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  1. It seems just like teak, buying the finished outdoor furniture is cheaper than buying the lumber, then making it. Per bf, it could be cheaper to buy used furniture online, and take them apart
  2. anyone sell acacia lumber ? ...the same way 'soft maple', is anything maple except hard maple. You cannot buy red or silver maple, just soft maple. Currently in the living room, made from the top of of koa tree which got snapped by a hurricane. The tree was in the backyard of the sculptor (Oahu):
  3. I find many commercial outdoor furniture made with acacia, but I cannot find any lumber to make my own furniture. Is it like teak, so pricey buying furniture pre-maid is cheaper than to buy the lumber ? With the current price of spf or ptl, exotic are becoming more affordable !
  4. Sap wood will not darken like the heart wood, it will stay very pale. Also, some will go reddish brown, others more chocolate brown. I made a nightstand, which have both on the top, over time the difference became very visible. Maple, red oak in this manner are easier to match. I have not work much with walnut. I found color matching cherry very challenging, especially as it ages it does not darken all the same way. Trying to keep it looking like it was freshly milled, I do no think it is a battle you can win...just like wood movement. It takes a few months/years to stabilize in color.
  5. A few years back, I wrote in a thread on this website about a 2 Zinsser gallons leaking while in storage in my woodshop. Someone mentioned I should contact them to let them know. They sent me 2 replacements, I was impressed. I agree that some reviews are tainted, especially in the hotel/restaurant industry, with many small businesses. When dealing with clients (I'm in IT), we always tell clients, mistakes/bugs will show up, and it is how we deal with them is important. If your customer service is at the same level that most are in trouble. We own a iRobot. Everytime we conta
  6. This woman used Gorilla Glue instead of hair spray. She ended up in the hospital is not as bad as the people that were using hardware store silicone for plastic surgery Warning coming soon : Paint remover should not be used as teeth whitener Do not used nail gun to apply earring If there is a blade it is not designed to cut nail If you can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes, it is an indication you should not used it on your body/in your body Given the opportunity, a
  7. In my kitchen, I have a drawer which is over 30" wide, with a single handle in the middle (not a pull). In some way, having 2, if you pull on only one, it is more likely to go sideway when you are pulling on it, and getting jam. I have used only one in the past. I have put 2 knobs, on 'massive' drawer, over 30" and very deep. A single one, would have been lost in the middle. Double sided tape on the know, do a visual test. It is something easy to try and see (without having to redo the part).
  8. not start smoking, not start drinking, not start drinking coffee, not to start anything the doctor tells me I should not do... I have kept them for many years !
  9. Locally, they feed them to goat: Village of Champlain gifts leftover Christmas trees to goats
  10. For the price of a woodpecker square sets, you can get a diamond sawblade: The finish he gets with it is more than impressive. Anyone has experience with them ?
  11. Elipse P100 mask I ordered delivered today...better late than never AND, they are made in England.. I had one and my father-in-law wanted the same, instead of the pre-form one. Except, he passed away in September at 83. Many countries took the 6 months between march and now, to build their own manufacturing for P100 mask. For me, the delay was acceptable, others need them more than me. People that need to wear them all day, their risk of exposure is way higher than once a month weekend woodworker. Especially in the Summer, I could just open all the do
  12. Species matter .... some species such as butternut will fair well as log, the same way they do as standing dead tree others, like pine, will develop stain. Some wood lot, will keep spraying pine logs, to prevent them from drying maple also is very difficult. If you want the whiteness of hard maple, you may get the spalted or the grayest variety as a result Sealing the end of the log, will prevent them from splitting/cracking from drying too fast, but it will not keep the critters away. Bugs like maple...butternut -> wormy butternut... then you have to deal wit
  13. Tom McLaughlin has live youtube session for free, there is one right now:
  14. I am good at getting kick in a blade while rounding blank to do bowl. But it will go side to side, not back and forth. Not sure what could cause it to go back and forth.
  15. Strapping will help reduce the likely hood of cracking when you bend the piece( Also, soaking the piece for a few days in water will help.