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  1. Steve B Anderson

    Basic Drill Press Question(s)

    I agree with what @K Cooper said about the fence. Just make sure the fence and base is parallel and perpendicular with your spindle.
  2. Steve B Anderson

    Garrett Wade Bench?

    Give it the push test first. The base looks a little sub par for most woodworking benches. I would recommend a bench that has more beef in the legs and cross members. Looking at the pictures you posted, even if there is some some slop, there are ways to stiffen the bench. $350 max would be my offer.
  3. Steve B Anderson

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    I would like to bump this post just to help educate beginner woodworkers and especially machinists woodworkers like myself. I am starting to realize that you can not obtain machine shop tolerances in woodworking. But I still try. Steve B Anderson
  4. Steve B Anderson

    Dovetail Chisels

    I just received my 1/4” and 1/2” Blue Spruce dovetail chisels. It took 4 weeks but it was worth the wait. They are almost to pretty to hit with a mallet. I’ll post a review with pics in the product review topic but I’m curious on what chisels you decided to go with.
  5. Steve B Anderson

    ordered a Milwaukee drill press today

    That’s one heavy duty drill you got there Tom. Be sure to use drill drifts when changing out bits with the Morse taper.
  6. Steve B Anderson

    OneWay Multi Gauge find

    That’s a good tool for setting jointer blades.
  7. Steve B Anderson

    Diamond Hone Size

    This is an up date on the 1200 grit DMT diamond plate. I found the scratch pattern to be a little rougher then I expected compared to the wet/dry paper. The plate does put a nice edge on the blade and removes material much faster then the paper but does not produce the mirror finish that the paper does, not sure why? I have been reading that most go beyond the 1200 grit to 6000 and 8000 grit then use a leather strop with extra fine compound to finish. I looked at the water stones and flattening plate but the cost (Around $300 for a quality 6000, 8000 and flattering plate) is prohibitive at this time. So I splurged for a leather bench strop and honing compound for $30 and what a difference a strop makes. Just a few strokes across the strop and wow, my tools are shaving like razor blades. I am still planning on getting the 6000 and 8000 water stones but wanted to relay on how much difference the strop made when just honing up to the 1200 grit plate.
  8. Steve B Anderson

    Solid cherry sideboard

    Mighty fine craftsmanship and the table top really makes the piece.
  9. Steve B Anderson

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    At this point in time, I would consider myself in the “woodworker” category. I decided to get serious about woodworking about 2 years ago. With a limited budget to work with I purchased just the bare minimum of tools that I needed. Ridgid table saw, Ridgid bench top planer and a Ridgid ROS sander. Now this would appear that I prefer matching tools but that is not the case here. Being limited on funds, the Ridgid line of tools are of decent quality for the price point. I was able to get a new table saw, planer and sander for under $1000.00 with lifetime warranty. I had some back saws, Marple chisels and bench plane that I inherited after my dad passed. I used just these tools for my first 2 projects and they turned out fairly well but I quickly realized that I needed more and higher quality tools. I have since purchased a Laguna bandsaw to replace an old jigsaw and a Powermatic 6” jointer to replace the planer sled. Upgraded the honing guide from a $10 pos to a MK II and now in the market to upgrade chisels, planes and other various tooling. The more I advance my skills the more I appreciate quality tools. This may put me into a sub category of Woodworker. Transitioning from beginner to mid level woodworker. I’m not collecting tools just to have them, I use every tool I own but I am acquiring higher quality tools to replace the lower quality ones. I don’t really favor any particular brand but there seems to be only a hand full of companies that produce quality tools.
  10. Steve B Anderson

    Passing On The Skills To The Next Generation

    Anytime you can pry a young one away from the cell phone or tablet turns out to be an awesome experience.
  11. Steve B Anderson

    Coffee table for my nephew

    That is a nice piece Derek. Very impressive hand tool work.
  12. Steve B Anderson

    Drill Bit Stuck

    I’ve never had a drill stuck that bad in wood but I would try the vise grips and work it back and forth.
  13. Steve B Anderson

    Drill Bit Stuck

    It’s hard to tell from the pic but it looks like depth of the hole you are drilling is deeper then the flute length of the drill. If that is the case, it’s a good possibility that the shavings are causing the drill to bind. It is possible to drill deeper then the flute length but once you get past the flutes you need to “peck drill” meaning drill a short depth then fully retract the drill out of the hole and clear the shavings from the flutes and the hole. Again it’s hard to tell from the pic so I will assume that the drill you are using is an “aircraft extension drill” which has a long over all length but a short flute length. These drills are designed for extra reach not extra deep holes.
  14. Steve B Anderson

    Cheese and cracker trays for Xmas

    Very impressive, looking forward to the pool table light journal.
  15. Steve B Anderson

    Cheese and cracker trays for Xmas

    You should try to make the lamp shades to match the base glass. I’ve been investigating making some Mission lamps and those shades are selling for $200 to $500.