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  1. This is very good advice. When I decided to up my shop game, I bought a bunch of machinery up front. Now, as I look back, I wish I had waited on two of them, because I like the new tool offerings from a couple of companies.
  2. WoodNDust

    Dust System Questions

    Did you end up going with their design? How does your set-up work?
  3. WoodNDust

    Thien vs. the Super Dust Deputy

    Thanks for the feedback. I did some checking on the site where you bought yours. It looks like he offers a unit that has a 7" top exhaust, a 6" cyclone intake and a 6" bottom, shown here. It looks like this unit might address your concern about plugging up. Considering this would you still recommend the SDD XL or this unit? I have a Grizzly G0562Z 3 HP duel filter DC. I would like to improve performance and keep the filters cleaner with a cyclone add-on. I even thought about getting the cyclone only from ClearVue, though they charge $450.
  4. WoodNDust

    Harbor Freight Rikonstein DC

    Thanks for sharing this upgrade. You have some numbers showing real world improvement. Good job.
  5. WoodNDust

    Thien vs. the Super Dust Deputy

    That looks like a descent cyclone from the picture. How did this end up working out for you? Do you recommend this cyclone?
  6. WoodNDust

    Build or Buy a Cyclone?

    What did you end up deciding? Funny thing is that I'm looking at the same decision right now. I have the Grizzly G0562Z 3 HP dust collector. I am considering the Oneida Super Dust Deputy XL. Here is a link to someone who added the Super Dust Deputy XL to their G0562 with apparent success. I also looked at the Clearvue, though I haven't found anyone who has added the Clearvue to this Grizzly dust collector.