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  1. I watched that a few times over the last few months. Interesting.
  2. Did Ridgid fix all the alignment issues. I swear every review I read was a bad one and every one of them talked about the fence being off up to an 1/8” and the trunion out of 90* issues.
  3. For mid range entry level shop stuff I found it to be Ridgid and Delta with Dewalt having a really strong presence in lots of areas. Looking up reviews when I was looking for a table saw I went with Dewalt. Why? I found so many bad reviews for the Ridgid TS with the fence that got gun shy. All the reviews of new Delta was that it’s not as good as old Delta and motors burning out etc. Dewalt, hard to find a negative review. What I wondered was if the Ridgid and Delta were being held to higher standard due to the fact that they are more traditional looking shop saws over the job site
  4. I know. Partly why I’m asking. This thread became something else but close to the ops original question. We all got on with how to price but not quite what we thought the price should be as a specific number. So for say a 15”x13”x1” endgrain maple or substitute any plain cutting board wood. $25, $40, $75, $100, $150 etc etc
  5. Question. What would you guys sell plane Jane endgrain maple cutting boards for? Or any simple cutting boards. I’m just curious at this point. I’m not selling any. Just truly curious to your guys opinion.
  6. Eh, I think you have to take some form or hours into account to get a idea what you should be looking at. That’s when you then look at market value and where you fall. After you figure out your materials, hours, profit and overhead do you adjust your price to be low/mid/high end of the market. Then you can decide if the work is worth the return.
  7. Material cost + hourly wage you want to make x 30% to cover overhead/utilities/marketing/profit. Then do your marker research and see where you want to sell and who you want to buy your goods. Do you want to work yourself to death and try the low price make up for it in volume approach or just sell it for the above price model and sell fewer but for more money? who do you want you target to be is the question.
  8. I want a truck so bad. I had one till a dog ran out into traffic 9 years ago. Wife was pregnant so we got a "family" car that would be good for a infant car seat with the insurance money.
  9. Try the broadway and pantano HD. They were about out though on the bessey's parallel clamps.
  10. It's all clamps, DeWalt, bessy, f style, parallel etc. I doubt the manufacturer is discontinuing the item. Either HD is replacing them with a different brand, different types or simply going to stop stocking them. Pretty sure I'm one of the only ones buying them Which is cool for the current price. I get paid again on Thursday so I'll make another trip and see what they got left. I need a few 6' parallels.
  11. They have all there clamps on clearance. Bessy parallels are $10 off. Bar clamps were $13 now $10 etc etc. don't know if that's HD's everywhere but it is at the HD on Broadway.
  12. Well I got more grips to finish but none of them burl. This time I'm gonna actually admit I don't know more than guys that have done finishing for a career. Belt sander is 120 grit. Hand sand with 150 then 220. Defuzz twice with 220 and then a final light 220 and done. Wipe on and wipe off.