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  1. Gary

    RIP Tom Petty

    Yeah, I am beyond bummed out. Tom Petty was a huge influence on me musically. On a related note in current events, the guy that was the lighting director in the band that I toured with is now Jason Aldean's lighting director. He and the entire crew are safe, but understandably completely freaked out.
  2. Yep and I freely admit that I’m a tool, but not the sharpest. I’m thrilled to be in good company, Chet!
  3. Did I miss something? Was this what prompted the inappropriate reply? I wasn’t being snarky. Perhaps I was being stupid when I put a blade in backwards once. I was in a hurry and I didn’t notice... it’s a legit thing to verify Why can’t people take things at face value any more? Maybe I should have used some emojis to bring up the warm and cozy factor a bit?
  4. I hate to suggest the obvious, but make sure your blade is installed in the correct direction.
  5. Well, since you're having a boring week, I reported your truck as a stolen vehicle. That oughta spice things up for ya!
  6. Yeah, I hope the quality doesn't suffer. I mean in reality, Laguna is a high end Grizzly. They import everything that is built to spec... quite honestly I'm not sure about Supermax, but I'm assuming they are all imported and built to spec overseas... I have heard some real horror stories with Laguna customer service, but my personal experience has been stellar. Time will tell for sure! True, Chet. This may end up being a good thing in the long run.
  7. Do you think the prices will go up, or the quality will go down? I'm not sure what will happen, but I agree with you... I've been dragging my feet on buying a drum sander, now I wish I would have pulled the trigger. I have a Laguna band saw and I like it... but I just went through a merger at work and I can tell you that it's utter Pandalerium when it happens regardless of what press releases say.
  8. Wow, what a great space! Thanks for posting and welcome!
  9. It's a Godfather reference... sorry, I've had a few beers. It was pretty funny at the time.
  10. Gary


    Yeah, I know that is going back a long time, but they did the same thing to me. I flat out told them that a SSN number cannot be used for any other purpose and not for any type of ID. They looked at me like I had 3 heads growing out of my shoulders. This was in the early 80s! How insane.
  11. That's a really cool bank, but if I wake up with one of those in my bed, does that indicate a big problem?? Just wondering.
  12. Gary


    Yeah, believe it or not, Indiana used to automatically use your SSN as your drivers license number unless you specifically asked them to not use it. Can you believe that crap?
  13. Gary


    Yep, I'm impacted. And to insult to injury, I cannot sign up for their protection service until September 12. I have to come back and I will receive no reminder. Freaking unbelievably HORRID pieces of shite. Sorry, didn't mean to say unbelievably.
  14. You got what you wanted and kicked her to the curb?? harsh, dude... harsh.