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  1. I am quite far from you in Sunnyvale, CA. But I do have an old industrial Wadkin 12 inch 3 phase (with my home made phase converter). Also a 14 inch Delta bandsaw. I have no clue how to ship them. But if you do and are interested in them. please respond to this. And we can continue from there.
  2. K.Cooper can you sketch up what you do, I just want to be sure I understand you completely. Thank you.
  3. On another forum I read that the best substitute for opaque paint is the clear water or oil based exterior paint which you can add some tint to it, It dries clear. And you dont have to maintain it every couple of years. Even maintenance after a few years involves slight scuffing and repainting. None of that difficult sanding to remove the deep cracks that come from using spar varnish or marine varnish. General Finishes GF 450 and Sherwin Williams SW A 100 were the brands often mentioned.
  4. Very inspiring post. And to think that I complain of not having enough space to do woodworking! I am sure you will do well specially if your woodworking talent will take you as far as your writing talent,