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  1. Steve B Anderson

    Two questions (Just for Fun)

    I have limited experience in both of these, but if I had to choose now I would go with mortise and tenon and dovetail. I’m still struggling with the dovetail but I will get it some day. Oak would be my first choice of wood because that’s all I’ve worked with so far. Cherry would be my second choice as this is the next species on my list, but I could go with walnut too. The pieces @K Cooper churns out of walnut look beautiful.
  2. Steve B Anderson


    Coop, don’t hide that walnut end table from us. You’ve been talking about it for a while now.
  3. Steve B Anderson


    That’s really nice Kev, looking forward to the video. I’ll definitely try the ARS first process. Always looking to expand my knowledge.
  4. Steve B Anderson


    Thanks everyone, I'm still learning.
  5. Steve B Anderson


    This is a wine rack I just completed today using the steps a mentioned above. Not the best of pictures but you can see the results. The seal coat is dewaxed shellac and gives the wood that "glow" that ARS does.
  6. Steve B Anderson


    It works well for me on the Mission finishes. First the dye, seal coat, dark gel stain to darken the grain then ARS to finish it out.
  7. Steve B Anderson


    Thanks Kev, I’ve only used Transtint with water and put a coat of seal coat on before the ARS.
  8. Steve B Anderson


    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need a seal coat between water based and oil based finishes? Our does using alcohol with the dye allow you to go straight to the oil based finish?
  9. Steve B Anderson

    White Flaky Spots After Polyurethane

    Usually when refinishing, the wood itself is not holding enough moisture to effect any refinishing stains or top coats. The problem is usually with the chemical stripper. After chemically and scraping the old finish off, the surfaces should be cleaned using denatured alcohol or mineral sprites. I’m not sure what the minimum wait time is but I will let it sit for a week before finish sanding and applying the finish coats. I don’t have a favorite stripper just whatever the big box store has.
  10. Steve B Anderson

    White Flaky Spots After Polyurethane

    I’m not an expert at finishing but from my experience the white spots are from either moisture or the underlying finish still evaporating off.
  11. Steve B Anderson

    DVR bandsaw?

    At the manufacturing facility I work at we saw from 1” to 16” diameter material ranging from Aluminum to Nickel Alloys and this requires a saw with feed and speed control. I have a Laguna 1412 in my home shop and I have to say that the band speed is a little slow for most hardwoods but the cuts have been clean in every species I have cut so far. Personally I don’t think that a varible speed moter would really make that much difference sawing wood.
  12. Steve B Anderson

    A giggle for goggles

    Only if the liquid is 12 years old or older.
  13. Steve B Anderson

    A giggle for goggles

    It’s been a long week, please don’t google my mind anymore than it already is.
  14. Steve B Anderson

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    I think everyone has their area of expertise. When you do something day in and day out, your able to solve problems that arise.
  15. Steve B Anderson

    Powermatic 54HH

    I had just the opposite experience with my Powermatic jointer. It came in two separate boxes, bottom cabinet in one and top bed assembly in the other. The delivery driver was very helpful with getting into my shop. We could not get the 18 wheeler anywhere close so I pulled my pickup out to the street and he helped my load it into the bed. We the drove over to the shop and he helped unload it into the shop. He even stayed around while I unpacked everything to make sure there was no damage. After assembly, I did have to shim the out feed table as it was low at the outer edge .012 thousandth. The fence was flat within .005 thousandths. I feel your frustrations with their customer service. If I ever had a response like that I would be demanding to speak to a manager.