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  1. I think the biggest take away I get from watching makers like April is to not be afraid to try new things. Whether it's wood turning, welding, glass blowing...if you want to do it then just do it. You don't have to be perfect at something or have the most expensive tools to do, just give it a shot and see where it goes.
  2. I've thought about getting a lathe for years but always put it off knowing I had so much still to learn about woodworking without getting into the world of woodturning. Last month, I got a nice five year anniversary gift from work and I finally decided to get the Nova Comet II lathe so I ordered it off Amazon...$75 savings compared to my local Rockler. I also had my VIP coupons from Rockler so I went and picked up the Easy Wood Tools mid-size rougher, finisher and detailer. The lathe arrived yesterday and since I'm on vacation this week it was perfect timing. I set up the lathe, let the motor break in and went searching for a chunk of wood. I found a nice piece of walnut and just started getting used to the lathe and tools. I didn't plan on making anything, just wanted to get comfortable with everything. Well, a short time later I found this inside the the piece of walnut... Fits my hand perfectly. Haven't decided if it will be a file handle or a bottle opener yet or I may just admire it for a while. Honestly, I'm quite shocked (and so is my wife) at how my first turning project came out. I'M HOOKED! I already order a Nova chuck and jaws...down the rabbit hole I go. Thanks for looking.
  3. Quick update...I was given an Amazon gift certficate from work for my five year anniversary so I just ordered the Nova Comet II lathe. Dark Side, here I come. FYI, this lathe is $75 less (and free shipping with Prime) than Rockler. I still have my Rockler VIP coupons so I'm going to buy some Easy Wood turning tools tomorrow.
  4. This most recent example is the desk on the cover of the latest issue of Fine Woodworking. Thanks for the tips.
  5. Hi all. So many times when looking for the next project, I come across a project I'd like to build but there is some turned part of the project...and I don't turn wood. I end up skipping over any project that has any round parts. I've been tempted to go buy a lathe but feel there is so much I still need to learn in woodworking without trying to learn woodturning. Unfortunately, I don't know anybody that does woodturning either. I can't be the only one in this situation. Thoughts or suggestions? Cheers, Aaron
  6. Another vote for Highland Hardwoods...only 20 minutes drive for me. People are always nice, selection is great and even their "shorts" bin is worth checking out on every trip because selection changes so much.
  7. Maybe Lie-Nielsen should buy them and start production in Maine. I find it quite easy to spend other people's money. haha
  8. I softened the front top corner of the end panels. Not sure about the decision since the raised panel isn't also curved. You'll notice the top rail. It is to hang from that rail but I really messed up. I had cut a recess to mount two z-clips but then there wasn't enough meat in the wood to use proper length screws and worried about it falling off the wall. So I decided to use a keyhole router bit. In my rush to finish the project I routed the keyholes upside down. After redoing them the back of that rail looks a mess. Couldn't even take pictures it looks so bad. The shiplap back pieces fit into a groove in the shelf and top rail. I finally used pocket screws to attach the shelf and top rail. It can be placed on a table/desk top or mounted on a wall. I still like the idea of using these as wall mounted modules but need to think more about a better mounting solution. Thanks for looking.
  9. I've been thinking about building small, modular shelf units for the workshop. I would hang them on the shop walls with z-clips or french cleats. This project was an experiment or attempt at the first unit. My choice of wood for this would be maple frames for the ends with a curly maple raised panel. I cut the angled portion of the frame long so I could cut the whole panel assembly once it was all glued together. I obstacle that had me stumped was cutting the short, top rail on the router table. Thanks to others advice I basically sandwiched in between surrounding pieces and used double sided tape as an extra safety measure. I assembled the end panel assemblies using a wedge to keep it together while the glue dried. I then started on the back by using some poplar I had on hand and creating shiplap. I used select pine (again, had on hand already) and painted the shelf, shiplap and top rail.
  10. I really enjoy their podcast. They're real woodworkers/craftsmen producing content, not content producers whose content happens to be making stuff.
  11. I was just looking at these yesterday. Think I’m going to order one. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the input. I took today off work so went to Highland Hardwoods. I was still undecided when I arrived but went straight to the beech. Selection of boards wasn’t great so I started looking around and decided on soft maple and got a nice piece of curly soft maple for the top. I’ll need to let the wood acclimate to the shop for a few days so I’ll need to find another project for the weekend. Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, I’ve picked out this cabinet from Fine Woodworking as my next project. In the plan, they use beech which looks nice. The problem is it’s only available in 4/4 rough from my local hardwoods dealer. I know I can do glueups for the legs. The top and drawer front call for 13/16” thickness which hopefully I can do if very careful with jointing and planing. I’ve done a lot of walnut projects lately but don’t know this cabinet would look as nice in walnut. I’ve thought about soft maple with birdseye maple top and/or drawerfront. Any thoughts on other wood choices you think would look nice? Thanks.
  14. Just to close the book on this topic...I never did hear back from the CEO. On the 15th I went to my closest Woodcraft and purchased the Powermatic 54HH which they had in stock. I had originally wanted an 8" jointer but I bought the best jointer I could afford at the time and have no regrets...SOOOOO happy with my choice.
  15. Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to examine the blade.