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  1. Rip blades

    I use these Freud blades and they work well. for up to 4/4 material for 5/4 and up. I've only cut up to 8/4 oak with this one. Not sure how it would work on 10/4
  2. Freud saw sharpening in Texas

    I’m going to take one for the team and go with Precision Saw. Gave them a call today, nice people and helpful. Thay have all cnc grinders and seem to know what they are doing. $15.50 + shipping for a 30 tooth blade and they take payments over the phone. I’ll give a review when I get it back.
  3. Freud saw sharpening in Texas

    I'm just about finished with my current project and I have a couple of Freud saw blades I need sharpened. Freud's website list these two shops for Texas. Has anybody used either one of these places? Precision Saw & Tool 9071 FM 78 Converse, TX 28109 210-661-0029 Kelly Saw & Tool Co. 1700 Shady Oaks Dr. Ste. A Denton, TX 76205 940-387-7241
  4. Drawers

    Hi Kurt, First I milled a 3/8" wide x 5/16" deep slot inside all of the bottom aprons. Then I milled out slots in the legs For the shelf I used 3/4" QSWO plywood. Mill a 1/4" rabbet 3/8" deep on the bottom. These dimensions will need to be adjusted for a good fit into the slots in the aprons. And they should fit together like this. Sorry I don't have better pics of the slots in the legs. If you want me to I'll draw it Sketchup and send it to you.
  5. Drawers

    I’m going to lap joint the sides to the drawer front. The back will fit into slots in the sides. Thanks for the info, I already have a plan in my mind now.
  6. Drawers

    Thanks Ken, I like the felt idea for the soft close. How about the clearance between the runners and the drawer slots?
  7. Drawers

    How much should I allow for the stop?
  8. Drawers

    This is a classic Mission night stand I am building and I have some questions about drawer construction. This is the first drawer I have attempted to build. The first questions I have is how deep the drawer should be relative to the depth of the frame? Should I consider room for stop's? If so, how much? Next is drawer runners. How much clearance should I allow between the runners and the slot milled into the drawer sides? I anticipate this to be a custom fit but would like to know if there is a standard to shoot for. Again, this is my first drawer and I'm scratching my head on these dimensions.
  9. Twin bed for daughter

    That looks awesome Steve. Your daughter should be very happy.
  10. New Feature - Clubs

    Good luck on the club thing Marc
  11. New Feature - Clubs

    Kev - In short I’m asking for suggestions on how we can create a group that would help beginners.
  12. New Feature - Clubs

    Ahh - I see said the blind man! I just want to see a group that could support beginners before they advance to experts.
  13. New Feature - Clubs

    Ken - Not sure what you mean about “first club trying to get out”???
  14. New Feature - Clubs

    I think this is a very interesting topic. I’m glad to see the progress into other ventures outside of “General Wood Woodworking”. I would like to how we could support a club for beginners? By supporting the startup’s, we can not only ensure the future of the forum but increase the number of supporters. Very interested in everyone’s thoughts.
  15. New Fixture

    Very nice looking rack. I like the mobility, everything in my shop is on wheels also.