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  1. Very nice board, how deep is the pattern on the top
  2. That’s woodworking, priceless
  3. Acetone on the joints should allow the glue to adhere
  4. Being Canadian we have 1 show in my area all year, I am vacationing in Florida and attended the show in Tampa. I found it informative and noticed that most people attending purchased something
  5. Retired hobbyist here, the only purchases I make are my supplies. That being said I went to woodworking show in Tampa recently and between the wife and myself we got a little carried away. Picked up some new lathe tools that I really didn’t need.My shop is pretty well set up for what I do
  6. I would not do it in this space, better safe than sorry
  7. I live in Canada and leave my compressor full until it eventually loses pressure in between uses. I drain it 3 or 4 times a year
  8. Rip the piece to eliminate the gap. There appears to be an awful lot of milling that has to take place to make this a table
  9. I have uninstalled Tapatalk for this very reason
  10. Check out a company called Proxon Tools, they make a small router that should suit your needs. They are pricey, but the tools I own are excellent quality.