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  1. I tried to upload so photos of what I have so far but I need to resize them. I'll get some up soon.
  2. Sorry, I got the case of the dumb. Do you mean cut one side is the board half way then turn it over. Or do you mean cut all the way thru the board but only halfway down the length? I use the fence all the time on my table saw. I was finally able to cut a straight line when I got it it's my hand held circular I have the straight line issues with.
  3. Unfortunately I already have the 2x12's. I bought the materials for this like 2 years ago. I've learned a lot since then I do have the option of cutting them down to 2x6, that would be a bit of a pain, I only have a craftsman portable table saw that could accommodate that cut. I don't do well freehanding straight clean lines If I get 2.5- 3 years I'll be happy with it. Then I'll redo it in a more suitable wood. So the thinking is, if I paint it I should line/paint the inside too. If I don't line/paint the in side I shouldn't paint the outside?
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I know it'll only last a few years. Redwood and cedar were not in the budget. This is some what a test to see if I'll actually keep the garden up. The reason for doing the raised be is my ground soil is full of pesticides for termites and ants. And I won't need to get down on the ground to tend to it. If it was for just flowers I would plant them on the ground. When I spoke to the people at the nursery the told me to skip a liner inside. They did also suggest redwood or cedar. The water seeping in to the wood and not being able to seep out and warp or crack the wood was my worry. I wouldn't mind repainting it yearly to keep it looking nice. I just didn't want to wear out the wood quicker than normal.
  5. Hi Folks! Thanks for all the awesome advice you've helped me with in the past. I've learned a lot from you guys I'm making a raised garden box. It's made from Douglas fir. Not the best choice, I know. I'm about to assemble it and been thinking on what to do to the outside of it. I'm leaving the inside bare wood. I'm growing fruits and berries in it so I don't want chemicals in the growing bed. I was planning on painting the outside to give it some protection but wasn't sure if I did just the outside of it would make the wood warp and crack faster. The walls are made from 2x12 and the legs are 4x4. It's been sitting in my garage for about a year. I'd be using exterior paint with exterior primer that I have left from painting the garage wall. What do you guys think?
  6. Had a some time tonight and peeled the thing. I wrapped it up in a couple of black garbage bags and stuck it in the garage. I would have left it out but it's supposed to rain. Gonna look at getting some bug killer this was weekend.
  7. I'm in Lakewood. Just north of Long Beach.
  8. Sorry folks, I had a stock photo up originally. I put up the actual stump. I tried a few other shots but they wouldn't upload. Unfortunately it went and rained before I could move it on to my patio. Who knew it would rain in Southern California. I'll try and get a better pic up. This is from a Brailzain pepper tree. It was about 50 years old. Thanks for the tips on bugs. I can just imagine my wife using it for the first time and creepy crawlies come pouring out of it.
  9. Howdy folks! About 8 months ago our neighbor had a tree cut down. I asked the guys doing it to give me part of the trunk. It's about 2 feet long and is not level on either end. I figured I would do something with it. It's been sitting in the back yard ever since. Fast forward to a week ago. While shopping for a new chair my wife sees a end table that's a part of a tree trunk finished and on legs. Something like this. Got a couple of questions on how to make it happen. It's been out in the rain and sun. How long should I let it sit and dry before trying start working on it? Figured I'd peel the bark off right a way. How should I get level cuts on the top and bottom? It's about 18 inches thick. I have a table saw and a radial saw. When I finish it what should I use? It's going to inside. I'll put a pic of what I have up when I get a chance. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  10. The maroon pad did the trick! But I rubbed a bit vigorously and went through in one spot. Got that fixed and just waiting on the final coat to dry.
  11. I'll give them a try. Looks like it's time to go to the store!
  12. I don't know how I missed this! I'm staining and finishing a coffe table. The top turned out the wrong color. So I sanded it down and re-stained it. It had 3 layers poly coat. On doing the final inspection before the final poly I saw this. It's even grinning at me, taunting me! It must have been a drip or a cloth swipe. It's just the stain on top of poly. I tried to use water and a white buffing pad. It helped a little but not much. I can feel it on top of the poly coat so I'm hoping it can be removed without having to ruin the poly under it. But if I have to sand it off I will. I'm using varithane stain and water based poly. Any suggestions?
  13. I use brown paper buffing on all my finishes now. Takes a bit of time but it looks awesome and it's nice and silky feeling after.
  14. That was painful. I couldn't listen to more than 45 seconds. Why would some one do such a thing to Pink Floyd. Oh,the humanity!
  15. Awesome end table! I showed it to my wife and she said "That's beautiful. You should build that and a matching coffee table for the living room." I am currently doing the finishing on the living room set we just bought. I would totally love to see a journal on this. And K Cooper, I've been wondering, is that You or Tom Waits for your avatar?