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  1. Andrew1


    10 to 12% is good in my neck of the woods. My shop is my basement, it has duct work in it. I have kiln dried lumber I bought 3 or 4 years ago that reads 15% in the summer.
  2. I hear you all. I knew to test just did not want to buy cans of stain that I will never use after this as in wood working I only use (mostly) just straight poly. General Finishes is my go to however the closest retail store is hour half away and lowes is 3 minutes. Frankly I dont plan on being in this house much longer so close enough and good enough in this case is what I am going with. People on this site may be able to spot the difference between general and minwax, but joe smo homeowner will be impressed its not carpet...maybe PS, I know im in the vast minority here but I actually really like red oak, at least the rift sawn and quarter. I actually prefer the red oak flooring to white even with the cathedrals.
  3. I am doing a complete basement remodel and putting in new stairs. I am using red oak because, well I have it and it is cheaper and I have a bunch of it already. My upstairs floor is white oak, the almost golden oak color that you see in every 1960's ranch. I am trying to match the new treads and landing pretty close. Will the Minwax stain samples in the store be a pretty close match to the finish product if done on red oak or will the oak bleed through and change the color of the stain slightly? Sorry if it seems like a dumb question I have only used stain once on a refinished product and that was just gel stain because the wood was so bad.
  4. Anywhere but home depot or lowes...which is where I always end up because of lack of options or needed it in a pinch. Always much more expensive there.
  5. As much as I can/remember to. My dad used to work on those big generators big companies use and never wore anything in the shop or chainsaw ext and was wearing hearing aides in his 50s. Not for me.
  6. I have the 6 gallon I believe dewalt it really isn't that loud. No problem with air guns or impacts or even blowing up tires. Conversely I had a 3 gallon harbor freight special that was worth it's price to throw out. I could shoot about 3 nails before it needed to refill and the motor would take about 10 mins to fill the tank. Took 45 mins to fill my daughter's blow up pool..half way...then I said good enough.
  7. Virginia humidity always great. I'm in the blue ridge mountains and my boards are 10 to 12% moisture content, and that is the boards that was kiln dried and stacked for three years in my conditioned basement with a dehumidifier which I don't empty enough obviously. I fill the 5 gallon tank in one night if its bad out.
  8. Professional contractors swear by Hitachi which are easy to find at lowes. I like my 16g Hitachi more than my 18g ridgid.
  9. The ridgid and delta are basically the same price as the better dewalt contractor saw. The ridgid is on casters and I believe the delta is too. Ridgid is the home depot model and delta is lowes. I checked out the PC when it was on black Friday sale I wasn't that impressed. The fence seemed less than reliable and just overall built cheap. With that said they were super cheap too and will still cut wood so it may provide bang for your buck.
  10. Seems to be that these old tools are probably more accurate than some of today's miter saws. My dad has had one of the old craftsman, the one norm had, forever and still cuts perfect 90s and 45s. With that said I prefer the miter due to portability and size in my small shop as I try to work outside if ever possible.
  11. Doug fir is a historical choice and can last a long time. However if it's not rift sawn, or what the decking guys like to call vertical grain don't put it on a deck. The change in moisture will cause it to twist and pull itself up from the nails. Also flat sawn will expand a lot width wise, meaning you better take into account expansion. Moral of the story, if it's not rift sawn don't use it. The this old house guys use it often if you want a reference.
  12. Some good finds. I scan all the time on craigslist and FB marketplace. Slim pickings in my area. Of course what can you expect in a city that does not even have a hardwood dealer (we do have 1 but only open upon request and even then in my experience are never open). I have seen one old 1/2 HP craftsman dust collector in 3 years here, thats it.
  13. I have one of the 2.5 hp craftsman routers. Does the job in plunge and in the table with plenty of power. The stock fence isn't made as good as my trash can though and works as a fence just about as well. But it was one of those sales I couldn't refuse and has done the job for 4 years. Come to find out Bosh made the router so thumbs up for Bosh two thumbs down for craftsman accessories.
  14. Just to update I tried the shellac on the whole sign after just using on a test piece. Once it was bigger than a couple inches it looked like crap. So I tried another coat looked just as bad. Tried to buff it out looked awful. So I sanded it to wood and went with spray lacquer. Both shellac and lacquer worked with artist pens. I may just have had a bad can of shellac idk it was streaky and didn't soak in evenly at all to the maple or cherry.
  15. After the wedding I have all the time in the world. I have until Sunday to find what works