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  1. Doing woodworking has made me appreciate the time that anyone spend to do something with their hand/skills. I may not or would not want some victorian/federal furniture, but I do appreciate the skills required to do so. And as a youtuber said, only woodworker appreciate fine joinery, but they don't buy furniture. so for an end table, pocket hole joinery is fine.
  2. Hi, a french youtuber had a tour of the Auriou shop: it will give you a chance to practice your french !
  3. I used latex. If you go to a big box store, in their paint department they always have some gallons that were returned, that they sell for cheap.
  4. Did you pre-drilled ? When i started woodworking, I got tired of never having the proper size/length. I bought at a big box store, the #6, #8 in all the length they had. I have never used high-end screws, but from what I read online, they are less likely to snap. Impact driver can have very high torque, you could be better off using a drill. A video on it:
  5. This is a picture of the foot of a leg. the vertical post is a hollow 4x4 post, with a 3x3 sliding up and down. The screw(1/2") will go into the 3x3, with a nut at its bottom. On the bottom side of the foot, the screw hex head can be used to adjust the height of the 3/3, raising and lowering the desk. Question: 1-what is the safest way to lock the nut in place in the picture ? epoxy glue ? threadlocker (never used that product) ? I plan to put a washer to minimize the friction vs having the nut against the wood(it is in the picture). 2-in the 3/3, I need to lock a nut in place. Making a hole with a tight fit will be sufficient ? Using epoxy to make sure it does not get loose and fall at the bottom of the leg ? 3-I have a drill press. The 3/3 are 24" long, and I need to drill a 1/2" hole 4 inches deep. The drill press can accommodate the length of the 3/3, but how do you maintain the proper vertical alignment ? 3-do you foresee any issue with the raising mechanism (it will be used only when moving the desk, changing chairs...)
  6. Osmo: even with the satin, with more coat the sheen will be higher ? how long between coat ?
  7. Rubio is a 2 parts product. Is Osmo the same ? I saw videos with rubio, they use a plastic scraper to spread it, then they buff it. Much different with Osmo ? Rubio is a single coat product. with Osmo, how many coat do you apply ?
  8. I used a 20 years old boom box. I plugin a 25$ Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, to make it bluetooth capable. I still like the randomness of radio, instead of the ongoing repeat of streaming service. We have XM radio, on a 10 hours ride, I can tell you which song they will play next. I could have used a cell phone to stream the radio, but at their price, I am not risking it in the workshop.
  9. It may walk away from you ! Woodworker's feet !!! toes missing !
  10. I got a pair of Isotunes Pro last Xmas, that I wanted to use to listen to the radio. I got a Bluetooth transmitter to connect to a boombox. Knowing my luck, I always keep my cell phone in the house. I just started to use them this weekend, we are finally getting decent weather to work in an unheated garage. It works great to listing to music....except...they seem always to be falling out, which mean not only I lost the music, but also, the hearing protection. Before, I was using a pair of headband hearing protectors (Husqvarna)., that I used when I do chainsaw and for hearing protection when doing woodworking. My solution, I put the Isotunes on, and then, the headband hearing protectors. The Isotunes then stop failing out, while being able to listen to music in a quieter setup. Do you use them ? your experience ? Alternative product ?
  11. @BillyJack the two crosspieces are just glued with the cornered block to prevent racking ? I do not see any screw hole.
  12. We have Ikea desk in the office, the electric model. We are very happy with them. How large is the adjustment range you need? And will the adjustment happen often? I do not want an 'easy' adjustment. I do not plan to change the height, once it is adjusting to me. But with a new chair, or a different user, I want to be able to change it. I am currently relocated due to covid, and I do not have access to my regular office chair. Like many, force to work from home, I am working at a temporary setup (plastic folding table). Range of adjustment, I am currently at 29 1/2", but my chair is too low. It will be in a short range, from 28" to 34". On Ikea, the one that adjust are: Min. height: 25 5/8 " Max. height: 33 1/2 " Looking online, they seem to be at 30". I thought to get the Ikea lift mecanism, and wrap it up( But, I do not really want it fully adjustable. I did not think to make a series of holes on both the inside and outside piece to increase the adjustment capability. My original idea was to use a star knob on the inside of each post("&qid=1588006241&sr=8-2). Each side, will have a center post made of 2 vertical legs, with an inner piece sliding up and down. Will using one star knob on each pieces (2 per side), be sufficient to hold it up ? Each internal pieces that ride up and down will have a 1/2" screw that goes from the slider inside of the post, to a slot on the inner part of the post. The knob can secure the post at a specific height. I am just not sure if it can provide enough grab to prevent it from sliding down. Instead of just using a washer, I could make a piece of wood with V groove in it, that would match V groove in the post, to provide the friction (2" wide groove,). The knob will use a washer and a movable V groove part that will match the V groove in the post to provide the vertical friction. The router lift could work ? between each part of the post, I put a threaded wood rod (1, 1/2"), that push the top up or top for the 5" range ? That will require that I buy the tap and die to make it(more tools to buy!!!).
  13. Hi, I want to be able to adjust the height of a desk, to fit it correctly. This is not to work sitting or standing up. With different chair (I do not have access to my office chair, due to travel restriction), I may want to adjust it higher or lower. The top will be 46" x 24", made with 1" (final thickness) cherry. I though of the leg made up of 2 vertical box on each side, with another piece that will ride up and down and its inside. My challenge, how do I block the inner slider at a specific height ? 1-I do not think hand tighten knob on each vertical slider (2 per side) will be sufficient such as these: 2-Set of holes(1/2") in the vertical pieces, with a space of 1" between each hole. This will give me an adjustment every 1,5", with one hole in vertical leg. 3-Suggestion?
  14. I used to use these:, but in that case, they did not fit that well and my glasses almost fogged out. Each face being different, the fit may be better. I try these, Elipse P100 Dust Mask. I was worrying they would be heavy to use and not that comfortable. But, after trying them, I really like them. Drawback, they are sold out everywhere. It is 100, not 95. The filter have a lot of surface, and until mine were totally blocked (dust was stacked on them), I had no problem breathing thru them. A video on air filter:
  15. I am a cross-border person, living 5 miles from the border, 1 hour south of Montreal. In economy sometimes, they use the local price of the big mac as a standard products vs what people are willing to pay for it. You can find the price of a car online, if you consider the exchange, in many cases you can have good saving buying across the border, especially with the latest drop in price. Some manufacturer ban the dealer from selling a car for export, others dont. A few years ago, when the canadian $ was at par or vice-versa, people will do the cross-border shopping for cars. I bought a Toyota last summer, it was a few 1000s cheaper in canada, and now with the exchange it will be even more of a saving. Except, Toyota is a manufacturer that do not let dealer sell for export and having any warranty works is not that easy. Also, Canada may or may not have duty on some product/country of origin or the US. Since I am so close to both market, I do compare. Plus they did not charge any sales tax. <- export good are not taxed. Canada and all its province as a VAT, like europe.