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  1. Kiyoshi- welcome to the forum. Most of the members here build high end furniture, but we would be interested in your techniques on how you crafted your pieces in your videos. The rails on which the balls roll on would be a good start.
  2. In don’t consider myself an expert, but if it were me, I would use dye stains in place of gel. The reason being that dye stains can be easily mixed together to obtain the shade needed to match existing stains. With dye, you are able to mix small batches and test on sample pieces or indescribable surfaces, gel stain not so much. Since dye stains are water soluble, you will need to apply a barrier coat before applying an oil based finish coat. Dewaxed shellac works very well for this.
  3. Chip you are correct about the weather here. It is hot and wet and cold and wet, humidity is just a part of life here. Even when there is no rain for 4-6 weeks during the deep summer months you can eat the air with a spoon. Being born and raised here, you just learn how to deal with the weather. I didn’t have AC until I was 15 years old and during those early years I didn’t really need it. Now that I’m older I find myself searching for it everywhere I go. it’s really no difference than what our beloved members in the northern parts of the country go through. I see on the news people shoveling snow and clearing snow off of vehicles and think to myself, Wow, I’m glad I don’t have to go through that in the morning. This is where they were born and raised and this is just a routine they have to go through. They are very proud of their state and towns they live in just like we are here in the Lone Star State.
  4. Thanks Coop, this drawer work so well because of your advise when building it. Thank you for your help.
  5. Reporting back on my findings. I pulled the table top off and removed the drawer. Apparently I had applied too much wax on the last application. Scraped off the old wax and rubbed the slides with a purple scotch brite pad and everything is good now. I respect the wood movement issues that some of the responses suggested, but in my location in south central Texas, humidity is always present even in the winter so the movement is not as extreme as in other parts of the state or country. Thanks for all the reply’s and the interest in helping me.
  6. Thanks Tom for your professional opinion. I will definitely look into the Renaissance wax for my next project.
  7. Thanks Wimayo, but I’m sure I don’t have enough clearance to apply any type of tape to the rails. I spent hours fitting the rails to the slots to make a perfect fit. I do have a project next in line that will have two drawers that I will consider using a tape that you recommended. Thanks for your recommendation.
  8. Thanks- I will try to remove the old wax and see what happens. I will report my findings back to this thread for future reference. Thanks for the advice Steve
  9. Should I scrap the old wax and apply Slip-It?
  10. I built the piece in high humidity ( living in south center Texas) so I don’t think that swelling is the issue, it’s not a tight feeling just sticky. I will try scraping off the old wax. Should I be using a different wax for this application?
  11. I built a mission style end table a couple of years ago. The drawer sides are pine and the runners are QS White Oak. I applied Johnson paste wax to both the drawer side grooves and to the runners and it operated smooth as silk until recently, it started being sticky. I reapplied Johnson paste wax to the grooves and runners and it is still sticky and not smooth as before. Any suggestions on what I should do would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  12. I’m starting to see advertising through out the forum. Is this something new?
  13. Dave, you knocked this one out of the park. What a fantastic build this was. Thanks for sharing this with us and it really showcases your woodworking skills. I’ve been wanting to make one of these lamps for quite a while now and your journal will help me get started. I just hope it will turn out half as nice as this one.
  14. Dave - Maybe before this build you could have claimed to be bad at math but after what you have showed us so far I am a little skeptical