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  1. For the price of a woodpecker square sets, you can get a diamond sawblade: The finish he gets with it is more than impressive. Anyone has experience with them ?
  2. Elipse P100 mask I ordered delivered today...better late than never AND, they are made in England.. I had one and my father-in-law wanted the same, instead of the pre-form one. Except, he passed away in September at 83. Many countries took the 6 months between march and now, to build their own manufacturing for P100 mask. For me, the delay was acceptable, others need them more than me. People that need to wear them all day, their risk of exposure is way higher than once a month weekend woodworker. Especially in the Summer, I could just open all the do
  3. Species matter .... some species such as butternut will fair well as log, the same way they do as standing dead tree others, like pine, will develop stain. Some wood lot, will keep spraying pine logs, to prevent them from drying maple also is very difficult. If you want the whiteness of hard maple, you may get the spalted or the grayest variety as a result Sealing the end of the log, will prevent them from splitting/cracking from drying too fast, but it will not keep the critters away. Bugs like maple...butternut -> wormy butternut... then you have to deal wit
  4. Tom McLaughlin has live youtube session for free, there is one right now:
  5. I am good at getting kick in a blade while rounding blank to do bowl. But it will go side to side, not back and forth. Not sure what could cause it to go back and forth.
  6. Strapping will help reduce the likely hood of cracking when you bend the piece( Also, soaking the piece for a few days in water will help.
  7. Doing woodworking has made me appreciate the time that anyone spend to do something with their hand/skills. I may not or would not want some victorian/federal furniture, but I do appreciate the skills required to do so. And as a youtuber said, only woodworker appreciate fine joinery, but they don't buy furniture. so for an end table, pocket hole joinery is fine.
  8. Hi, a french youtuber had a tour of the Auriou shop: it will give you a chance to practice your french !
  9. I used latex. If you go to a big box store, in their paint department they always have some gallons that were returned, that they sell for cheap.
  10. Did you pre-drilled ? When i started woodworking, I got tired of never having the proper size/length. I bought at a big box store, the #6, #8 in all the length they had. I have never used high-end screws, but from what I read online, they are less likely to snap. Impact driver can have very high torque, you could be better off using a drill. A video on it:
  11. This is a picture of the foot of a leg. the vertical post is a hollow 4x4 post, with a 3x3 sliding up and down. The screw(1/2") will go into the 3x3, with a nut at its bottom. On the bottom side of the foot, the screw hex head can be used to adjust the height of the 3/3, raising and lowering the desk. Question: 1-what is the safest way to lock the nut in place in the picture ? epoxy glue ? threadlocker (never used that product) ? I plan to put a washer to minimize the friction vs having the nut against the wood(it is in the picture). 2-in the 3/3, I need to lock a nut in plac
  12. Osmo: even with the satin, with more coat the sheen will be higher ? how long between coat ?
  13. Rubio is a 2 parts product. Is Osmo the same ? I saw videos with rubio, they use a plastic scraper to spread it, then they buff it. Much different with Osmo ? Rubio is a single coat product. with Osmo, how many coat do you apply ?
  14. I used a 20 years old boom box. I plugin a 25$ Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, to make it bluetooth capable. I still like the randomness of radio, instead of the ongoing repeat of streaming service. We have XM radio, on a 10 hours ride, I can tell you which song they will play next. I could have used a cell phone to stream the radio, but at their price, I am not risking it in the workshop.
  15. It may walk away from you ! Woodworker's feet !!! toes missing !