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  1. Mike T

    New Sawstop?

    I totally agree and as stated I am not trying to start a political discussion. If I've over stepped, my apologies.
  2. Mike T

    New Sawstop?

    As some of you here know I just lurk here on this forum. Yes I have some rudimentary woodworking tools but I'm by no means a wood worker. (Still in the process of building a shop area and not sure I can take on the expense to outfit it as an actual wood working shop with the type of tools I'd like). I also must admit that after reading the first paragraph of the article I did a scan of the rest of it. I'm not trying to stir up a much larger discussion and create controversy, but the first 2 paragraphs was all I needed to see. I for one am sick and tired of government telling/forcing me to do or purchase things that should be left to my own judgement. Do I believe that sawstop technology has prevented injury? Asolutely!!! Do I think that buying the safest equipment on the market is a good idea? Absolutely!!! Can everyone afford sawstop technology? Absolutely NOT!!! As others have mentioned there really is no limit to the slippery slope of have politicians taking more and more control over our lives. Government long ago crossed the line of their mandated responsibilities and it long over due that "we the people" push back. Our elected representatives have far larger threats to deal with that placing yet another restriction on the public. In the case of wood working tools or any other activity other than sitting on the couch there are risks. Mr Gass has come up with a great technology. Now IMHO it should be up to ME as to weather I'm willing to pay the additional cost for that safety feature. In fact this has become part of m thought process when considering the purchase of a table saw. This technology would roughly double my cost for this piece of equipment for the size and function of the type of saw I'd prefer in my shop. Fortunately the sawstop line of products covers the spectrum of high quality. What I'm not convinced of is will a safety brake on a cheap saw really make it safer of will it just make a crappy piece of equipment prohibitive for the hobbyist. Final thought. Usually when it comes to something the government feels the need to insert itself into that is not provided for in our government framework, all one needs to do is follow the money or who stands to gain more power as a result. Just my 2 cents.
  3. No worries I'm not far behind you. Class of 73.
  4. Old guy too, just not retired. I'm jealous. Welcome.
  5. I could submit an entry for the most good intentions in shop setup, tool selection (that I never purchase) and projects that I wish I had the skills to build and then build none of them.
  6. Also not sure if this is feasible, but if you have the ability to vent dust/waste directly outside, how about a HF 2hp blower either out into the woods or into some sort of bin that can be emptied into a compost pile.
  7. How about a grizzly 690 or 1023 TS a 490x 8" jointer both on mobile bases and the dewalt planner. Of course that blows your entire budget, but those tools outa last you a long time before you'd need or want to up grade. I don't own them but as a newbie those are my choices so far.
  8. As someone who is working (very slowly) at setting up a shop, I'd love to see how you plan it and execute your plan. Love the clock.
  9. I know this is a discussion that has already taken place, but after visiting your web site all I can say is that there are woodworkers and then there are artists. Your work is wonderful and IMO you are more than a woodworker. You are a truss artist. Regards
  10. Mike T


    Is icky a woodworking term?
  11. As a new comer to this or any other forum all I can say is WOW!!! Also as a new comer it is realatively easy to follow people on this forum that you consider to be good advisors. Find someone who can state good advice in a way that is the most effective to you. In my experience I have found good advice and very friendly and helpful people. That being said I guess I'm old enough and have a thick enough skin to know that if I were to post something not well thought out that I can expect a response that may contain a bit of straightening out language in it. Good luck and IMO experiment all you want with anything you want.
  12. Mike T

    Its Official

    I got a 60" hustler zero turn this year. Lots to mow. My ground is not smooth and I've run the crap outa it. Suspension could be better. Seems like a good machine. I'm hoping it last a good long time. You can cover a lot of ground with a good zero turn.
  13. Eric has a way of putting things so I can understand them. Run Forrest run!!!