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  1. Come on Coop show how you did it. My kids got me the table for Christmas and I like what you did with it. Also Geedub should probably be getting a commision from Home Depot.
  2. I have some 7 week old brittany pups ready for a new home, don't you think it would make sense to be taking a bird dog to the park at the same time?
  3. B1rdhunter


    Thanks and here's hoping to both.
  4. B1rdhunter


    Finally got the new Nikon editing program loaded. Meet Jack future woodworker in Southern Iowa
  5. I could learn to dislike you Coop, last week it was picking a bucket full of tomatoes now lifes struggles in 84* temps. Meanwhile it has been snowing here all day and is currently 5 degrees with who knows what kind of wind chill. If you ship me some of those tomtoes I may reconsider.
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    Been several years since I've used any editing. Got my first grandson in late October and dug the old nikon out but 13 mb. pictures are tough to load onto most sites.
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    Do you use any photo editing programs? The last thing I used was NX 1 and the hard drive on that computer crashed last week.
  8. What brand of bandsaw?
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    Maybe, I think it smells like heaven. Especially when turning it on my lathe.
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    Trail cameras have been getting some nice shots here lately.
  11. The Harvey is the same saw as my Laguna 14SUV , when you get done mounting the motor on the bottom you will more than likely lose your fear of it being tippy. Laguna Makes a 125x3/4 3 tpi for 39.99 and they have lots of different widths.
  12. That would be a big pile, might need to build another barn. Somebody (Coop) should be brave and get pictures and details from him .
  13. Looks like whoever was rolling them out knew what they were doing. Yum
  14. It is pretty tasty, I help my Norwegian bride with the making of Lefse and Kringle most every year. Quartersawn sycamore works for a lefse turner also.
  15. Seems like I showed a few pictures of what I did that day. Guess everybody will need to start asking what topic they should use.
  16. Latest image. If you look closely you can see an old guy walking up in the loft. My daughter and her husband have Doctorates in Music and wondered when they could start recording in the loft. 48' x 44'
  17. Not sure what the loft is going to be used for but I'm thinking my lathe may find its way up there plus maybe some lumber that needs to dry.
  18. It has been interesting, the same crew framed my house a couple of years ago.
  19. Been helping an Amish crew erect a post and beam barn on my farm.
  20. All you really need to know about Germain. Man I miss him.
  21. I've had a Rectec 700 for a couple of years now that works pretty well if I want to pay attention to it. When I feel lazy I use my Cookshack Amerique.
  22. More importantly, what kind of pellet smoker?
  23. He switched to laser-focus mode and things that didn't bother him before, now do. . .. and there was sadness in all the land . . . Priceless.
  24. I don't see any pvc sticking up through that concrete so I would guess no water and sewer.