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  1. Vinyl decals. It was trial and error, but I've found what's worked best is to finish the bottom with a gloss lacquer and let it cure completely first, apply the decal and finish it with a touch of heat from a hair dryer.
  2. So I've found my niche. Dice bowls for gamers. Keep your dice contained in style. I've been getting more and more commissions, and I'm not complaining! This weekend I'll be working with some honey locust, paduk and spalted ambrosia maple. Here are some of my latest.
  3. I go to Owl for most of it. There is also a small mill called Born Again Barns in Antioch, but they are by appointment only. I've also been told about Kirkland Sawmill- it's a little bit of a drive for me, but I've been meaning to check them out. their prices are better than most, but they only deal in domestics.
  4. Yeah, but Rockler, while convenient (for me anyway) is so overpriced. I only go there for immediate needs anymore. Penn State Industries, Penturningz and Amazon have saved me a small fortune over Rockler, so long as I have patience. For example: vs. The same goes for pen blanks and kits. I really get my best blank value from my local lumber yard, just not as much of a selection. I got a 4 foot 3/4 x 3/4 blank of cocobolo for $5 there.
  5. This is one of my favorite projects from The Woodsmith's Shop. You executed them beautifully. It's on my list for next Christmas!
  6. Thanks guys! After Mark's initial response, I went right back out to the interwebs and sure enough, I found several videos explaining the why's and hows of it.
  7. I got it a few days after Christmas, but my awesome wife hooked me up! The bandsaw that I had previously belonged to a friend who finally bought a new house where he could set it up. I need to order a 1/4 or 1/8 blade for it, but I'm so ready to put this into service!
  8. So I had a nice little Christmas vacation. My wife got me a new bandsaw, I got her some new diamonds... I spent a good bit of time watching turning videos on YouTube and I noticed that the majority of the turners were taking logs and starting with their 5/8 bowl gouges right out of the gate as opposed to roughing them to round with a roughing gouge first. Am I the only one who finds this a little weird? What's the point of a 1 or 2 inch roughing gouge if not to quickly bring rough blanks into shape? Does it just come down to personal preference? Is there some advantage to staring with a bowl gouge that I'm not thinking of?
  9. So, I'm getting a new bandsaw for Christmas. Yay for me! The specs call for a 100 3/4 inch blade. Most of the good blades that I'm finding are either 100 1/2 or 101 inches. So I guess my question is, how much of a difference does that 1/4 inch make and do I go 1/4 bigger or 1/4 smaller? FYI, I'm looking at Timber Wolf blades from Grizzly...
  10. I've only used PSI's Barracuda 2, and found the chuck key system to be invaluable.
  11. I used to work in DeKalb and spent a lot of time in Sycamore, so I know the area well. I just never made it out there. The turning blanks intrigue me. I may have to make the trip.
  12. Any thoughts on the Stanley Sweetheart or Bailey chisel sets? They seem to both have decent reviews...
  13. I bought 2 sticks of green Honey Locust a little over a year ago. They dried nicely standing against the wall- I got a little cupping, but lost less than 1/4 inch when I planed it flat. Took a couple of slices, laminated it with some Paduk I had laying around and came up with this:
  14. I had a Jet 1014 midi that I now need to replace. It's a solid little lathe that can be tucked away easily. But I'm now looking to go bigger- I want at least a 12 x 30 for myself. If I were going midi again though, I'd definitely look at another Jet or Delta. As to the rest, I did this in another thread- here is my pen-making shopping list: Well then, let me compile a small list for you! This is what I use. In addition I have an HSS roughing gouge and skew chisel. I use a friction polish topped with wax for finishing, but a lot of guys swear by CA glue finish. Happy Turning!!!
  15. And give your tools a touch-up on the grinder before starting, possibly while turning as well.