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  1. Same wings for both machines. Same stand for both machines. Same footprint.
  2. Here is a better picture of the sander. It cost more than the 19-38 but you can get more done with 6 more inches.
  3. So far I have no complaints other than I had to wait two months for it to be available. The picture above is sanding hard maple and the two below are curly red oak that I resawed for panels In my daughters sheet music cabinet. Seems to have enough motor as I get impatient and over aggressive with the amount I am taking off. I guess I like it.
  4. The 25-50 takes the same space on the floor and the extra width sure is handy.
  5. The Amish in Ohio use a stain called Michaels Cherry. I got a quart from a local furniture store to stain this and it works pretty good on QSWO.
  6. Never been around a grizzly except in the rockies. Laguna 14suv has been working really well for me.
  7. Laguna LT14 X 14 SUV Bandsaw Works good for me.
  8. Select the wood that your eyes like. Build.. Enjoy...