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  1. Martin-IT

    How could i flatten my table top?

    My question: are you sure the wood is in a stable condition, in term of humidity ? If not, you will work to make it flat, to have it cup or twist again.
  2. I started by following plan from Woodsmith magazine. Unlike other publication, they have more of a step by step approach that was helpful to me. Make sure as you go along with the plan, to adjust the plan based on the actual measurement of your piece that you have already cut. for the mechanical based, Ikea sell desk (sit/stand) with either a mechanical lift or an electric lift (I bought a 12 of them for my office). they sell just the frame (
  3. Martin-IT

    Basswood for turning ?

    Anyone with experience with basswood for turning ? I know it is commonly use for carving, how well does it turn ? It will be for pieces that will be painted.
  4. Martin-IT

    Pecan wood

    You never had any problem with the vertical pieces being cross grain with the horizontal piece ? or all are too narrow to be a significant force on the other.
  5. Martin-IT

    Biscuit jointer, bandaid or needed tool?

    For panel, I only slightly tight each clamp, making sure to alternate having the clamp on top or the bottom of the board. As I do it, I check if the board are slipping out of alignment, and if so, I release the pressure on a few clamps around the slippage, and reversed the other to tighten them up. Even with parallel clamp, the pressure does not seem to be even on the board, in some case, making them slip out of alignment. Helping me to have a tight join, I always to make a last cut on the table saw, only engaging 1/3 of the teeth to make a clean/effortless last cut. Also, I use an 8' aluminium I beam as an edge instead of just the fence on the table saw for any piece which will be longer than the fence. This work only if the board are cut at 90 degree. I had a colleague which cut his board off of the 90, and alternate the angle up and down, which will benefit from the biscuit.
  6. Kutzall has the Original and the Extreme Shaping disc. Anyone with experience with any of them ? or with a similar product ? a preference ?
  7. Martin-IT

    Biscuit jointer, bandaid or needed tool?

    I bought the Dewalt, used it for the first 2-3 years, it has been in storage for the last 10. I have biscuits in sealed containers for the last 10 years, they are antique biscuit by now. I'm thinking of putting them at the bottom of the pond, it seems these old growth tree from river bottom fetch a premium, hopefully the same with happen with my biscuit. I try once or twice to use the discuit to be structural for a joint, and unlike a Domino, it does not have enough holding power. After I bought a drum sander, it seems as long I was careful during the glue-up with the board sliding up and down, the drum sander would take care of the small difference. I do not own a domino, but if one day I try to do a chair, I think Domino will facilitate there angle joinery. The one glue joint I never have good result with, is when I try to glue up some 4/4 to have 12/4. It seem there is always some gap in between. May be I should to do a cleanup pass on the jointer, with a very light cut.
  8. Martin-IT

    Black Friday cometh

    Hi, It seems Rockler has SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander which have been in stock prior to any new taxes on import at 1300$, while others sell it for 2000$. The model # is the same as other website, it should not be a prior version of it. Martin
  9. Martin-IT

    Outdoor film finish

    What would be a product with polyester resin ? I used oil based product in the past, but most are not available anymore. As I mentioned before, the challenge is the top/flat part. If I had to redo it again, I would have purposely made the top convex, to help with the water not staying on it. I am not sure, if it is the sun or water resting on it which is causing the most damage. All vertical edge or the under side are still looking like new. Martin
  10. Martin-IT

    Learning to joint wood

    I have a jointer, that I never used to join board, only to flatten them on one side, before using the planer. I bought a 8' long aluminium in a H shape, that I clamp on table saw fence. I had very good result by: -making full kerf cut to almost the width at want -then, taking a cut, which is light enough to engage only 1/2 of the saw teeth. I use a good sharp saw blade on the table saw.
  11. Where are you located ? may be someone knows a place to source 'locally' aka 8 hours drive (which is 1/6 of driving east to west) ?
  12. Martin-IT

    Outdoor film finish

    Hi, I have a live edge hard maple counter by the hot tub outside. I have used spar varnish on chain saw carving which lasted very well. Since it is a flat piece and many youtuber were using penofin, I decided to give it a try. Both side and the underside still look like new after 3 years but the top had cracked/peeled and water was getting to the wood. What is worth the extra $ for penofin ? I doubt it at this point. I used a chemical stripper on the top only and sanded it. I have other piece, in teak or eucalyptus which I used Cabot Australian Timber Oil (the real stuff, not the blue can cover), which lasted fine, but they are not 12 months a year outside. It is easy to fix up, just apply a new coat every year or two, depending how long they were outside. The hot tub counter stay outside, from -30 to 90, with no coverage on top, exposed to rain-show and the sun. It did last 2 years before the peeling started, is it to be expected ? Any suggestion which could be easier to re-finish ?
  13. Martin-IT

    air dry kiln

    I have air dried lumber (a few 1000s bf). I stack it up outside (sticker between rows, space in between the board, off the ground with a moisture barrier, tarp on top, in a windy location) for a year, then I moved it to a barn, with the same setup (sticker, ...). Some species are more difficult to air dry, like hard maple, as they are likely to get stain. Others, such as cherry, I had very good success. Depending where you live, there are different challenges. In the north east, as an example, I try to remove the snow off the top as much as possible, but it does not dry much from October-May, as it is too cold. In the south-east, in the Summer with the high humidity, there are most likely other challenges (and bugs...). For some woodworking air dried lumber is preferred, such as steam bending. But I never put it inside 1st, I always put it outside 1st.
  14. Martin-IT

    Movement Issue or Drying Issue?

    Did you move a few weeks ago this table into a heated house (it is winter, and very cold this year) ? Was the lumber acclimated to a heated house ? Moving furniture into a heated environment with very low humidity will stress the wood. I have a raised panel that I worked on during a summer, and I moved the un-assembled parts into a heated basement for the winter, which develop a similar crack. The lumber was a few years old. Wait a few more weeks, to let it stabilize before you try to fix it.
  15. Martin-IT

    keep some bark on the wood

    there is some theory that if the wood was cut in the winter, the bark is more likely to stay, and in the summer, while the tree was growing, less likely to stay. how was it dried ? put it in an over at 200 for 2 hours, you will know if it will crack or not.