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  1. Mike T

    New Sawstop?

    I totally agree and as stated I am not trying to start a political discussion. If I've over stepped, my apologies.
  2. Mike T

    New Sawstop?

    As some of you here know I just lurk here on this forum. Yes I have some rudimentary woodworking tools but I'm by no means a wood worker. (Still in the process of building a shop area and not sure I can take on the expense to outfit it as an actual wood working shop with the type of tools I'd like). I also must admit that after reading the first paragraph of the article I did a scan of the rest of it. I'm not trying to stir up a much larger discussion and create controversy, but the first 2 paragraphs was all I needed to see. I for one am sick and tired of government telling/forcing me to do
  3. No worries I'm not far behind you. Class of 73.
  4. Old guy too, just not retired. I'm jealous. Welcome.
  5. I could submit an entry for the most good intentions in shop setup, tool selection (that I never purchase) and projects that I wish I had the skills to build and then build none of them.
  6. Also not sure if this is feasible, but if you have the ability to vent dust/waste directly outside, how about a HF 2hp blower either out into the woods or into some sort of bin that can be emptied into a compost pile.
  7. How about a grizzly 690 or 1023 TS a 490x 8" jointer both on mobile bases and the dewalt planner. Of course that blows your entire budget, but those tools outa last you a long time before you'd need or want to up grade. I don't own them but as a newbie those are my choices so far.
  8. As someone who is working (very slowly) at setting up a shop, I'd love to see how you plan it and execute your plan. Love the clock.
  9. I know this is a discussion that has already taken place, but after visiting your web site all I can say is that there are woodworkers and then there are artists. Your work is wonderful and IMO you are more than a woodworker. You are a truss artist. Regards
  10. Mike T


    Is icky a woodworking term?
  11. As a new comer to this or any other forum all I can say is WOW!!! Also as a new comer it is realatively easy to follow people on this forum that you consider to be good advisors. Find someone who can state good advice in a way that is the most effective to you. In my experience I have found good advice and very friendly and helpful people. That being said I guess I'm old enough and have a thick enough skin to know that if I were to post something not well thought out that I can expect a response that may contain a bit of straightening out language in it. Good luck and IMO experiment all you w
  12. Mike T

    Its Official

    I got a 60" hustler zero turn this year. Lots to mow. My ground is not smooth and I've run the crap outa it. Suspension could be better. Seems like a good machine. I'm hoping it last a good long time. You can cover a lot of ground with a good zero turn.
  13. Eric has a way of putting things so I can understand them. Run Forrest run!!!