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  1. How long do you air dry oak before the kiln? Going up to the Amanas?
  2. Oh well, sure has nice curl though.
  3. I have a pair of bookmatched QSWO boards stashed away that are 37 inches wide side by side and 9 foot 4 inches long, still haven't found what they are meant for yet. If you find a curly tree like that it would be the cats meow.
  4. That is some fine stuff. Once upon a time I had some curly red oak that I made my daughter a sheet music cabinet out of. Still waiting on that curly QSWO.
  5. Not sure what I could do with just 6 inches of hard maple, my projects usually require more than that.
  6. Thanks Coop, bought the works in 17 but building a house kinda delayed the build. At least I didn't have to move it after it was put together.
  7. Doing good, just finished this up today.
  8. Sigh..........if only it was curly QSWO. How you been Spanky?
  9. What kind do you like to plant? Jealous of two crops. I would not plant so many if I could have fresh practically year round.
  10. Supposedly if you put them in a brown paper sack in a cool place/ basement they will ripen.
  11. If you look around on the internet you can find a PAINT SUPPLY store that sells high performance for very reasonable. I have been buying 3 gallons at a time because shipping is free over $150.00. 55.65 a gallon or 20.56 a quart. IMO if you don't hit it with a coat of shellac first you are wasting QSWO as the rays will not pop with just waterbase finish. Bona finishes make some sealers that do pop the rays. I just used amberseal on stair treads and risers but they have a few other sealers that might work for you.
  12. My sister lived up North of you in Hackensack for 30 years so I understand the battle and disappointment of trying to get a crop up North.
  13. If coop would package those very carefully and send them up to us, we could have some ripe tomatoes here in a few weeks. Two more months and I will be planting garden. We had 36 tomato plants last year and got pretty tired of them.
  14. Probably could sneak a few out. I count 11 tops waiting and I'm to busy working on stuff I want to do right now to look at the Longarm machine.
  15. Spanky, I finally finished up my staircase. You might notice a little curl in that first QSWO tread.
  16. Good day to be in the shop, 5 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. At least it's sunny.
  17. I would spend cash for some good fresh home grown tomatoes right now.
  18. Not sure how high I'm kicking but I am still moving.Went to the spine doc today to discuss a small problem and how to fix it. But I have finished our dining room table . And now I am working on making the treads and risers for my staircase.
  19. I have the Dewalt Dado set and really think it does a good job.
  20. I have a 25 caliber Grizzley single shot air rifle if you change your mind. I could use some warm weather and a little less snow.
  21. To much snow and ice to do anything but keep my feet close to the ground. Knees are doing well though. I wonder how Dave is getting along with his shots?
  22. Don't know if I should thank you or cuss you for the heads up. I wasn't looking for a floor jack but do need one, now it's on the way for 6.99 shipping.
  23. Put the crutches away on Thursday, 12 days after surgery. Now I need to get to working harder on flexibility so I don't walk like a zombie. It would also be nice to be able to reach my feet so I can put my shoes and socks on.
  24. Tell him to get that ball rolling 3 months will be up fast. What would he tell you if you destroyed it in an accident? Bet they would replace it. It took me over a month to work into the schedule.