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  1. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Bloodwood (Satine)

    They say once a finish has cured it's food safe. Different finishes will cure at different rates but around a month is pretty common for a lot of them (cure time). With that said, I use GF's salad bowl finish, it's suppose to be food safe. I almost use mineral oil and beeswax as well as walnut oil since it doesn't go rancid, but it will darken your wood.
  2. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    I have a large pen chuck that will hold them. The presenter made a custom chuck out of MDF with a hole just big enough for the golf ball.
  3. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    No, I didn't color them. Different manufactures use different colored materials. It's fun drilling into a new one and discovering the color. I did flatten them. Just a little turning with a carbine chisel flattens them.
  4. thatCharlieDude

    Stain Different Color Along Walls

    Our first house built in 1945 was the same way. We left the carpet in because we had little kids at the time.
  5. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    I had 5 minutes this morning so I turned a couple of hats (lids) from poplar and started staining them.
  6. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    I found some balls today and was able to hollow out a couple. Next step is to turn a few lids to make them into ring boxes. Tom: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check there!
  7. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    The presenter warned us about liquid cores but in this case the liquid came from used balls that have been submerged in a pond or two. I guess they're porous enough to allow lake water in. She said it smelled awful.
  8. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    Watching the demo last night, the interior rubber compound turned like green wood. As a kid I remember golf balls having a rubber band like interior but according to the presenter balls today don't, they are solid. The cavity she hollowed out was just big enough for two rings.
  9. thatCharlieDude

    Turning Golf Balls

    Has anybody tried turning golf balls? Not blocks of wood into something that looks like golf balls but putting an actually golf ball on the lathe? My son and I went to a presentation last night by a young lady (probably in her 60s) who turns 75 cent golf balls into $20 ring boxes. I've search google but I didn't find lots of results for this type of turning. I ordered 24 balls and once they arrive I'll turn a few and post pics for the group.
  10. thatCharlieDude

    Oh, so many bowls so little time.

    Score! There's some beautiful wood there. My dad keeps bringing me pecan to turn but with the heat and a busy summer there's no time.
  11. thatCharlieDude

    Sealing green wood.

    I have a gallon of the anchor seal and it works great. But I've also read that you can use latex paint to seal wood. If the blank is roughed out then cover the whole thing otherwise just the ends.
  12. thatCharlieDude

    Why I show my work..

    I think somebody else linked this first, but here's a review of the HF clamps. I was surprised by how well some of them rated.
  13. thatCharlieDude

    Oak Steal!

    I don't think it's a pin oak since their range isn't in Texas. I looked at some north Texas tree sites and I found several oaks that it could be but the bark is throwing me off.
  14. thatCharlieDude

    Oak Steal!

    I'm sorry I can't. There were no leaves on site and the leaves I posted were growing on a small limb on one of the pieces. The neighbor had two other oaks trees in their yard. The only reason I thought it was a red oak is because those are common around here. I may take the pictures to a local nursery and see if they can ID it.
  15. thatCharlieDude

    Oak Steal!

    This is the best I could do