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  1. Let’s skip portability for a moment. Have you ever used a radial arm saw to cut dados? Something you can’t do with a miter saw. If a person has the room, the radial arm saw is a great addition. I love having both in my shop.
  2. The smartest thing I've ever read about shop layout is location of wood storage. You just don't want to have to run an obstacle course across your shop to bring in lumber. So in that thought you want wood storage in close proximity to the door. With that same thought in mind, especially if you are building cabinets and will be using a lot of sheet goods: you want the table saw in close proximity to your wood storage. Think about the difficulty of maneuvering around various machines while lugging a 4x8x3/4 sheet of plywood.
  3. I've had drivers tell me I couldn't put something in my cans but when I call the actual sanitation department they said it was ok so I requested they notify their drivers. Sometimes the drivers make up their own rules. You may want to bag it and find some horse people. They use it for bedding and in many cases will pay you for it.
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    Dang iPhone spell check. Hahaha
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    Hey...I need a new tablesaw, Planer, jointer, sander, dust collection, and a shop....GOFUNDME. JUST KIDDING
  6. Even though thismoist was not as a review it sure turned into one and I glad to see so many positive opinions. I toonhave been eyeing this one and now I am convinced.
  7. Ok....it's Father's Day weekend which means I get to do what I want. I've already lit my Kamado Grill/Smoker in preparation for smoking a 12.5 lb. Brisket. I also have plans to get comfortable with the Delta Planer I got from my Dad. So I brought home a pretty blonde pallet from work. I took my circular saw and cut out all the planks inside the nails. Now tomorrow I plan on taking this FREE blonde wood and getting real comfortable with it. So what are y'all's father days plans?
  8. That sounds exactly like a brushes issue and there is nothing easier.
  9. Did you have to do any mods for the Biesemeyer or was it a direct bolt up? You
  10. I am wanting to buy a pair of 27" cast iron wings for my table saw. Brand doesn't matter.
  11. Honestly, I have no clue. It's just it was my Dad's and there is no price I would sell it for but I am going to fix it up and possibly upgrade if possible.
  12. Right now I am thinking just the wings but if possible I may do the whole and converting it to a 52" if possible.
  13. I have my Dad's old table saw and I am about to get started cleaning it up and getting it in better operating condition. Mainly needs some cleaning, lubrication, and good ole TLC. My question today is this: is it possible to change out the old stamped top with a newer cast iron top?
  14. @K Cooper have you considered just buying shorter wood to start with. Lol
  15. Bless your pea pickin heart Steve. You are a good man for having bit your tongue. A lesser man would have snapped. Please post your project and I promise, we won't ask the why questions.