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  1. Table has marks on it when I put a plate down without even moving it etc. One end of the table has a decent sized area that just feels rough. The person that did my table kept telling me he was on 6 or 7 coats of the arm r deal but I don't think he did enough. What's your take? Disappointing because he said he would fix it right away and then disappeared and doesn't return texts or calls. Obviously he doesn't stand behind his work. Should I just lightly sand and give another coat? I bought a gallon of arm r seal and will do the Cherry mantel myself. Thanks
  2. Here is the finished product. I ended up having someone finish it. They did use arm r seal. He said I could use anything to clean it up and he was spraying some cheap orange wood cleaner. Any comments on that?
  3. I have no clue at all. That's why I'm on here. Trying to learn what I should do. That sounds like a great idea. Now to find walnut test boards that don't cost too much. I do want a silky surface. I noticed rockler site suggests to use Sam Maloof Oil/Wax after their oil poly mix.
  4. But what if I do the Sam maloof coats and then the protection coats on top? Like waterlox?
  5. Thanks. I was actually told to coat with 2-3 coats of Waterlox after I do the 5 coats of th Sam maloof formula. I don't want it looking like a thick layer (bar counter like) but I don't want to feel the wood grain either.
  6. I have attached two photos of the wood I'm looking to finish. The cherry mantel is 8' long by 8" deep and 3" thick. I have been browsing this site and I think my best bet (ease of use and quality finish) is to use arm r seal. Any comments on this? How many coats? Sand between coats? How long should I wait? Right now its sanded to 220 all around. This other piece is going to be my dining table. It's a 2" thick walnut slab. I have someone that can sand this whole slab down for me to whatever grit I tell him and I'm confident I can finish it if I'm given direction. I have a steel guy that I use so he will make the U shaped legs of no 4 finish stainless steel 1" x 3". Im thinking about using Sam maloofs poly oil finish. I have seen the finished product on various slabs and they use the same combination of tung oil polyurethane and linseed oil and I like it a lot. I'm thinking five coats of the Sam maloofs product and then two or three coats of wipe on poly. Do you have any suggestions for this? Am I sanding with a fine grit between every coat? This is a very expensive slab so I don't want to mess this up. At the same time I want to be able to say I worked on this table that is going to be a part of my family. I just cannot see paying someone $3,000 to finish this slab when I can do it myself with some guidance also, I plan on coating both of these in my garage which is pretty cold as I'm located in the Northeast. Thanks ahead of time