the voice of experience.
  12. I am home in bed wondering why anybody would replace both knees at the same time.
  13. They all seem to be pretty young . Had a couple 19 year old students ask if I would like help with a shower on Saturday .I politely declined.
  14. Still laying in the hospital. My blood pressure drops whenever we try to walk and I get rather light headed. That's just funny.