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  1. pdacey08

    A couple of shop improvements

    yes I do
  2. pdacey08

    Can't raise or lower blade

    Part 139 is bent inside of part 141. Or they're both bent. As soon as I loosened the nut (part 142) I could rotate everything and the motor moved up and down freely. I don't know how it could have bent either. I've only had the saw about 2 months and haven't used it that much.
  3. pdacey08

    Can't raise or lower blade

    It's a bent shaft. Finally had time to really take a look at it. The shaft has a slight bend to it and its stuck inside the eccentric bushing. I loosened the nut that holds the bushing and was able to raise and lower everything. Don't know how it bent. I'll have to get a replacement shaft and bushing. Anyone know if you can get the shaft out without pulling the motor?
  4. pdacey08

    Can't raise or lower blade

    I can pretty much see every where and nothing is visibly jamming anything Tried that I can't turn the handle in either direction. It's seized. I have a feeling I'm going to have to start taking it apart to find whats wrong. Really didn't want to have to do that.
  5. pdacey08

    Can't raise or lower blade

    I have a new PM1000. Been using it sporadically for the past 2 months. Love it. But while using it today I can't raise or lower the blade. Like all of a sudden. I made a few cuts then needed to use my crosscut sled so I raised the blade, made my cross cuts then changed out to my dado stack, started to lower the blade and it got real tight real fast and I can't move it up or down. The handle won't turn. The locking handle is not tight, the worm gear is clear. The inside of the cabinet is clean. No debris in the way that I can see. I use dust collection every time I use the saw. I took out the dado set and I can't see anything that's obvious. I'm scratching my head on this one.
  6. pdacey08

    Walnut Dining Table

    That's beautiful!
  7. pdacey08

    "Minor" Shop Overhaul

    Also, if you have a Habitat Re-Store near you they sell paint cheap.
  8. pdacey08

    Shop Storage Shed

    I'm liking this one. Except for the dude on the porch with his hands in his pants lingering by the window. He's creepy.
  9. pdacey08

    A couple of shop improvements

    Yeah, it's a bit on the heavy side but not too bad. Once it's on the saw it slides nicely. lol, I went with a sled on steroids to be able to get rid of a dedicated miter saw station long the other side wall. I plan to put the miter saw on a cart with collapsible wings.
  10. pdacey08

    A couple of shop improvements

    I can get up to 63-1/2" Same here. I had the T tracks and accessories for the sled sitting in the corner for months.
  11. pdacey08

    Simple wedge tip

    Ditto. I buy a bundle of shingles every once in a while and rip them to about 1-1/4" wide and keep a box of them in the corner of the shop.
  12. pdacey08

    A couple of shop improvements

    The day job is a bit slow this week so I had some time to knock out a couple of improvements long over due. Flip top Planer/sander cart. Not sure where I originally saw this design but I think quite a few people have used it. Crosscut sled. Kind of a hybrid between the James King and James Hamilton designs.
  13. pdacey08

    Coffee Table build

    Wow, it looks great! Thanks for sharing it
  14. pdacey08

    Shop Tour

    That has to be the cleanest shop I've ever seen. Very nice!
  15. pdacey08

    Headphone Stand.

    Very nice