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  1. You have done an excellent job on thos dovetails, with practice they will be as good as Robs, I always said that a good tool is half the battle, keep us posted on your progress, RJ
  2. That’s great congratulations on your purchase, will be waiting to see your review of the tools, was it sold as a complete dovetail kit? I am always watching Rob and Paul sellers in my spare time, RJ
  3. Beautiful pieces, you should be very happy with them, RJ
  4. Congratulations on the saw, I have the 3hp, PCs, and love it. You mentioned that you put a wwII Sawstop Verson blade on it, what blade is that ?, thx RJ
  5. Yes it comes with a cord and plug, where my saw is the cord was too short (3 ft), so I bought new wire and plug and was easy to wire up, RJ