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  1. It's in the same family as Mexican Kalatox so I'd expect similar difficulties. Interlocked grain, high density and dulling your tools. I does turn out shiny on its own though.
  2. It's either that, or a ridiculous amount of polishing to keep that transparency.
  3. It's very unusual for a dry, stable 2-1/2" slab to cup that much. It was either dried incorrectly, not dry enough, or never allowed to stabilize at ambient MC, or has the tree's pith right down the middle. Allowing movement and preventing cupping is something your bases can do to an extent, but if I'm assuming correctly, even if you deal with cupping, the slab will try to twist, or warp, and if you handle that it will crack. This works for wood that wasn't dried properly and had internal stress. I'm guessing not so much for wood that wasn't dried enough, as that one would cup backwards
  4. Teak and Ipe will be absolutely fine in those conditions as long as no part of them holds the water that falls on them. As long as it sides down and dries occasionally, you're safe. As for finish, you just need it to be flexible, so marine varnish is probably best, or you could go for oils and other finishes you can just reapply as they wear out.
  5. You may have had trouble filling that gap, but your brushing technique is on point.
  6. Actually I've carried stuff much like David's pic of his mini with the exotic lumber. And sheet goods get cut in half and loaded on the back seat. Never had issues with the extra weight, even on very steep roads. Worth mentioning, new spark is 1400cc/4cyl/98hp vs 900cc on the old one, which did give me trouble The Fiat Strada is an actual production car, has been around for a few years already. The 3 door thing makes it look like a concept though but it seems to work. The RAM 700 is just a rebrand of the same car for some markets.
  7. I've been considering a truck shaped car lately. Not even kidding, a Fiat Strada /Dodge RAM 700. Up to now, I carry lumber in and/or on (or even through) a chevy spark.
  8. As someone for whom English is a second language, these differences aren't only very noticeable but also extremely confusing when you're trying to learn. In my case, I end up using pronunciations interchangeably as neither are actually natural to me, and they would all sound "just slightly off" to you guys. You'd have a good time picking at my accent Not your Miami Hispanic accent or Sofia Vergara but just enough to tick off some native English speakers. Don't get me started on using British spelling when writing to Americans On topic: I don't like April's videos all that m
  9. You can use additional coats of finish as sealer, making a slurry with it should work: Do note the article says "natural oil and thinner" but it is actually Danish oil, which has varnish in it. Your only other option would be to strip all your finish and start with a sealer.
  10. I really want one of those nice 14" like the Laguna or Jet or even the Rikon, mostly because of the resawing capacity... but all I have is a small Wen for now at least, it has served me well for the past 10 months or so. I think we've moved away from the original question quite a bit, but here's my take on it: I wouldn't pay over $100 for a jigsaw because it's not meant to do precision work, but I agree the cheapest ones are unpleasant to use. I picked up a used Dewalt (the one with circular motion and a dust blower) at some point and even having a small bandsaw, I have barely touched th
  11. I really don't think you wouldn't recognize the smell of Spanish cedar. Mahogany smells like... wood. Spanish cedar smells a lot like cedar (even if it's not). Pretty much the smell of some sort of car air freshener.
  12. It shouldn't be that hard, you have lazada after all, and can probably find it even cheaper in the markets, but here: and even the beeswax Ph is a huge market, if there really wasn't something like mineral oil, I'd recommend you open a business to sell it
  13. Thanks everyone! Big words, I'm flattered Thank you, not yet. I'm waiting for a block of copper to make a small branding iron add-on for my woodburning pen, if it doesn't work, I'll just use the fine tip and go at it. That's a 2 part poly "sanding sealer". Its purpose is to build up quickly to flatten a surface, dries in 30m and it's super easy to sand flat while it hasn't cured completely. It also helps the poly top coat's adhesion because it hardens slower. I don't like it for straight grain, unfigured wood, because you want to keep some texture there, but texture w
  14. Well... Between work, MORE WORK, studies and messing things up more than a couple times, I found myself working on this over a longer period than I expected. You know how it is, life and inexperience have a way of getting in the way. Not even accounting for procrastination here. So, first things first, a short story of how I messed up: I trusted a too thin piece of pine to help me drill dowel holes straight, and I didn't let the pieces rest after the initial cuts and milling. Everything seemed fine while it was clamped and each pair of legs during the dry fit were relatively straigh