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  1. Sound insulation

    I would not waste your time or money on the blanket angle. As others have suggested you need mass to absorb sound. The reason I say pass is I was in a condo that faced a busy road and my son's room would get some loud car and truck noises in his room (the background din was not an issue). I bought specialty sound blankets used for temporary sound recording studios to cover the windows. Because they were set sizes I was able to double the blanket material over the window. The blankets were very heavy ~5-10x the weight of a moving blanket. Bottom line, there was an improvement, but not significant and at $80 for 2 blankets you have better/more options. Hope this helps. Let us know what you do. Carl
  2. Grant, I have looked at doing exactly that modification. It appears very easy (just haven't order the material.). It looks like removing the fence and replacing with a plate to cover the 4 mounting screws (~4"x5") from the top and an extrusion to mount on the middle of the plate. I look at the Mitsumi extrusions (~1x3?) for a milled length and I think it was about $25-30. The plastic runner on the back of the current fence could be reused. Hope that helps. Let us know what you do. Carl
  3. Dust collection help

    An alternative idea would be to sell your Shop Fox on CL $50-$100 and add that to what you would spend on a HF DC and buy just about any 1.5HP DC on CL. As you can see from the attached chart, due to its undersized impeller the HF performs below all the tested 1.5HP DCs and just above a typical 1HP DC (like yours). Since both tools are stationary and have short runs you can switch to hard ducts (eliminate all flex hose) which will provide less resistance, resulting in better performance. Also eliminate any hard 90s like the one attached to your current DC. A separator is a great idea, keeping your filter cleaner longer, but it reduces your airflow significantly, so the more power you have upfront the better performance you will end up with. Changing the configuration is also a big help, eliminating the flex hose between the separator and blower. As far as gates, I have a few plastic ones and they work, but leak and don't self clean. I plan on making some better gates down the road. Since you only need two it is probably worth it to buy good gates. This company has decent prices on their gates. Hope that helps. Let us know what you do. Carl
  4. Dust collection -- on the far end

    You could definitely go with the HF DC, which I almost did for a temporary solution (shop is being torn up and rebuilt) until I found this review (look at the chart on page 67) which shows every other 1.5HP dc outperforming the HF 2HP (central machinery) DC due to its undersized 10" impeller (most 2HP have 12"+ size impellers). So I instead went on CL to look for a 1.5HP DC, which there is never a shortage of units for sale! I can get a used 1.5HP DC with better performance on CL for the same price as a new HF unit. Hope this helps. Let us know what you do. Carl
  5. Good dust collection with 120v?

    Leros, Unless you modify your HF with the 12" rikon impeller (up from the installed 10") you will not have enough power for your shop. There is an old DC review that shows the results of putting that small of an impeller on a DC It basically shows the stock HF 2HP DC is outperformed by every 1.5HP DC tested due to the smaller impeller. Unless you go to a 3hp blower or higher there really is no need to use 6" ducts. 5" is optimum for the 1.5-2HP DC. If you did the upgrade, mounted the blower on the SDD and used a good large filter with 5" ducts you could probably get adequate chip collection, but nothing more. It really depends on your expectations. Many people do less than the above and believe it is adequate for them. Of course that is purely subjective. You could also get a 2 or 3hp DC on CL and add a SDD (the 3HP would require 220) Hope that helps. Let us know what you do. Carl
  6. mini dust gorilla 2.0

    Rodger if your already have the delta why not do something like this: Hope this helps...Let us know what you do. Carl
  7. Wood Shop Flooring Options

    @Vic - love the floor! I can't believe that is plywood. Can you tell me more about what is underneath, how you attached, how many coats of shellac, etc... Thanks, Carl
  8. Considering a dust collector

    Colin, As Jfitz stated you don't say a lot about what you have or need. Why would going from brand A 1HP DC be an improvement over brand b 1HP DC? (It could but not likely of any significance). As Eric stated these smaller DCs are not going to get the fine dust. It is also worth looking at a comparison of what these machines are capable of doing so see the chart in this old review You will see your current 1HP unit at the bottom of the 4" Port Performance curves (below the minimum performance line). Just above that and below every other 1.5 & 2HP DC is the HF DC. You will see it could be used for very short runs. As others have said if you can port outside it will get even better! The more you share about your current set up and future needs and expectations the better answers we can provide. Hope this helps and let us know what you do. Carl
  9. Dust System Questions

    Looks good! I really like the chair. I misunderstood about the CV. I thought your "converted 3hp system" was to re purpose the 3HP blower on a CV body (I have read of others trying to do just that, but no actual real world examples). I am sure your are extremely happy with the performance of your CV. Carl
  10. Dust System Questions

    Cheeset, Can you post pics of your shop with the new system? How is your 3HP working with the Clearvue? Do you have any way to measure airflow at your different machines? How is the separation with the 3HP motor? Keep us posted. Carl
  11. table saw blade storage options

    Yeah with hardboard dividers. I was going to keep all my blades in one drawer maybe with fixed dividers between sizes to keep the weight down when flipping. Carl
  12. table saw blade storage options

    I have not built this yet but I want to use this idea. It protects the blades but uses the least amount of space Which I will be short on). Carl
  13. My Micro Wood-Shop (its a garage)

    Derek, You said earlier " . . . Since I am new to woodworking " What do you call "new"? You seem to have quite a bit of knowledge about the proper tools and materials (and what to look for in a used jointer) It is impressive and will be incredible when you get "experienced" (-: Nice work, Carl
  14. 3hp cyclone Richmond, Va. CL

    The only down side to that deal is they (JDS) are out of the dust business and you can no longer get parts. Of course that could be a bargaining point for a better deal (-: Carl
  15. Build or Buy a Cyclone?

    Chris, Since no one has seen your set up it is hard to comment, but many people had the set up you described with a 3HP blower with out the issue you encountered. One guy ( has a blower that I believe is slightly stronger than the Grizzly you have and has great performance. That said a full cyclone like the CV should have great performance, but I believe is designed for a larger blower. I would check the CV forums and CV themselves about your configuration. Good luck with whatever you do and let us know how it works. Carl