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  1. Thanks Tom for your professional opinion. I will definitely look into the Renaissance wax for my next project.
  2. Thanks Wimayo, but I’m sure I don’t have enough clearance to apply any type of tape to the rails. I spent hours fitting the rails to the slots to make a perfect fit. I do have a project next in line that will have two drawers that I will consider using a tape that you recommended. Thanks for your recommendation.
  3. Thanks- I will try to remove the old wax and see what happens. I will report my findings back to this thread for future reference. Thanks for the advice Steve
  4. Should I scrap the old wax and apply Slip-It?
  5. I built the piece in high humidity ( living in south center Texas) so I don’t think that swelling is the issue, it’s not a tight feeling just sticky. I will try scraping off the old wax. Should I be using a different wax for this application?
  6. I built a mission style end table a couple of years ago. The drawer sides are pine and the runners are QS White Oak. I applied Johnson paste wax to both the drawer side grooves and to the runners and it operated smooth as silk until recently, it started being sticky. I reapplied Johnson paste wax to the grooves and runners and it is still sticky and not smooth as before. Any suggestions on what I should do would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  7. I’m starting to see advertising through out the forum. Is this something new?
  8. Dave, you knocked this one out of the park. What a fantastic build this was. Thanks for sharing this with us and it really showcases your woodworking skills. I’ve been wanting to make one of these lamps for quite a while now and your journal will help me get started. I just hope it will turn out half as nice as this one.
  9. Dave - Maybe before this build you could have claimed to be bad at math but after what you have showed us so far I am a little skeptical
  10. I’m sure if you built one someone would buy it. There’s more people out there with big money than you think.
  11. Very nice Dave, I’m getting all kinds of design ideas running through my mind now.
  12. Looking good Dave. Hope that’s ketchup from your hot dog in the first pic. Never mind, after a second look I can see it’s something hanging on the wall.
  13. Looking good Dave. I was wondering how you made the angled base on the other lamps.
  14. I always finish components before assembly. It just makes the finishing process easier with the all of the scuffing between dye/stain gel coat and top finish applications.
  15. Looking good Dave, I’m on the edge on my seat for the next step.
  16. Awesome Dave just awesome. I’m really enjoying this build.
  17. I don’t have an Incra so I’ll have to rig up something. Thinking about getting one of those digital protractors to set the miter gauge with. I really appreciate you taking the time out of you busy schedule to do this. Looks like everyone is enjoying as much as myself.
  18. That does look a little scary. Do you take it all in one pass or sneak up on it with small cuts? Looking good Dave.
  19. Chet, This is the ultimate gift that a grandfather can receive. If it was me, I would frame that sign and treasure it forever. I know $50 doesn’t go far in the wood yard, but build something special just for them. Steve
  20. Very fine work Ken. Just as I predicted before you started, you’ll make the cover of FWW magazine. Very nice bud!!!
  21. Sorry this happened to you Goob. Usually with dado cuts the blade is not exposed to the outer surface. To help the community, can you explain a little more on what went wrong?
  22. Welcome to the forum. I was in your position when I first started my venture into woodworking. It takes a good budget to just get started and after acquiring the big dollar equipment, I was left with very little capital to spend on hand tool sharpening systems. So I went to the big box store and purchased three panes of window glass and glued them together to make a somewhat flat surface. I would put blue painters tape at the corners and a dot of super glue to secure a 1/3 sheet of 9x11 sand paper to the glass. I didn’t have the funds for a good honing guide, so I used one of those $12 POS guides. This setup will make just about everyone here cringe, but you can get a fairly sharp edge this way in a bind. Beware, your edge will not be square, the back of your irons and chisels will not be flat, but it’s better than working with dull tools or waiting for the outside sharpening. Just a bit of advise, save up for a Verites MK II honing guide system and some good quality diamond or water stones. You will then realize how easy it is to get a professional quality edge on your tools.