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  1. I ordered this when it came up as an amazon "warehouse" deal, but found a 4 stage fuji on craigslist while this was still being shipped. Before I return this to amazon, I figured I would offer it up here. Prefer to meet someone around Seattle so I don't have to ship this thing! I paid $606 ($553 plus WA sales tax) so that's what I want for it. Happy to share a good deal. I'm asking $650 on Craigslist to make dealing with potential flakes worth my time (at least sort of worth it!).
  2. Craiglist, amazon's warehouse deals, and local garage sales are always a good place to look (and kill countless hours if you aren't careful). My wife looked at me funny when I looked up estate sales on craigslist last weekend. I haven't checked any out yet, but have heard you can have some good finds at those too.
  3. tomdog4

    Hello from Bothell, Washington

    Good to see other folks active in the area. I'm in Lake Forest Park, and just started some projects to save some $ while getting some useful furniture and fun out of it. I came here to sell a Fuji sprayer I picked up but no longer need (amazon is a problem), but will definitely be lurking around to see what's up and learn along the way. Here's some photos of what I've done over the past year (no "fine" woodworking yet, but I'm happy function and simplicity!). Simple tables with pre-fab legs from home D and cheap 2x lumber for the dining table, and nicer 5/4 cvg for the matching coffee/side tables.