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  1. I need strength and 5lbs per peg is no where near as strong as the Buttonfix's test results where it breaks at an incredible 440lbs so I guess its safe at say 100lbs if I use a good wall fixing. I tried them and they work brilliantly with a nice click as they go home. No sideways movement either.
  2. Thanks drzaius and gee-dub. What attracted me was that on the web site it gives some impressive load test results and they have those red marker tools like dowel markers for setting out. Stops sideways movement too. Gee-dub, I've used a similar one to the metal one you shared but they had 4 screws on each plate and were really difficult to get to line up when working blind. Found Buttonfix on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=idWObs9FQVI
  3. Before I commit, has anyone tried these alternatives to French cleats? Eco Supply stock them. Screenshot attached.