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  1. Thanks, I'm getting somewhat excited to see the finished product.
  2. B1rdhunter


    Bet that will strain some heating systems down there.
  3. B1rdhunter


    Starting to feel like I should get my shorts out it was only -9 here this morning and now we don't have any temperature as in 0.
  4. That's a good looking door, when do we get to see the rest of the addition?
  5. Got all of the doors hung today. Those strap hinges were a bit of a bugger to work with as they are all cast iron and somewhat irregular. I'll work on trying to even up the gaps tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they wont be perfect, Then onto the 6'6"x24"x1.5" top, finish staining and wait for some warmer weather to spray finish.
  6. That is where it sits at the moment, should have plenty of time to work on the doors today. Baby it's cold outside.
  7. Just a small peak at a sideboard I am currently working on.
  8. Doubles as a chainsaw sharpener.
  9. Obviously designed by a lonely hand surgeon.
  10. Chestnut, do you make your own Lefsa? My wife has mentioned several times that we need to get some made lately but there never seems to be enough time.
  11. I do like me some toast. Heard from Spanky lately?
  12. I can't see as you have a lot to lose. Give it a whirl , have some fun it might be the best thing since sliced bread.
  13. I will have a burger and Iced Tea when and if that meeting happens. I wonder where several of the guys from back then are talking now.
  14. I remember this argument back in the days of the great no-all Eric. After 35 years of masonry work I will continue to use my 5 inch festools as my destroyed thumbs don't need anymore to hang on to.
  15. That's a good looking unit. Do you know the brand or were you got it?
  16. It pops the figure/rays in the quartersawn. If you just use water base finish it comes out much flatter.
  17. Just finished this piece for a bathroom today. I use a color called Michaels Cherry Stain which is one of the stains the Amish all over the country use. Then I spray two coats of shellac and finish with General Finish High Performance. The Amish shop that built my doors for the house uses a catalyzed laquer over the same stain and gets a finish that is far superior to mine, I just haven't been brave enough to give it a try.
  18. Does the crock have handles or is smooth sided? A knob would look correct in my mind but a u shape would work if the crock has handles.
  19. The picture is from 2016 it has become a bit cluttered since then.
  20. Not sure about the pheasant crop as temps have been in the 60's and 70's since the opener. I have been working on clearing 14 acres of PINE, cedars locust and hedge in an effort to develop some bird habitat. No CHERRY trees were harmed in the dozing of ground. On a side note my bench is hard maple with a bit of walnut worked in and a base of ash.