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  1. SirNot

    Best Oneway chuck for a beginner?

    I've only used PSI's Barracuda 2, and found the chuck key system to be invaluable.
  2. SirNot

    Hardwood Connections

    I used to work in DeKalb and spent a lot of time in Sycamore, so I know the area well. I just never made it out there. The turning blanks intrigue me. I may have to make the trip.
  3. SirNot

    Looking for beginner set of chisels

    Any thoughts on the Stanley Sweetheart or Bailey chisel sets? They seem to both have decent reviews...
  4. SirNot

    Locust - any good

    I bought 2 sticks of green Honey Locust a little over a year ago. They dried nicely standing against the wall- I got a little cupping, but lost less than 1/4 inch when I planed it flat. Took a couple of slices, laminated it with some Paduk I had laying around and came up with this:
  5. SirNot

    I got the itch...

    I had a Jet 1014 midi that I now need to replace. It's a solid little lathe that can be tucked away easily. But I'm now looking to go bigger- I want at least a 12 x 30 for myself. If I were going midi again though, I'd definitely look at another Jet or Delta. As to the rest, I did this in another thread- here is my pen-making shopping list: Well then, let me compile a small list for you! This is what I use. In addition I have an HSS roughing gouge and skew chisel. I use a friction polish topped with wax for finishing, but a lot of guys swear by CA glue finish. Happy Turning!!!
  6. SirNot

    End grain bowl advice

    And give your tools a touch-up on the grinder before starting, possibly while turning as well.
  7. SirNot

    Rattle can polyurethane

    I've found Arm-r-Seal at my local Benjamin Moore store as well.
  8. SirNot

    New Bosch goodies coming soon

    I was recently at the WEN warehouse (only a few minutes from my house) picking up a "refurbished" grinder stand (really it was just a return because the box was damaged in shipping) when I discovered that they too are in the tracksaw game. Refurbished, they were asking $106...
  9. SirNot

    Looking at new chisels...

    So I was finally able to put my new chisels to work and all I can say is . I knew that the old ones weren't the best, but my goodness what a difference. 90% of the work I did with just the bowl gouge and man what a difference. No more rough end grain. I was able to take both heavy cuts to take out huge chips and smooth the surface shearing off gossamer wisps. The only time I used another chisel was to square up the corners inside of the bowl- for that I used my carbide rougher and the new scraper- and that, too, was a dream. Well, I know what my next purchase is gonna be...
  10. SirNot

    Looking at new chisels...

    No later than this weekend...
  11. SirNot

    Looking at new chisels...

    So I finally pulled the trigger. I got a square scraper, 1/2 inch bowl gouge (which I promptly put a fingernail grind on with my new) and the PSI sharpening jig. I'm really happy with the results with he jig and new steel so far. I managed to get an edge sharp enough to cut my finger like a razor would, so that's a plus (kinda). I haven't had the chance to turn anything with them yet, but I have a hard maple blank just screaming to be turned into a dice tray (seem my previous tray made from Paduk and curly maple). Hopefully this week! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  12. SirNot

    Swing, or maybe shelves. Swingshelves?

    I am totally stealing this idea for my daughter's room. I have some leftover maple and paduk that would be perfect!
  13. I'm starting to do more bowl turning and the older Craftsman chisel (which I think is Carbon steel, not HSS) set I have just isn't cutting it (pun intended), so i'm looking to upgrade a few of my chisels. I plan on picking up at the very least a new 3/4 skew and 3/8 fingernail bowl/spindle gouges. I was looking at the Sorbys and came across another brand- Hurricane. They all seem to be getting good reviews and cost half as much. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with their tools. I'm not adverse to spending the money on the better tool if the difference is worth it, but it really needs to be worth the difference.
  14. SirNot

    Turn On Chicago

    Interresting, but I'm wondering if there is an option without food/lodging. I live in the area (went to school across the street from where this is being held)...
  15. Great stuff, sir! I have plans to redo my gaming table with some more... ahem... refined techniques once I have refinished my basement.