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  1. I want to thank everyone for their responses, although new to this forum, you guys are great. I have been looking through some of the sites suggested and it all looks good. I am frustrated with not being able to pick up a long board mostly get shorts of mostly hardwoods although I did get some possum wood at least that is what the guy said it was, it is a softwood from Africa. The smile on the kids face when I give them a simple made toy makes my day. I have sold most of my original shop tools and went to some micromark ones as they are smaller and easier for me to use right now. Bought a shopsmith used from a fleamarket used but well taken care of, and a bunch of their accessories that attach to it. Doing mostly tuneups and squaring the fences or blades this coming week. I do miss making furniture but now am figuring out my limitations and truly love woodworking. I do most of the pushing of wood with my right hand as my left one I am still afraid I may cut myself as I hear my wife tell me to watch out all the time. I will just keep on sawing, thanks for the words of encouragement. If anyone wants to contact me my email is
  2. Does anyone have a suggestion of business or people that have plans like toys and joys? I used to make furniture for clients but suffered a stroke that affected my left side with most on the problem with tingling on my left side with some weakness. Not cleared to drive yet. Looking for plans for me and my father can build as we donate them to children when they are hospitalized. The little kids are easy with all the basic plans we have but trying to get over this stroke thing and challenge myself with difficult plans of toys to build.
  3. From Schaumburg, spend work flying all over the lower 48. Get a chance to pick up lumber from all 48 during my travels. Recent acquisition is some wide possum wood and redwood lumber.
  4. Hello, from Schaumburg area. I use a place in Sycamore for most of my hardwoods, pretty good selection of domestic they have some imported. They are called Hardwood connections, also there is a guy in the Rockford area that does it for spare money in his retirement for extra money as well as some one in the Woodstock that does it as a hobby I do not recall their names.