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  1. When I spoke to tech. support at Waterlox, they said they recommend brushing 3 coats. I felt that would be too heavy. They said 3 to 4 wipe on coats equals one brush on coat.
  2. I dipped a piece of old tee shirt in the Waterlox. Wiped on light coats. Left alone. The only coat I put on heavy was the first. Let it sit for a minute, then wiped the excess.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm leaving it alone as is ! Will post picture when all done.
  4. Live and learn.... I have a Noden adjust a bench. Love it. At the other end I put a restored Oliver#1 pattern makers vise. I am just a hobbyist. This is the vise, pre-installed.
  5. Just wondering... anybody put Renaissance Wax using a buffing wheel over Waterlox Original? Just applied 10 wipe-on applications on a Sepele bowl. Love the finish, but was not sure about the wax over it.... Thanks
  6. Using the attachment bolts they include are not easy to attach without removing the bench top and flipping it over.
  7. I am using walnut for both front and rear jaws. 2 x 6 x 36
  8. Yes. This is for the rear jaw. Using 4 lags because I have a heavy patternmakers vise attached already on the other end and removing the top isn't that easy.
  9. I planned on the wax. Thanks. So no extra room for the threads ? Sorry..you answered that...
  10. This a weird question. I am attaching a Veritas twin vise in to a maple bench top, engrain. The lagbolts are Spax,1/2 inch diameter, 5 inches long, . I know I need to pre-drill the inner diameter of the bolt for clearence. Do I drill any bigger to allow for part of the thread. The threads are big and the maple is hard, again, going in end grain. Thanks
  11. Thanks. I know people who have tried it. I haven't yet. Will though. Thanks.
  12. I understand. But the table looks amazing with no inconsistency that I see.