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  1. I did not try to add each individual item...weird. Just tried it, just the chisel is 15$ in shipping...and just the t-square is 15$....I will try to give them a call...this is not logical.
  2. a set of japanese chisel..nothing heavy or big.
  3. I placed an order on last Dec for 180$, then shipping was 14$. I went to place another order today, for 200$, it is over 40$ for the cheapest shipping. In Dec, the order had a 12" square and this time, the 24" t-square. Nothing heavy or particularly big. To pay 20% for shipping on a 200$ order...yuck... I am not sure why the shipping could be so high. Blaming it on just went down 11% today. Increasing their bumping the cost of shipping ?
  4. Just a reminder: Like Norm would say: "don't forget these, safety glasses"...and I would add, hearing and a mask. Especially with spalted lumber, the 'mold' likes the warm, moist, dark area inside our lungs. If you inhale the dusk..the mold can revive itself. I do skip the mask once in a while...but never with spalted lumber. My wife likes spalted maple. Unless it is really 'spongy', the ding should be not a problem. Try pushing with your nail, even spalted it is most likely still more dent resistant than pine. Looking at the picture, it does not look 'spongy', too far gone. If it was sugar maple, unless it is too far gone, it should do fine in term of dent. I use dewaxed shellac & varathane water based floor finish (yes floor). It helps to keep the maple as light in color as possible while highlighting the 'spalted'.
  5. Impressive hardware, very interesting.
  6. I tried to place an order yesterday on their website, but after 2 typos in the credit card info, it seems the website lock me out. Not only I could not place my order, but trying to open the website on another browser will not return a result. Using my cell phone this morning, I realized my laptop was blocked, but from my cell phone it was still working. I used the contact us, but I did not get any reply so far. Now, after changing location with my laptop(travelling for Thanksgiving), the website is again responding, but the browser with my order info is giving me a 'recapcha' error when I click submit. Of course the item I was trying to purchase had a promotion which expired last night.... Have you had to deal with their customer support ? I am giving them the doubt, with the holiday this week they could be short staff. Have they in the past done any special event for Black Friday ? Lee Valley has typically Cyber Monday, with Factory 2nd on sale. Also, they had in the past sale on their gift card, which can be a way to get 15% off high priced item (Festool Domino) which are never directly on sale. What about woodpecker ?
  7. I have a Fein Turbo II Dust Extractor, which is over 15 years old. I used it only as a dust extractor with my random orbital sander. It has an automatic turn on/off function (automatic), that when the sander is turned on, the vacuum will start and stop 15 seconds after you turn it off. This function is common, but at that time, it was one of the few offering it. For probably a year now, sometimes the automatic start will work, sometimes not, and it will just turn itself off after a few minutes. But, the sander will start and keep on working. The sander does start (it is plugged into the vacuum). If I set it to manual, there is not issue, it seems to be the 'sensing' of having the sander on or off which is not working. Any suggestion ?
  8. I'm in the north east, it will be a long drive to Houston just to use a Dominos. It is not a common tool, with very specific use cases, that a homeowner/construction grade will most likely not need. This could explain why tool rental shops do not offer them. You can rent a mini-excavator...but not a dominos ! and tools store, are in the business of selling them...not renting them.
  9. Hi, most portable tool can be rented. I would not think of renting a 3hp stop saw or 8" jointer due to their weight, but a festool dominos ? As a hobbyist, I would use it once or twice a year, since I do typically 1 or 2 projects a year. I have bough tool, that were not used that much and for which now, the manufacturer does not have any part for it. Paying 1000$ for a portable tool, if I could rent it, I would prep all my piece and over a weekend I could complete what I need it for. I asked a local festool dealer if they have heard of any rental location having them, and they said no and checked who has bought one, and none where tool rental company. Anyone rents them ?
  10. I tried "Epifanes clear varnish " on a live edge hard maple which sit outside in the rain/snow (shelving next to an outdoor spa in the North East). The finish was in a total failure state after 2 years. The good news, the finish was peeling so baldly all I had to do was peeling and sanding. Hard or soft maple are not recommended for outdoor used. I was told that epifane are old-technology finishes and I tried the Ilva product line (I made a post in July 2019). It does not create a build-up of finishes, more like a stain. Refinishing it is easier, like a stain, light sanding, then refinished. I should have probably do a refinishing on it last year, but with covid, I did not have an easy access to it. Now, a year later, it does need sanding and refinishing. The wood whisperer did a post on his outdoor project/finishes. I think, having a finish which is easy to recoat is key, which rules out Epifane. I just had to stain an outdoor ramp which was painted, with the pain peeling, forcing me to pressure wash to get the paint off. With stain, typically, just a good wash would have been sufficient. My advice, expect to refinish it every year, therefore, pick the easiest finish to redo.
  11. How do you like the FWW Unlimited ? Can you print from the online version ? Download ?
  12. Hi, I used to subscribe to Wood, Fine WoodWorking and Woodsmith. I got tired of have 3 magazines doing a review of the same set of jigsaw every year, and drop Wood. Also with Wood, I got tired of getting these renewal notices....2 years before the subscription expires. Fine WoodWorking subscription expired, and it seems I forgot to renew it. I really like Woodsmith, because of the step by step and plan to do a project. I did my 1st woodworking project, building an armoire from a plan on the magazine. Ads have starting to creep up, but it is the only magazine I still subscribe. It is the only paper magazine I still subscribe to. Any paper magazine you subscribe to ?
