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  1. That's a beautiful cabinet! I'm thinking about building one myself. Did you use or modify the Rockler plans, or design it from scratch?
  2. That's just amazing! Thanks for all the pictures
  3. update on the tabletop... then layout the next curves with more tape... If you put a piece of paper over the tape you can feel the ridge from the tape through the paper. If you color back and forth over that ridge with a pencil (like doing a rubbing) you can transfer the curve to the paper. Then cut it out and may another template with MDF and use a router to cut another groove... fill the groove with more strips, trim it with the Japanese saw and plane it down... one more ribbon to go...
  4. That's such a great project! I'm sure she'll love it.
  5. Those are great. I thought Dr Seuss too. Almost looks like you could put a knob on one of the drawers and it would like look alike an eye. Wondering it there are smaller carving attachments or maybe a dremel tool that would have smaller attachments that would fit in the opening. The irregularities looks nice though- more organic. I just watched a bunch of your videos, and they are inspiring. I've got some crotch grain walnut that my Grandfather had held onto for years and never used. I've been thinking about a box I make make out of it inspired by your designs. Thanks!
  6. I like that idea. Looks like a really useful shape! I could see it standing up on end next to a chair to set a drink on. Nice dove tails
  7. That looks like a lot of work. Nice! Have you thought about suspending it from the ceiling with something like fishing line?
  8. That makes sense, and looks pretty stable. Did you end up gluing the shelf in? Any loosening with wood movement? I ended up going with the tusks because I wasn't sure I'd get a tight fit, and having a wedge to take up any slack worked reasonably well. There's a little peg on the end side of the stretcher boards that it pushes against (Not a perfect solution though, the first piece of furniture I used those wedges on, I put so much wax on them that they would just slip right out, not enough grip to hold them in place when you pushed the tusks down.)
  9. How does the mirror look in the openings? Just wondering, because the pieces looks so traditional and I wonder if the mirror will be awfully bright. There are a bunch of ways to age/distress mirrors on youtube if you wanted the finish to look a little older. I love the idea of the newspaper to date the piece. I imagine this will be a well loved cabinet for many years
  10. Anna S

    Drawer installed detail shot

    beautiful! I love the dove tails! It's nice to see them in more than just drawers
  11. This project is amazing! I'm just seeing it now, and the workmanship is beautiful. Have you figured out what you want to do with the mirror/glass so it lives up to the rest of the project?
  12. That's a nice project. Just wondering how you keep the legs from bowing in? I made a similar table console table, but longer ~ 10"x6' One of the other members of the shop pointed out the the legs where going to be really unstable with it that long, and I ended up adding some stretcher bars at the bottom secured with pegs to prevent that. Was that ever a problem for you? How did you secure the middle shelf?
  13. ya, I definitely work too slow. Having tried thinning though thanks!
  14. thanks! that's really good to know