  13. I have used Cabot Australian Timber Oil on teak, but in most states now, you have to use their 'modified' oil product, which does not last. Earlier this year, I could order on amazon the original oil version on amazon, but now based on the shipping address, they block access to the original oil product. In some states, you could get the 5 gallons, but not the 1 gallon. My challenges, a dozen chairs, a few side tables, 2 main tables, rocking chairs...all finished with the original version and now they must be stripped to 'convert' to water based product.....luckily I have a few gallons which should last me a few years.
  14. Hi, anyone has used any of these tool plane ? both are very pricey, but Bridge City tool keep having 'flash sale'. Lee Valley are made in Canada, while Bridge City tool are made in China. I bought their multi-tool, the finishing is impressive....but at that price, you would not expect otherwise. Woodpecker have some tools made in the US, but I am not sure if all of them are or not. Anyone has experience with either of them ?
  15. There is a french youtuber who added a product to BLO to stop it from being sticky once dry. In french it is called Decatif, but I have no idea what product it is and what it is called in english (see below). Have you heard of such an additive we can add to BLO to stop it from being sticky ?
  16. I used australian timber oil (honey) on mine. You have to plan to do it at least once a year (if it is outside for a short period of time), or more. The oil based formula, not the water based formula(the blue top..water Reducible Formula). I have used both, and the water based performed poorly. Some states restrict the sale of the oil based was available for shipping on amazon, but now they seem to restrict the purchase based on the delivery address. The price on Amazon seem to be very seasonal, I bought a gallon for 26$ in Feb and it went up over 40$ in March. The same price bump/drop happened in 2020. It is not a film finish, which will save you have to scrap it off between recoating.
  17. It seems just like teak, buying the finished outdoor furniture is cheaper than buying the lumber, then making it. Per bf, it could be cheaper to buy used furniture online, and take them apart
  18. anyone sell acacia lumber ? ...the same way 'soft maple', is anything maple except hard maple. You cannot buy red or silver maple, just soft maple. Currently in the living room, made from the top of of koa tree which got snapped by a hurricane. The tree was in the backyard of the sculptor (Oahu):
  19. I find many commercial outdoor furniture made with acacia, but I cannot find any lumber to make my own furniture. Is it like teak, so pricey buying furniture pre-maid is cheaper than to buy the lumber ? With the current price of spf or ptl, exotic are becoming more affordable !
  20. Sap wood will not darken like the heart wood, it will stay very pale. Also, some will go reddish brown, others more chocolate brown. I made a nightstand, which have both on the top, over time the difference became very visible. Maple, red oak in this manner are easier to match. I have not work much with walnut. I found color matching cherry very challenging, especially as it ages it does not darken all the same way. Trying to keep it looking like it was freshly milled, I do no think it is a battle you can win...just like wood movement. It takes a few months/years to stabilize in color.
  21. A few years back, I wrote in a thread on this website about a 2 Zinsser gallons leaking while in storage in my woodshop. Someone mentioned I should contact them to let them know. They sent me 2 replacements, I was impressed. I agree that some reviews are tainted, especially in the hotel/restaurant industry, with many small businesses. When dealing with clients (I'm in IT), we always tell clients, mistakes/bugs will show up, and it is how we deal with them is important. If your customer service is at the same level that most are in trouble. We own a iRobot. Everytime we contact the company, we are over-impressed on how they treat us. My toyota dealer told me my 17 months old Rav4, with 16k miles, needed a complete rear brake job, because of rust...I contacted Toyota inc, as they control what is acceptable under warranty...they told me 'chemical' condition are not covered (it is a hybrid, so the rear brake are not that commonly used, re-generation braking). Toyota is well know for their high quality product, but they loss many stars in my book. All my family drive Toyotas, I was a Honda.... this is likely my first and last Toyota. Again, when you have a problem, how you deal with it is important.
  22. This woman used Gorilla Glue instead of hair spray. She ended up in the hospital is not as bad as the people that were using hardware store silicone for plastic surgery Warning coming soon : Paint remover should not be used as teeth whitener Do not used nail gun to apply earring If there is a blade it is not designed to cut nail If you can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes, it is an indication you should not used it on your body/in your body Given the opportunity, a chain saw will hurt/kill you, please refer to chainsaw massacre movies
  23. In my kitchen, I have a drawer which is over 30" wide, with a single handle in the middle (not a pull). In some way, having 2, if you pull on only one, it is more likely to go sideway when you are pulling on it, and getting jam. I have used only one in the past. I have put 2 knobs, on 'massive' drawer, over 30" and very deep. A single one, would have been lost in the middle. Double sided tape on the know, do a visual test. It is something easy to try and see (without having to redo the part).
  24. not start smoking, not start drinking, not start drinking coffee, not to start anything the doctor tells me I should not do... I have kept them for many years !